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Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding - Building material

Building material, Composite material, Heavy product requires two people, Non, combustible material

Metal matrix composite

Metal matrix composite - Composite material

Composite material, Monolithic material


Coolmax - Trademarked material

Trademarked material, Moisture absorbing fabric

Formica (plastic)

Formica (plastic) - Laminated, composite material

Laminated, composite material


Slate - Fire

Fire, Resistant energy, Traditional material of choice, Grey color, Suitable roofing material

Synthetic membrane

Synthetic membrane - Thin layer of dense material

Thin layer of dense material


Regolith - Layer of loose, heterogeneous, superficial material

Layer of loose, heterogeneous, superficial material, Important source of construction material, Zone, Complex mixture of basic five ingredients


Leash - Rope

Rope, Similar material, Aluminum tube with a plastic, coated cable, Comfortable one leashes for the dogs, Best one qualities


Electromigration - Transport of material

Transport of material, Effect


Armband - Piece of material

Piece of material

Litter box

Litter box - Loose, granular material

Loose, granular material, Quietest, automatic litter box on the market Today, Absorbent sand

Chromosomal crossover

Chromosomal crossover - Exchange of genetic material

Exchange of genetic material


Ingot - Piece of pure material

Piece of pure material

Pine tar

Pine tar - Sticky material

Sticky material, Viscous, blackish, brown liquid in translucent, thin layers, Efficacious, saturating lead, High turpentine

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax - Excellent, electrical insulator with a resistivity

Excellent, electrical insulator with a resistivity, Excellent material, Unaffected, Most, common chemical reagent s

Lopez Island

Lopez Island - Popular destination for bicycle tourists

Popular destination for bicycle tourists, Main airstrip for the island, Collection of historic materials, Third, largest San Juan Islands, Land area

Intermolecular force

Intermolecular force - Important component because all materials

Important component because all materials

Birch bark manuscript

Birch bark manuscript - Documents

Documents, Form of scrolls, Fragile fact, Single birch bark sheet writing an uncommon material


Terrazzo - Composite material

Composite material


Amatol - Explosive material

Explosive material, Oxygen, Rare today


Abamectin - Natural fermentation product of this bacterium

Natural fermentation product of this bacterium, Insecticide as an acaricide, Toxic material formulated products


Spall - Flakes of a material

Flakes of a material


Phenols - Reactive species toward oxidation

Reactive species toward oxidation, Reactive species toward oxidation, Important, raw materials, Additives


Wicker - Middle English wiker of Scandinavian origin

Middle English wiker of Scandinavian origin, Popular material


Serpentinite - Rock

Rock, Heat, Resistant material

Indium tin oxide

Indium tin oxide - Ternary composition of indium

Ternary composition of indium, Optoelectronic material

History of superconductivity

History of superconductivity - Phenomenon of certain materials

Phenomenon of certain materials

Dog collar

Dog collar - Piece of material

Piece of material, Buoyancy aid, Common form


Boron - Chemical element with symbol B

Chemical element with symbol B, Metalloid, Insulator at low temperatures, Intriguing element for geology, Material isoelectronic, Carbon, Ceramic material, Useful dopant for such semiconductors, Important chemical in semiconductor industry, Essential plant nutrient, Present borosilicate, Necessary plant growth, Rare universe, Turkey, Notable variety of structures, Corrosive

Dental porcelain

Dental porcelain - Porcelain

Porcelain, Dental material

Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass - Type of strong, transparent material

Type of strong, transparent material

Royal Conservatory of The Hague

Royal Conservatory of The Hague - Conservatoire in the Hague

Conservatoire in the Hague, Everything about material

Philosophy of space and time

Philosophy of space and time - Material

Material, Substance, Such places, Private time of the manifest, scientific image, Subjective focus, Way to describe the pace, Time, Different, physical time, Fundamental, psychological time, Real, Infinite future, Fundamental, emergent time, Longer, present history of the universe


Stucco - Integral part of the art

Integral part of the art, Hard material


Tinsel - Type of decorative material

Type of decorative material

Diane Baker

Diane Baker - American actress

American actress, Producer, Film creator writing the material, Home with full, emotional support


