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Platinum - Chemical element with Symbol Pt

Chemical element with Symbol Pt, Member of the platinum group, Catalyst in the manufacture, Precious metal, Gold, 60 times than rare gold, Rare metal, Strong oxidizer, Available olefin complex, Least, reactive one metal s, Ductile gold, Durable, other, fine jewelry metal, Insoluble, hydrochloric, nitric acid, Paramagnetic nickel, Located Bering Sea coast below Red Mountain, Traditional village site, Precious, rare metals, Present state of Tamil Nadu


Cellulose - Important, structural component of the primary cell wall

Important, structural component of the primary cell wall, Abundant, organic polymer on earth, Cellulose I with structures, Raw material in the manufacture, Soluble, many kinds of ionic liquids, Example

St. Louis Arsenal

St. Louis Arsenal - Large complex of military weapons

Large complex of military weapons, Arsenal of manufacture


Acrylonitrile - Organic compound with the formula CH CHCN

Organic compound with the formula CH CHCN, Precursor in the industrial manufacture, Key ingredient in acrylic fibers, Flammable, toxic, low Doses


Kokand - City in Fergana Region

City in Fergana Region, Center for the manufacture, Education center with one institute, Major, religious center of the Fergana Valley, Crossroads of the main, ancient two trade routes

Hair clipper

Hair clipper - International industry leader in the manufacturing

International industry leader in the manufacturing, International industry leader in the manufacture


Acetonitrile - Chemical compound with the formula

Chemical compound with the formula, Byproduct in the production, Byproduct from the manufacture, Present environment at measurable levels, Incompatible water

Great Molasses Flood

Great Molasses Flood - Viscoelastic fluid

Viscoelastic fluid, Main byproduct of the manufacture


Erith - Home from 1881

Home from 1881, Large cable, Important area for the manufacture, Post town in the DA postcode area, Location of the longest pier, Bexley, Largest Bexley


Microburin - Characteristic waste product from manufacture

Characteristic waste product from manufacture, Fragment of a lithic flake

Glenn L. Martin Company

Glenn L. Martin Company - American aircraft

American aircraft, Aerospace manufacturing company, Major contractor for the American space station, Leader in the manufacture by 1960s, One two finalists for the command

Elgin National Watch Company

Elgin National Watch Company - 18 size

18 size, Full plate design, Different company from Elgin National Watch Company, Largest, American watch manufacturer in terms, Major manufacture in the city


Tiznit - Place of manufacture

Place of manufacture


Fujitec - Leader in the manufacture

Leader in the manufacture

Excellon format

Excellon format - Pioneer in the manufacture

Pioneer in the manufacture

Monsanto process

Monsanto process - Industrial method for the manufacture

Industrial method for the manufacture


Visqueen - Brand of polyethylene plastic

Brand of polyethylene plastic, Market leader in the manufacture