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Thermodynamic temperature

Thermodynamic temperature - Absolute, universal measure of temperature the random, submicroscopic motions the thing

Absolute, universal measure of temperature the random, submicroscopic motions the thing, Same radiation pressure in regions, Eq


Emergy - Type of energy

Type of energy, Measure of quality differences, Expression, Baseline, Results

Kinlochaline Castle

Kinlochaline Castle - Located head of Loch Aline

Located head of Loch Aline, Morvern on the west edge, Noteworthy size of the boulders, Residence, Four stories, Tall measures

Pulmonary artery

Pulmonary artery - Main, pulmonary artery in the pulmonary circulation

Main, pulmonary artery in the pulmonary circulation, Pulmonary trunk, Measure of the blood pressure, Shorter, smaller right

Cent (music)

Cent (music) - Logarithmic unit of measure

Logarithmic unit of measure


Candela - Luminous intensity in the perpendicular direction

Luminous intensity in the perpendicular direction, Measure, Metric equivalent of the light output

19-inch rack

19-inch rack - Measure of vertical spacing

Measure of vertical spacing


Fineness - Measure of the proportion

Measure of the proportion

Absolute magnitude

Absolute magnitude - Measure of the luminosity

Measure of the luminosity

Bond duration

Bond duration - Time measure with units

Time measure with units, Weighted, average time until repayment, Discrete approximation, Linear measure, , Less maturity, Natural extension

The World Factbook

The World Factbook - Available National Technical Information Service

Available National Technical Information Service, Available form of a website, Public domain, Available 2006 Central Intelligence Agency Web site, Public domain, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Comprehensive compendium of Profiles, Raw data from any source, Dominant factor, Annual number of female deaths, Factor, Direct measure of the level, Process, Antarctica, Oceans, World Factbook

Facial symmetry

Facial symmetry - Specific one measure of bodily asymmetry

Specific one measure of bodily asymmetry, Valid marker of cognitive aging


Radian - Standard unit of angular measure

Standard unit of angular measure, Angle


Time - Indefinite, continued progress of existence

Indefinite, continued progress of existence, Component quantity of various measurement s, Kind of number, Measure of cycles, Mode, Ideal form of inner sense, Preferred method, Measurement of time, Organization of tasks, Fundamental, physical one seven quantities in the International System, Significant, social importance, One hour by convention

Cloud albedo

Cloud albedo - Measure of the albedo

Measure of the albedo, Interesting case study, Atmosphere

Big Mac Index

Big Mac Index - Perfect measure of PPP

Perfect measure of PPP


Restenosis - Recurrence of stenosis

Recurrence of stenosis, Common, adverse event of endovascular procedures, Measure, Major limitation

Alpha (finance)

Alpha (finance) - Measure of the active return

Measure of the active return, Excess return of the portfolio, Technical one five risk ratios

Arthur Middleton

Arthur Middleton - Ancestor of actor Charles B

Ancestor of actor Charles B, Son of Henry Middleton, Member took measures, Time, Ordinary size

Sub-replacement fertility

Sub-replacement fertility - Direct measure of the level

Direct measure of the level, General decline

Electronic correlation

Electronic correlation - Interaction between electrons

Interaction between electron s, Correlation of the movement, Measure, Important molecules, Dependent basis set

Nia Gill

Nia Gill - American Democratic Party politician

American Democratic Party politician, Sponsor of the measure, Candidate in the June


Bowl - Standard unit of measure

Standard unit of measure, Equivalent


Seed - Embryonic plant

Embryonic plant, Process, Ability of the embryo, Measure of the quality, Same seed persistence in the soil, 0, Kapok, Typical, many Rosids

Slot machine

Slot machine - Deterministic outcomes

Deterministic outcomes, New phenomenon, Casino in small shops, Bonus mode, Measure of risk, Mindless, repetitive, insidious form of gambling, Animated 1934 horse race machine called PACES RACES

Border control

Border control - Measures


Scoville scale

Scoville scale - Measure for capsaicin content

Measure for capsaicin content


Furlong - Measure of distance

Measure of distance, Base unit of the humorous FFF system, Forty rods, Acre

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day - Measure

Measure, Average 269 times than higher spending


Coercivity - Measure of the degree

Measure of the degree


Percentile - Measure


Parasite load

Parasite load - Measure of the number

Measure of the number, Complex, ecological phenomenon exhibiting a negative feedback loop


