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Angelo Buono Jr.

Angelo Buono Jr. - Ugly man

Ugly man, Man, Jail for car theft

Salman the Persian

Salman the Persian - Young man

Young man, Name, Principal calendar for historical purposes, Difficult matter, Fact, Love for worldly power, Minor correction, Julian, Socrates, Spring of Tawhid, Men of limited vision, Proleptic years, Embedded astronomy

Hamilcar Barca

Hamilcar Barca - Common name for Carthaginian men

Common name for Carthaginian men, Young man, Secure, enough position in Iberia

Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi - Changed man

Changed man, Interior battle, Man of peace, Venerated, religious one figures in history

Don Baylor

Don Baylor - American, professional baseball player

American, professional baseball player, Manager, Power hitter, Man drawn to family, Strong, peaceful man, Towering figure in the world, Case without precedent, Quiet one strength

Peter Ladefoged

Peter Ladefoged - British linguist

British linguist, Phonetician, Member of the International Phonetic Association, Dedicated, successful teacher, Prima donna, Great man, Leader in the field, Big man in physique, Whole field of linguistics, Full advice, Generous, recent times

Anton Bruckner

Anton Bruckner - Austria N composer

Austria N composer, Pupil of Leopold von Zenetti between 1843 1845, Renowned organist, Lifelong bachelor, Simple man, Religious man composed numerous, sacred works, First composer since Schubert, Physical, mental decline, Vulnerable

J. P. Donleavy

J. P. Donleavy - Man

Man, Charming host, Slight Man with a long nose, 74 New York for the revival

Thurlow Weed

Thurlow Weed - Peculiar man

Peculiar man, Man wanting political positions

Pescennius Niger

Pescennius Niger - Roman emperor

Roman emperor, Man of keen intelligence, Young man, Friendly terms with Severus

Rav Ashi

Rav Ashi - Man

Man, Man

Jerry Kerr

Jerry Kerr - One three players

One three players, Man given the task, Man of ego

John R. Swanton

John R. Swanton - American Anthropologist

American Anthropologist, Folklorist, Modest man, President of the American Anthropological Association, Unique man

Proto Man

Proto Man - Same 10 length as Mega Man

Same 10 length as Mega Man, Such, versatile hero, Early prototype of Mega Man

Human trafficking in Saudi Arabia

Human trafficking in Saudi Arabia - Destination for men

Destination for men, Destination country for Nigerian Yemeni men, Destination country for men workers

Dear John letter

Dear John letter - Letter written to a man

Letter written to a man, Contemporary version of a Dear John letter, Common, generic name for a man

Lee Calhoun

Lee Calhoun - American athlete

American athlete, Double winner, First man to win successive Olympic hurdle titles, First man, First athlete to win the 110m hurdles

Valery Sablin

Valery Sablin - Military man

Military man, Fool, Madman, Son, Grandson, Man with a wife, Utopian, Crutches during the initial interrogation

Carl Drega

Carl Drega - Man from Bow

Man from Bow, Resident of New Hampshire, Sort of man, Farmer, Patriot, Bow

Scatman John

Scatman John - Musical giant

Musical giant, Wonderful man in the August, Legend, Man with many ideals, First Popstar, Big period, Legend, One kind, Part

Lloyd Berkner

Lloyd Berkner - American physicist

American physicist, Engineer, President of the Institute in 1961, Man of great energy, Member of the National Academy, Man of energy, Organization man in the best sense

Glenn Talbot

Glenn Talbot - Fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe

Fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, Main one villains in the Hulk movie, Military man, Career, Military man

Mirror Ball (Neil Young album)

Mirror Ball (Neil Young album) - Man

Man, Miracle, Man

Bob Ferguson (musician)

Bob Ferguson (musician) - American country music songwriter

American country music songwriter, Record producer, 73 years of age, Good friend, Family member, Friendly, humorous, intelligent man, Strong supporter of the Tribal government, Individual, Third Child born to a family, Brilliant, wise man, Choctaw, Recipient, many awards, Responsible revival

Jon Vickers

Jon Vickers - Long time collaborator with American pianist Richard Woitach

Long time collaborator with American pianist Richard Woitach, Finest heldentenor, Religious, private man, Peter Grimes, Man, Sea, Recipient, many honors

Maynard James Keenan

Maynard James Keenan - Member of the United States Military Academy

Member of the United States Military Academy, Friends with Gillian Anderson, Smart, witty man at ease

Burton Richter

Burton Richter - Member of the JASON

Member of the JASON, Short, plump man of sags, Residents

The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America - Sinister, vivid, dreamlike, preposterous, same time

Sinister, vivid, dreamlike, preposterous, same time, Harrowing, Leader of men, Assassination of the Jewish journalist, Winch, Largest, antiwar organization in U, Fine writer, Nazis though Mr

