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MPLS VPN - Family of methods

Family of methods, Flexible method, Transport


Lexicostatistics - Method of comparative Linguistics

Method of comparative Linguistics, Simple, fast technique, Relative, comparative method

Panel analysis

Panel analysis - Statistical method

Statistical method, Econometric method


Pilates - Physical fitness system

Physical fitness system, Unregulated method of exercise

Packet switching

Packet switching - Method

Method, Dominant basis for data communications, Viable alternative, French research network, Experiment of the UK Post Office, Private networks


Voltammetry - Category of electroanalytical methods

Category of electroanalytical methods, Study

Fire hose

Fire hose - Flexible method

Flexible method, Pressure


Geopolitics - Study of the effects

Study of the effects, Method


Chiropractic - Form of alternative medicine

Form of alternative medicine, Modern variation of the classical Hippocratic Oath, Method, Largest alternative healing profession in the U by 1930s, Mature profession, Available mainstream science

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis - One time

One time, Method

Debt bondage

Debt bondage - Common method of enslavement

Common method of enslavement, Widespread, ancient Greece

Cassette culture

Cassette culture - Part

Part, Ideal, democratic method

Forest gardening

Forest gardening - Prehistoric method

Prehistoric method

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy - Form

Form, Method, Part of the regular school curriculum

Rimfire (firearms)

Rimfire (firearms) - Method of ignition

Method of ignition, , Popular ammunition cartridge collectors

Continuous wave

Continuous wave - Name given to an early method

Name given to an early method

Collodion process

Collodion process - Early, photographic process

Early, photographic process, Example of the preparation, Primary, photographic method

Rent strike

Rent strike - Method of protest

Method of protest

Gold plating

Gold plating - Method



Geomancy - Method of divination

Method of divination, Appropriate term of the much, divinatory methodology

Gel electrophoresis of proteins

Gel electrophoresis of proteins - Method

Method, Research tool


Manualism - Method of education

Method of education

Pro hac vice

Pro hac vice - Method

Method, Older Republic

Reflection mapping

Reflection mapping - Efficient, classical ray

Efficient, classical ray, Fastest method


Splashdown - Method of landing

Method of landing


Filtration - Various, mechanical, physical, biological operations

Various, mechanical, physical, biological operations, Use of ice bath, Efficient method for the separation

Metering mode

Metering mode - Method


Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate - Common method for protein purification

Common method for protein purification, Simple, effective means of fractionating proteins

Bussard ramjet

Bussard ramjet - Theoretical method of spacecraft propulsion

Theoretical method of spacecraft propulsion

Electronic ticket

Electronic ticket - Digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket

Digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket, Efficient method of ticket entry

Culture of the Marquesas Islands

Culture of the Marquesas Islands - Southeast of the Tuamotus

Southeast of the Tuamotus, Coffee, Potatoes, Sexuality of the indigenous peoples, Structure, Period of intense, sexual play, Important focus for artistic expression, Similar respects, Bodily sites for the protection, Effective method, Characteristic, Polynesian practice, Tahitians during the 1960s, 2

Voltage clamp

Voltage clamp - Experimental method

Experimental method, Current generator

Wire bonding

Wire bonding - Method



Sclerotherapy - Procedure

Procedure, One method, Better surgery in terms

Gradient descent

Gradient descent - Iterative optimization algorithm

Iterative optimization algorithm, Popular method in the field, Way of packing

Bacteriological water analysis

Bacteriological water analysis - Method

Method, Non, selective medium

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation - Magnetic method

Magnetic method

Slip ring

Slip ring - Electromechanical device

Electromechanical device, Method, Next generation in inductive power transfer solutions

Paper chromatography

Paper chromatography - Analytical method

Analytical method, Useful technique, Liquid, Paper


Fordism - Method


Duct tape

Duct tape - Silvery, gray, available, other colors

Silvery, gray, available, other colors, Method

Scarf joint

Scarf joint - Method

Method, Strongest two angles


Time - Indefinite, continued progress of existence

Indefinite, continued progress of existence, Component quantity of various measurement s, Kind of number, Measure of cycles, Mode, Ideal form of inner sense, Preferred method, Measurement of time, Organization of tasks, Fundamental, physical one seven quantities in the International System, Significant, social importance, One hour by convention

Arthur Leonard Schawlow

Arthur Leonard Schawlow - Promoter of the controversial method

Promoter of the controversial method, Research physicist at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Intense fan, Collector


