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Our Lady of the Pillar

Our Lady of the Pillar - Ancient, sacred site of Salduba

Ancient, sacred site of Salduba, Glorious field day for the pirates, Catholic Marian Shrine, Lively future, Arabic Muslims of Africa, Constant targets, Peaceful, hopeful, friendly people

Hanan Tork

Hanan Tork - Devout, conservative Muslim

Devout, conservative Muslim

Naguib Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz - Egyptian writer

Egyptian writer, Seventh, youngest child in a family, Devout Muslims, Mahfouz, Pessimist


Layene - Religious sect of Sufi Muslims

Religious sect of Sufi Muslims, Third, largest, Muslim brotherhoods of Senegal


Urdu - Symbol of Islamic identity

Symbol of Islamic identity, Distinct identity marker for Muslims, Such one language, Kind of Urdu prose, Intentioned means of unification

Arab diaspora

Arab diaspora - 900,000 Muslims

900,000 Muslims

Gorani people

Gorani people - Muslims



Nihari - Traditional curry

Traditional curry, Traditional dish of Muslims, Speciality of the place, Available Pakistani restaurants around the world

Muslim Council of Britain

Muslim Council of Britain - Unique melting pot for Muslims

Unique melting pot for Muslims


Dakhini - Native language of the Dakhini Muslims

Native language of the Dakhini Muslims, Umbrella for a group, Lingua franca of the Muslims, Fluent, standard Urdu as Dakhini

Islam Hadhari

Islam Hadhari - New religion

New religion, New school, New sect, Effort to bring Muslims, Ritual because ritualism

Ajall Shams al-Din Omar

Ajall Shams al-Din Omar - Ancestor of many Muslims

Ancestor of many Muslims, Muslim, many members, More, able, sensitive administrator

Elections in Chad

Elections in Chad - One party

One party, Dominant, secular state, Muslims, Source, Transit