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History of Egypt under the Muhammad Ali dynasty

History of Egypt under the Muhammad Ali dynasty - Undisputed master of Egypt

Undisputed master of Egypt, Long, arduous 1818 Ibrahim, Importance

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart - Avid skateboarder in March

Avid skateboarder in March, Master, Prominent, idealistic 23 pack of young musicians, First artist

Allied invasion of Italy

Allied invasion of Italy - Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre

Responsible, Allied land forces in the Mediterranean Theatre, Longer master, Product of the sheer number

Thomas Carew

Thomas Carew - Magister ludi

Magister ludi, Master, Meticulous craftsman, Accusation, Poetic arbiter elegantiae of the court, More fifty years of age, Great, transitional one figures of English poetry

Debendranath Tagore

Debendranath Tagore - Hindu philosopher

Hindu philosopher, Religious reformer, Religious man, Master of the Upanishads, True muni in that respect, Greatest, religious one geniuses

Jabez Bunting Snowball

Jabez Bunting Snowball - Businessman

Businessman, 11th lieutenant governor, Tough master, Hard working

Anton Graff

Anton Graff - Eminent, Swiss portrait artist

Eminent, Swiss portrait artist, Main, favourite portrait painter of German poets the German, Russian, Polish, Baltic nobility, Master of light, Sociable person, Prolific artist, Demand

Louis van Gaal

Louis van Gaal - Ajax manager

Ajax manager, Master of player development

McKenzie Towne, Calgary

McKenzie Towne, Calgary - Master planned residential neighbourhood

Master planned residential neighbourhood

Andrzej Sapkowski

Andrzej Sapkowski - Polish fantasy writer

Polish fantasy writer, Outstanding Master of stylization, Recipient, numerous awards from Polish fandom

Tiny Grimes

Tiny Grimes - Master of the jazz guitar

Master of the jazz guitar

Xu Beihong

Xu Beihong - Chinese painter

Chinese painter, Master of oils, 35 years

Jesse Cook

Jesse Cook - Canadian guitarist

Canadian guitarist, Composer, Canadian flamenco guitarist, Master, Teenager, Finest one guitarists in the country today, One artists

Terence Tao

Terence Tao - Youngest participant in 1986 1987 1988

Youngest participant in 1986 1987 1988, Date, Graduate student at Princeton University from 1992 1996, Finalist, Part of the team, International master in chess

Thakar Singh

Thakar Singh - Spiritual teacher in the Sant Mat lineage

Spiritual teacher in the Sant Mat lineage, Master of Sant Mat

Charles M. Vest

Charles M. Vest - Master

Master, President Emeritus, Professor, Eminent engineer, Scientist, Great man

Hirohiko Araki

Hirohiko Araki - Master

Master, One minority of shonen manga artists

Hutchins Gordon Burton

Hutchins Gordon Burton - 22nd governor of the U

22nd governor of the U, Grand master of Masons in 1825 1826

Fredric Brown

Fredric Brown - American science fiction

American science fiction, Mystery writer, Master Craftsman, Master, Doubt, One three dedicatees of Robert A


Quintilian - Consummate master of rhetoric

Consummate master of rhetoric

Art Farmer

Art Farmer - American Jazz trumpeter

American Jazz trumpeter, Flugelhorn player, Master of many instruments

John A. Quitman

John A. Quitman - American politician

American politician, Soldier, Grand master of the Mississippi Masons

Robert Hall (minister)

Robert Hall (minister) - English Baptist minister

English Baptist minister, Master of an ornate, stately kind, Defender of religious liberty, Youngest family

John Willie

John Willie - British pioneer in fetish, bondage art

British pioneer in fetish, bondage art, Master of the bondage genre, Name

Frank Harary

Frank Harary - American mathematician

American mathematician, Master of clear exposition, Expert, True scholar with a genuine love, Recipient, many, national, international honors

Jonathan Mayhew

Jonathan Mayhew - Dudleian lecturer at Harvard

Dudleian lecturer at Harvard, Master of ironic attack

Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson - American photographer

American photographer, Master of atmosphere, Making of the Pleasures

David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes

David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes - Master of the Guardians

Master of the Guardians, English one four bishops

Frank Borzage

Frank Borzage - Successful director throughout the 1920s

Successful director throughout the 1920s, Master, Uncredited sequences, Swiss

André Brink

André Brink - Master of historical fiction

Master of historical fiction

David H. Levy

David H. Levy - President of the National

President of the National, Master of astronomy, Author, Editor, Recipient 1990 G, Successful One comet discoverers in History