Agarose - Polysaccharide polymer material

Polysaccharide polymer material, Useful material for chromatography, Routine method, Harder agar

Christ myth theory

Christ myth theory - Spiritual material

Spiritual material


Oocyte - Form of genetic material

Form of genetic material, Product of female gametogenesis

The Beach Boys Love You

The Beach Boys Love You - Gruff

Gruff, Steve Jones, Cocaine, Muddy, confused material, Simple Brian Wilson is a musical genius


Firewood - Wooden material

Wooden material, Renewable resource, 33 50 cm,


Corduroy - Material

Material, Essence, Cord, Mixed Lycra


Concrete - Composite material

Composite material, Basis of a large, commercial industry, Contributor, Urban heat island effect, Alkaline, Composite building material, Ingredients, Essential part of the modern world, Strong compression as the aggregate


Atheroma - Accumulation of degenerative material

Accumulation of degenerative material


Diamond - Known, natural material on the Vickers

Known, natural material on the Vickers, Strong atoms of nitrogen, Stable graphite, Specific treatments, Wide array of former commodity

Reliant Robin

Reliant Robin - Staple material for comedian Jasper Carrott

Staple material for comedian Jasper Carrott

Industrial ecology

Industrial ecology - Study of material

Study of material

Gas tungsten arc welding

Gas tungsten arc welding - Difficult welding method

Difficult welding method, Due coordination, Hard material, Surface, Workpiece, General purpose, Low cost electrodes, Crucial, electrical carrier in the welding process, Only, practical option for This repair, Five minutes

The Presidents of the United States of America (band)

The Presidents of the United States of America (band) - Subset

Subset, Plan, Material

Barrett (album)

Barrett (album) - Second, final studio album of new material

Second, final studio album of new material

Hornbill ivory

Hornbill ivory - Precious, ornamental material

Precious, ornamental material


Getter - Deposit of reactive material

Deposit of reactive material, Coating applied to a surface

Mesoporous material

Mesoporous material - Material containing S

Material containing S

White phosphorus munitions

White phosphorus munitions - Material

Material, Lipid, Important production of steels


Wood - Porous, fibrous, structural tissue

Porous, fibrous, structural tissue, Heterogeneous, hygroscopic, cellular, anisotropic material, Hydroscopic, potential instability limits the length, Renewable resource, Complex, Natural product, Fatty acid s, Resin acid s

Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura - Professor of Materials

Professor of Materials

Pyrolytic carbon

Pyrolytic carbon - Material

Material, Similar graphite, Medical use


Formaldehyde - Important precursor

Important precursor, Many, other materials, Polyfunctional alcohol s, Water washing the soluble, new garments, Building block in the synthesis, Common precursor, Complex compounds, Intermediate oxidation of methane, Ubiquitous, dense interstellar clouds, First, polyatomic, organic molecule


Barbados - Island country in the Lesser Antilles

Island country in the Lesser Antilles, Easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles, Host, Green monkey, Home, American University, Banks Barbados Brewery, Part of the nearby archipelago, 21 14 miles, Coral island possesses no hard, volcanic material, Sole law enforcement agency on the island, Course on the island, Caribbean one three states

Aggregate (composite)

Aggregate (composite) - Component of a composite material

Component of a composite material


Cypermethrin - Slight skin

Slight skin, Eye irritant, Synthetic pyrethroid, Only option for the choice, Synthetic pyrethroid insecticide applied to cattle, Mixture of all possible, chiral eight isomers, Toxic material by dermal absorption, Mixture of different eight isomers, Available, emulsifiable concentrate, Light, stable, Soluble water, Persistent, anaerobic conditions, Toxic skin contact

Glass fiber

Glass fiber - Material

Material, Similar, expensive technology, Useful, thermal insulators, Different asbestos, Full compliance with these regulatory requirements

Marine biology

Marine biology - Scientific study of organisms

Scientific study of organism s, Study, Vast resource providing food, Branch of biology, Home, Many, exotic, biological materials

Renewable energy

Renewable energy - Energy

Energy, Lifeblood of the world economy, Biological material, Collection of methods, Intergovernmental organization