Probability - Measure of the likelihood

Measure of the likelihood, Way, Appearance of the agreement, Ubiquitous, Relative latecomer in intellectual history


Unemployment - Measure of the prevalence

Measure of the prevalence, 9, 4


Fidelity - Quality of faithfulness

Quality of faithfulness, Measure of the realism

Sidereal time

Sidereal time - Measure of the position

Measure of the position, Hour angle of the vernal equinox

Riemann curvature tensor

Riemann curvature tensor - Way to capture a measure

Way to capture a measure, Commutator of the covariant derivative


Ell - Unit of measurement

Unit of measurement, Measure from the elbow

Beaufort scale

Beaufort scale - Empirical measure

Empirical measure

Gaussian curvature

Gaussian curvature - Intrinsic measure of curvature

Intrinsic measure of curvature, Product of the principal two curvatures, Invariant, isometric deformations of the surface

Electron density

Electron density - Measure of the probability

Measure of the probability

Irish Land Acts

Irish Land Acts - Series of measures

Series of measures


Uptime - Measure of the time

Measure of the time, Opposite of downtime, DD, HH

Engineering tolerance

Engineering tolerance - Standardised measure of the maximum difference

Standardised measure of the maximum difference

Economy of the United Kingdom

Economy of the United Kingdom - Major centre for engine manufacturing

Major centre for engine manufacturing, Executive agency for responsible trunk roads, Developed country with social welfare infrastructure, Proportion of the total population, 13th, largest producer of natural gas in 2009, Globalised one economies, Rich number of natural resources, Available notes for average Weekly earnings, Available labour market statistics revisions policy, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Measure of pay settlements, Suite of individual price indices, Available, total pay for regular pay, Available, nominal terms

Climate engineering

Climate engineering - Umbrella term for measures

Umbrella term for measures, Substitute for reductions, Moral gamble

Last voyage of the Karluk

Last voyage of the Karluk - Nome on the coast

Nome on the coast, 16 times in 2016, Arctic Science summit, Unsatisfactory, Devastating one events in the history, Bad shape, Spending, Continental geologists, Importance of the item, Good way to determine the relative cost, Consistent measure than the average wage, Part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Discovery of the Northwest Passage

Metric time

Metric time - Measure of time interval

Measure of time interval


Urea - Soluble water

Soluble water, Measure of the amount, Incomplete product

Net profit

Net profit - Measure of the fundamental profitability

Measure of the fundamental profitability, Related ratio

Talyllyn Railway

Talyllyn Railway - Nationalised Talyllyn in 1947

Nationalised Talyllyn in 1947, Single track, Special measures


Luminance - Photometric measure of the luminous intensity

Photometric measure of the luminous intensity, Indicator, Invariant, geometric optics

Peak expiratory flow

Peak expiratory flow - Satisfactory measure of ventilatory capacity

Satisfactory measure of ventilatory capacity


Inflation - Same fall

Same fall, Measure of inflation, Percentage rate of change, Undue increase in the prices

Mass surveillance

Mass surveillance - Intricate surveillance of a entire, substantial fraction

Intricate surveillance of a entire, substantial fraction, Subjection of a population, Indiscriminate measure, Urgent issue, Country

Quantum meruit

Quantum meruit - Measure of damages

Measure of damages

Pulse oximetry

Pulse oximetry - Complete measure of circulatory sufficiency

Complete measure of circulatory sufficiency, Particular value in the neonatal unit, Useful patients with a high suspicion, Convenient, noninvasive, continuous measurement of blood oxygen saturation, Useful mountain climbers

Topographic prominence

Topographic prominence - Difference between the elevation

Difference between the elevation, 1000 feet, Interpolated Prominence, Perfect measure of a mountain, Elevation of a summit, Only definition, Standard, topographic prominence

Counting of the Omer

Counting of the Omer - Old, biblical measure of volume

Old, biblical measure of volume, National offering whereas the Bikurim, Agricultural period of Omer, Counting of seven weeks, Sequence of events, Place of the stones, Altar of Noah, Site of the altar the Everlasting Hill, Certain date, Useful tool, Rabbi Shimon, Real, spiritual phenomena, Night of the first, full moon, Enigmatic, First, weekly Sabbath after the Feast, Unearned gift from God, Excited prospect of a spiritual liberation, Eating, Rocks, Followers of Rav Yochanan ben Torta, Print