Wong Fei-hung

Wong Fei-hung - Master of Hung Ga

Master of Hung Ga, Character in the collectible card game Shadowfist

Mikhail Kuzmin

Mikhail Kuzmin - Master of many genres

Master of many genres, Habit

Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle - American novelist

American novelist, Screenwriter, Editor of the Secret History, Magician, Master, Essential one Voices in American literature

Gene Michael

Gene Michael - American shortstop

American shortstop, Coach, Master of the hidden ball trick, Utility infielder with the Tigers

Lawrence Halprin

Lawrence Halprin - American landscape architect

American landscape architect, Designer, Master


Charlemagne - Oldest son of Pepin

Oldest son of Pepin, Master of Italy, Model knight, Eldest child of Pepin

Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni

Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni - Career officer in the Imperial Japanese Army

Career officer in the Imperial Japanese Army, Choice of both chief, Master of poetry, Councilor in the Bureau, Close advisor, Emperor Komei, Lord guardian of the Great Shrine, Professional soldier, Early advocate of military aviation, Second, senior member of the Imperial Family, Naval aviation enthusiast, Childless


Vasubandhu - Influential Buddhist monk

Influential Buddhist monk, Scholar, Master of Buddhist scripture, Prominent Buddhist teacher of the important one figures, Crucial distinction, Influential one thinkers in the Indian Buddhist, Interested, formal logic

John Pinkerton

John Pinkerton - Scottish, antiquarian cartographer

Scottish, antiquarian cartographer, Author, Scottish writer, Historian, Celebrated master of the Edinburgh school, Important figure in the History, Today

Tomás Luis de Victoria

Tomás Luis de Victoria - Composer

Composer, Accomplished organist, Master

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson - Frequent entrant in beauty pageants

Frequent entrant in beauty pageants, Master of ceremonies

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck - Associate artist at the National Gallery between 2000 2002

Associate artist at the National Gallery between 2000 2002, Master

Dorothy Fields

Dorothy Fields - American librettist

American librettist, Lyricist, Master

Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson - Master of the light touch

Master of the light touch

Paddy Chayefsky

Paddy Chayefsky - Master

Master, Masters, Real deal as a writer

Joey Bishop

Joey Bishop - Master of ceremonies

Master of ceremonies, 51 time, Interested entertainment from an early age

John Chivington

John Chivington - Former Methodist pastor

Former Methodist pastor, First Master of a lodge, Officer in the regular army

William Sawrey Gilpin

William Sawrey Gilpin - English artist drawing master

English artist drawing master

Charles Webster Leadbeater

Charles Webster Leadbeater - Travesty of justice

Travesty of justice, Training for anybody, Active minister, Controversial figure, Master of the spiritual arts, Present

A. K. Fazlul Huq

A. K. Fazlul Huq - Major, political figure in British India

Major, political figure in British India, President of the Midnapore session the All India, Favoured man within the League, Inch, Lawyer, Master in the art, Fluent Bengali, Communal, Happy programme of the Muslim League,

Tom Hamilton (musician)

Tom Hamilton (musician) - Last member of the band

Last member of the band, Master

Junior Johnson

Junior Johnson - Master of dirt track racing

Master of dirt track racing

Otto Grotewohl

Otto Grotewohl - German politician

German politician, First, prime minister, Anomaly, Master at these situations, Perfect, organizational man pushing forward one agenda, Active opposition

Janet Fitch

Janet Fitch - Faculty member in the Master

Faculty member in the Master

Michael Parenti

Michael Parenti - American, political scientist

American, political scientist, Political economist, Master

William Mayne

William Mayne - Individualistic, easy writer

Individualistic, easy writer, Master of the use, Original writer for children

Karel van Mander

Karel van Mander - Master of Frans Hals

Master of Frans Hals, Further, influential art writing in the seventeenth

Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell - American actor

American actor, Master of the quick change

The Rosicrucian Fellowship

The Rosicrucian Fellowship - Threefold Spirit

Threefold Spirit, God, Vehicle, Medium of manifestation, End, Aim, Extension of a point, Aggregate of opportunities, Physical light bringer, Part of the sun, Master, Day in school, Pure, Universal value, Same, Erroneous, Involuntary, untrained clairvoyants, Active mineral chemical elements, Breakdown, God of war, Offices for the various departments, Shipping Department print the shop

Moinuddin Chishti

Moinuddin Chishti - Sufi master

Sufi master

Henry of Ghent

Henry of Ghent - Regent master at the University

Regent master at the University

Mulla Sadra

Mulla Sadra - Intelligent, strict, energetic, studious, curious boy

Intelligent, strict, energetic, studious, curious boy, Master of all science, Heir, Long tradition, Clear choice for teaching, Concerned reason