CONELRAD - Former method of emergency broadcasting

Former method of emergency broadcasting

Random sample consensus

Random sample consensus - Iterative method to estimate parameters

Iterative method to estimate parameters

Digital zoom

Digital zoom - Method

Method, Kind


Pulse - Expedient, tactile method of determination

Expedient, tactile method of determination, Low tech, High yield, Regular rhythm

Cell disruption

Cell disruption - Method

Method, Process

Czochralski process

Czochralski process - Method of crystal growth

Method of crystal growth, Technique

Computer cooling

Computer cooling - Effective method

Effective method, Jet impingement cooling, G5 PowerMac in the 2, Apple Store ATT, 1

Null modem

Null modem - Popular method

Popular method, Best two worlds


Shotcrete - Viable means

Viable means, Method

Radiosity (computer graphics)

Radiosity (computer graphics) - Global illumination algorithm in the sense

Global illumination algorithm in the sense, Viewpoint, Method, Energy per unit area

Vector control

Vector control - Method

Method, Effective, multiple diseases

Robot locomotion

Robot locomotion - Collective name for the various methods

Collective name for the various methods, Major, technological obstacle for many areas, Novel, modular design mechanism


Coppicing - Traditional method of woodland management

Traditional method of woodland management

Bell pit

Bell pit - Primitive method of mining coal

Primitive method of mining coal, Effective mining, Advanced coal mining technique in operation

Oral sex

Oral sex - Effective method

Effective method


Agarose - Polysaccharide polymer material

Polysaccharide polymer material, Useful material for chromatography, Routine method, Harder agar


Tradecraft - Body of specific methods

Body of specific methods

Compression molding

Compression molding - Method of molding

Method of molding

Forced settlements in the Soviet Union

Forced settlements in the Soviet Union - Kind of internal exile

Kind of internal exile, Method of internal exile, Management of the Gulag

Good agricultural practice

Good agricultural practice - Specific methods

Specific methods

Wylie transliteration

Wylie transliteration - Method

Method, Intuitive use by linguists

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth - Annual report on the methods

Annual report on the methods

Transmission electron microscopy

Transmission electron microscopy - Microscopy technique

Microscopy technique, Major, analytical method in the physical, chemical, biological sciences, Capable imaging at a higher resolution, Straightforward task

Ice fishing

Ice fishing - Practice

Practice, Method of fishing

Electron crystallography

Electron crystallography - Method to determine the arrangement

Method to determine the arrangement

Web service

Web service - Service

Service, Method of communication, Abstract notion, Development in Web services, Superset of AAA services, Intermediary, specific kind of service, Key property of Service Oriented Architectures, Management of Web services, Appropriate alternatives if the fundamental criteria


Invention - Unique, novel device

Unique, novel device, Method, Important component of artistic design creativity, Process within an overall engineering, Creative process, Exploratory process with an uncertain, unknown outcome, Crowded today, Idea originality


Bionics - Application of biological methods

Application of biological methods


Hunting - Practice

Practice, Method of hunting, Use, Selective seeking of wild game, Vital, marginal climates for those unsuited Pastoral

Injection moulding

Injection moulding - Common method of production part manufacturing

Common method of production part manufacturing, Preferred process, Capable tolerances, Responsible heating

Root locus

Root locus - Graphical angle technique

Graphical angle technique, Root locus rules, One method, Curve of the location, Locus of these roots, Plot of the s

William McDougall (psychologist)

William McDougall (psychologist) - Early, 20th century psychologist

Early, 20th century psychologist, Member of the Scientific American committee, Strong advocate of the scientific method

Renal artery stenosis

Renal artery stenosis - Narrowing

Narrowing, Longstanding, severe, glomerular filtration rate, Effective method for revascularization, Suggestive, intimal fibroplasia form of FMD

Mode of transport

Mode of transport - Second, fastest method of transport

Second, fastest method of transport, Key factor in urban planning, Means of conveyance, Process of transport, Broad mode


Econometrics - Application of statistical methods

Application of statistical methods

Recurrence quantification analysis

Recurrence quantification analysis - Method of nonlinear data analysis

Method of nonlinear data analysis, Tools

Skybox (video games)

Skybox (video games) - Method

Method, Technique

Trail blazing

Trail blazing - Flagging, predominant method to mark a mountain

Flagging, predominant method to mark a mountain, 2 190 miles


Scholasticism - Method of critical thought

Method of critical thought, Philosophy, Theology


Baking - Method of cooking food

Method of cooking food

Irrigation sprinkler

Irrigation sprinkler - Device

Device, Method

Affinity chromatography

Affinity chromatography - Method

Method, Form of affinity chromatography

White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel - Grape variety

Grape variety, Method


Adobo - Typical dish of Peruvian cuisine

Typical dish of Peruvian cuisine, True, Spanish word, Separate method

Biological pest control

Biological pest control - Method

Method, Component, Greatest agent, Long, lasting, inexpensive

Dialysis tubing

Dialysis tubing - Effective method

Effective method, Separate molecules, Simple process