Productivity - Crucial factor in production performance

Crucial factor in production performance, Measure of total efficiency, Revealing indicator of several, economic indicators

President of the United States

President of the United States - Skeptics

Skeptics, Strangers, 16 times in 2016, Spending, Devastating one events in the history, Importance of the item, Good way to determine the relative cost, Consistent measure than the average wage

The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West - American television series

American television series, Hero strikes a Match, Importance of the item, Good way to determine the relative cost, Consistent measure than the average wage, Action adventure, Unique element of the series, 16 times in 2016, Spending, Devastating one events in the history


Lisbon - Capital

Capital, Largest, Portuguese city besides Porto, Site of the regicide three revolutions, European Capital of culture in 1994, European Union agreement on measures, Oldest one cities in the world

Throughput accounting

Throughput accounting - Cost accounting

Cost accounting, Management accounting technique, Only management accounting methodology, Important development in modern accounting, Systemic approach viewing an enterprise, Necessary enhancement, Gross profit because specific times, Measure of the reliability


Svedberg - Nonlinear function

Nonlinear function, Important measure

Curb extension

Curb extension - Traffic

Traffic, Calming measure, Angled narrowing of the roadway

Power factor

Power factor - Capacity of the circuit

Capacity of the circuit, Product of the current voltage, Measure, Devices

Standard drink

Standard drink - Measure of alcohol consumption

Measure of alcohol consumption

Entropy (information theory)

Entropy (information theory) - Measure of unpredictability

Measure of unpredictability, Logarithm of the true diversity index

Mohs scale of mineral hardness

Mohs scale of mineral hardness - Ordinal scale

Ordinal scale, Resistance of a material, One measure of the strength, Recent advancement, Consistent chemistry of minerals, Important gemstones, Uneven

Earthquake preparedness

Earthquake preparedness - Set of measures

Set of measures

Human leukocyte antigen

Human leukocyte antigen - Crude measure of identity

Crude measure of identity, Useful, such typing, Latest, unexpected one additions


Barrel - Standard size of measure

Standard size of measure, Several one units of volume, Flour with other substances, Size, Way

Wing loading

Wing loading - Useful measure of the general maneuvering performance

Useful measure of the general maneuvering performance, 89

Bar (unit)

Bar (unit) - Metric, convenient unit of pressure measure

Metric, convenient unit of pressure measure

Labour power

Labour power - Crucial concept

Crucial concept, Unique, peculiar commodity, Substance, Immanent measure

Life expectancy

Life expectancy - Statistical measure of the average time

Statistical measure of the average time, Definition

Drosera rotundifolia

Drosera rotundifolia - Angiosperm possessing flowers

Angiosperm possessing flowers, Measure of both prey attraction, Temperate one species of Drosera, One eleven sundew species in the U, Identifiable, carnivorous, perennial, Relation

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann - Prominent official in Nazi Germany

Prominent official in Nazi Germany, Advocate of harsh, radical measures, Alive, multiple, public notices

Longline fishing

Longline fishing - Commercial fishing technique

Commercial fishing technique, Controversial areas, Main one threats, Fishers using various, technical measures

Relations between the Catholic Church and the state

Relations between the Catholic Church and the state - Rule

Rule, Measure, Participation, Native of San Marino

Distribution of wealth

Distribution of wealth - Modest base

Modest base, Statistical measure

Luminous efficacy

Luminous efficacy - Measure

Measure, 8 lumens per watt

Road traffic safety

Road traffic safety - Drivers

Drivers, Measures

Knot density

Knot density - Traditional measure for quality

Traditional measure for quality

Byam Martin Island

Byam Martin Island - Wide measures in area

Wide measures in area, Canadian, Arctic one islands

Real wages

Real wages - Wages

Wages, Useful, economic measure, Major source of household income

Agile software development

Agile software development - Primary measure of progress

Primary measure of progress

Convective inhibition

Convective inhibition - Numerical measure in meteorology

Numerical measure in meteorology

Dew point

Dew point - Temperature

Temperature, Temperature, Measure of humidity, NEVER GREATER than the air temperature, Temperature

Solar balloon

Solar balloon - Balloon

Balloon, Measure of solar radiation energy, Free, important

Pyramid inch

Pyramid inch - Unit of measure

Unit of measure