Otis Rush

Otis Rush - Blues guitarist

Blues guitarist, Singer, Master, Great blues expander, Man

Billy Murray (singer)

Billy Murray (singer) - Devoted baseball fan

Devoted baseball fan, Master at the acoustic process, Second of five children

Brendan Barber

Brendan Barber - British trade union official

British trade union official, Master of detail, Avid supporter of Everton Football Club

Demetrius I of Macedon

Demetrius I of Macedon - Main character of the opera Demetrio

Main character of the opera Demetrio, Master, Disposed nature


Ananda - Master of a situation

Master of a situation, Higher one training

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer - Extraordinary player

Extraordinary player, Master, Charter inductee into the U, , Eccentric

Michael Alfred Peszke

Michael Alfred Peszke - Professor emeritus of the University

Professor emeritus of the University, Master of succintness

Ronald Thom

Ronald Thom - Canadian architect

Canadian architect, Master of siting


Olm - Only species in the genus Proteus

Only species in the genus Proteus, Master of starvation, German loanword

Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters - German artist

German artist, Master of subtle colour

William Pope Duval

William Pope Duval - First, civilian governor of Florida Territory

First, civilian governor of Florida Territory, First, grand master of the Masonic Grand Lodge

Las Vegas Valley

Las Vegas Valley - Major, metropolitan area in the located, southern part

Major, metropolitan area in the located, southern part, Home, Various, suburban master, Home, Largest, incorporated three cities, Numerous, other art galleries, Largest police department in the valley, Defunct newspaper, Located, larger, metropolitan area as the metropolitan area, Located Plaza Hotel

Richard Dearlove

Richard Dearlove - Master of Pembroke College

Master of Pembroke College, Signatory of the Henry Jackson Society principles


Timoleon - Master of Syracuse

Master of Syracuse

Edwards County, Texas

Edwards County, Texas - County on the located Edwards Plateau

County on the located Edwards Plateau, Good storage Aquifer, State, Located Southwest Texas of the east, big Bend country, State, Jurisdictional boundaries of the Edwards Aquifer Authority, First, worshipful master of Milam Lodge No

Sidonius Apollinaris

Sidonius Apollinaris - Principal name

Principal name, Sole authority for the tradition, Good master, Ease

BBC Master

BBC Master - Home computer

Home computer, Standard 128 issue computer, Master with 4 MHz 65C102 coprocessor card, Available, several, different models

William Strang

William Strang - Scottish painter

Scottish painter, Engraver, Master of the Art Workers Guild

Jack Johnson (boxer)

Jack Johnson (boxer) - Heavyweight champion

Heavyweight champion, Master on defense, Early example of the celebrity athlete, Major character in the the novel Killings, Ecstatic, public pressure, More survivor in this world, Ring

Pope Julius II

Pope Julius II - Supreme, temporal Master over the entire Pontifical States

Supreme, temporal Master over the entire Pontifical States, December after 1513 Louis

Wolter von Plettenberg

Wolter von Plettenberg - Master of the Livonian Order

Master of the Livonian Order

Rosemary Beach, Florida

Rosemary Beach, Florida - Unincorporated master planned community

Unincorporated master planned community, Tiny blip on the Florida map, Eastern Standard time

Álvaro de Luna

Álvaro de Luna - Master

Master, Chief architect of the second marriage

J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover - First director of the Federal Bureau

First director of the Federal Bureau, Nominal author of a number, Consultant, Warner Bros, Master at public relations, Phenomenon, Powerful one officials in the federal government

David Levy (chess player)

David Levy (chess player) - British International Master of chess

British International Master of chess, British, international master of chess

Franco Alfano

Franco Alfano - Italian composer

Italian composer, Pianist, Master of fervent, faceless lyricism

Joe Medicine Crow

Joe Medicine Crow - War chief

War chief, Author, Frequent guest speaker at Little Big Horn College Little Bighorn College, First member, Crow Tribal Historian of the revered, elder Crow tribe, Master of ceremonies, Last living person with a direct, oral history, Last member of the Crow tribe, Attendance list

George Brandis

George Brandis - Master of the art

Master of the art, Senior barrister of high, legal accomplishment

Opposition procedure before the European Patent Office

Opposition procedure before the European Patent Office - Administrative procedure

Administrative procedure, Appeal procedure, Admissible opposition, Master, Respect in a better position, Inadmissible ground that the notice, Inadmissible time, Inadmissible appellant, Decision of the Registry, Article, Particular importance