Sulfamic acid

Sulfamic acid - Main, raw material for ammonium sulfamate

Main, raw material for ammonium sulfamate


Dunnage - Name for the materials

Name for the materials


Spruce - Standard material

Standard material, Useful building wood, Important one woods for paper


Bistability - Attribute of certain, optical devices

Attribute of certain, optical devices, Ability of a material

Firewall (construction)

Firewall (construction) - Assembly of materials

Assembly of materials

Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne Porter - American journalist

American journalist, Essayist, Exceptional saver of materials, Important influence, Brilliant one practitioners of the art, Time from emotional distress, Delighted honor


Colluvium - General name for loose, unconsolidated sediments

General name for loose, unconsolidated sediment s, Consolidated, angular material at the located base


Biofouling - Accumulation of biological material

Accumulation of biological material


Pyridine - Basic, heterocyclic, organic compound with the chemical formula C N

Basic, heterocyclic, organic compound with the chemical formula C N, Colorless liquid, Important, raw material in the chemical industry, Flammable, Miscible water, Abundant nature, Part of biomolecules


Amphibolite - Grouping of rocks

Grouping of rocks, Common dimension stone, Favourite material for the production

Plasticity (physics)

Plasticity (physics) - Property of materials

Property of materials

Toxic waste

Toxic waste - Material in liquid

Material in liquid, Waste material in chemical form, Placement in a land disposal unit, Widespread technology


Guitar - Fret ted musical instrument

Fret ted musical instrument, Type of chordophone, Strip of material, Similar construction, Metal though Some synthetic saddles

Bingham plastic

Bingham plastic - Viscoplastic material

Viscoplastic material

History of Dallas

History of Dallas - Epicenter of the markets

Epicenter of the markets, Part of the state, Concentration point for raw materials, Home in 1960, Professional two football Team, Dark three days

Marriage in the Catholic Church

Marriage in the Catholic Church - Human institution despite the many variations

Human institution despite the many variations, Rough void, Sacrifice of praise the Church, Sacrament, Distinctive sign, Spiritual power of this kind, Passion since a passion, Thing, Reality, Sacrament, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Extreme unction, Material, Ordination, Healing of the mind, Baptism

Artesian aquifer

Artesian aquifer - Geologic layer of porous, permeable material

Geologic layer of porous, permeable material

Creep (deformation)

Creep (deformation) - Deformation mechanism

Deformation mechanism, Plastic deformation of a material, Second form of diffusion, Severe materials, Concern, , Important systems

College of Arms

College of Arms - Official body for responsible matters

Official body for responsible matters, Official repository of genealogical materials, Authority for matters


Quartz - Such situation

Such situation, Type of quartz, Gray, translucent version of quartz, Common, versatile material, Major constituent of granite, Ideal jewelry gemstone, Familiar device using the mineral, Compact formation of amethyst, Opaque, translucent clarity, Untreated, abundant, Attractive, durable, hard

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper - Ductile

Ductile, Weldable, machinable alloy, Structural material in space technology, Good conductor of heat, Machinable, Toxic, soft water


Aluminium - Common material for the fabrication

Common material for the fabrication, Common, widespread element, Aluminium minerals, Soft, durable, lightweight, ductile, malleable metal with appearance, Only nitride, Capable superconductivity, Reactive, Native specimens, Corrosion, Resistant, due, galvanic reactions


Headliner - Composite material

Composite material

Sewage sludge

Sewage sludge - Solid, semisolid, liquid, organic material

Solid, semisolid, liquid, organic material

Dry suit

Dry suit - Available, proofed gabardine

Available, proofed gabardine, Thinnest material, Dry suits


Bioglass - First formulation of an artificial material

First formulation of an artificial material


Cellulose - Important, structural component of the primary cell wall

Important, structural component of the primary cell wall, Abundant, organic polymer on earth, Cellulose I with structures, Raw material in the manufacture, Soluble, many kinds of ionic liquids, Example

Quantum dot

Quantum dot - Small semiconductor particles

Small semiconductor particles, Several nanometre s, Small regions of one material, Interest for experiments, Apparent, critical size