Donie Bush

Donie Bush - Little man of the shortest stature

Little man of the shortest stature, Shortest one players in the major leagues, St

A. J. Raffles

A. J. Raffles - Antihero

Antihero, Famous gentleman cricketer, Marvellous spin bowler, Joy, Man about town

Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson - American, retired, professional baseball left fielder

American, retired, professional baseball left fielder, Run, Man, Oldest player in the American League at 43, Headfirst slider, Hitless game

Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle - Genial man

Genial man, Concerned, widespread perception that irreligion

LeGrand Richards

LeGrand Richards - Nephew of Willard Richards

Nephew of Willard Richards, Man of great faith, Grandfather of Tad R

Curtly Ambrose

Curtly Ambrose - Man of the match

Man of the match

Simon Stock

Simon Stock - Patron Saint of the English province

Patron Saint of the English province, Fifth, sixth, prior general of the Carmelites, Englishman, Man

P. D. Q. Bach

P. D. Q. Bach - Funny man with gifted, musical talent

Funny man with gifted, musical talent

Newsy Lalonde

Newsy Lalonde - Fierce competitor

Fierce competitor, Gentle man, First, dominant players, Lineup for the Canadiens

Bill Ponsford

Bill Ponsford - Shy, taciturn man

Shy, taciturn man, Stylish batsman, Shy person on the field, Only player, Inaugural one ten inductees

Ray Schalk

Ray Schalk - American, professional baseball player

American, professional baseball player, Coach, Small, agile man, 19 years, Indefatigable student, Member of the Black 1919 Sox club, Working catcher in baseball, One founders of Baseball Anonymous

The Scientist (song)

The Scientist (song) - Fairy tales

Fairy tales, Big influence on a couple, Short, Ours man, Something

Warren Hastings

Warren Hastings - Man to lose the advantage

Man to lose the advantage, Confident victory, Favourite King, Safe

Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan

Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan - First U

First U, Statesman, Real man

Terry Eagleton

Terry Eagleton - Angry, young man

Angry, young man, Fellow of the British Academy

The Cold Equations

The Cold Equations - Minor interest

Minor interest, Men, Product of the combined genius, Universe, Fatal serum

Miller Huggins

Miller Huggins - American, professional baseball player

American, professional baseball player, Manager, Private man

William McGonagle

William McGonagle - Greatest, honorable man

Greatest, honorable man, Commander, Bridge

History of the United States dollar

History of the United States dollar - Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Black silk velvet, Hot passengers, Other stage, Comforting time, Bewitching, Flimsiest, white silk, Fiat money for Nigeria, Monetary system, Major, financial asset for countries, Nothing in the marvelous, Small, saucerless tea, Thirty fifteen cents, Principal entrance, Splendid service in the excellent, Small board, Global, economic decline, Symptom, Cause, Beautiful bay, Fit landing place for the antique boat, Large hangings, Paintings, Magnificent basin, Lady, Heroine, Agrarian, commercial interests as the such United States Greenback Party on one, Eastern banking, Type of representative money, First, national currency, Drinking, Singing telling stories, Lascars, Only, green spots, Black fellows of thin limb, Comfortable ship, Redeemable, same face value of silver dollar coins, Redeemable gold, Marvelous, third day, Unique position on each denomination, Lower, left ornamentation of the portrait, German, high birth, Superb, 1,380 feet by 650 feet, Long strips of cloth, Men with the exception, Direct opposite in the Chinese, Only women, Progressive people

Nick Bockwinkel

Nick Bockwinkel - American, Professional wrestler

American, Professional wrestler, Longtime President of the Cauliflower Alley Club the Club, Such man

Celis (beer)

Celis (beer) - Beer brand

Beer brand, Happy man

Steve Smith Sr.

Steve Smith Sr. - One three players in history

One three players in history, Christian, Baddest man on the planet

Émile Zola

Émile Zola - Stubborn man by great reason

Stubborn man by great reason, Floor

James Shields (politician, born 1806)

James Shields (politician, born 1806) - Irish, American, Democratic politician

Irish, American, Democratic politician, United States Army officer, Ambitious, perseverant man, Fool as a liar

Robert Ardrey

Robert Ardrey - American playwright

American playwright, Screenwriter, Man of principle

Peter Russell (politician)

Peter Russell (politician) - Gambler

Gambler, Government official, Supporter of Native issues, Son of an improvident, Irish army officer, Administrator, Lieutenant governor, Great man, Position of authority

Clarence Campbell

Clarence Campbell - Sick man by the time

Sick man by the time

Christian Wirth

Christian Wirth - German policeman

German policeman, SS officer, Gross, florid man, Original one members of the Nazi Party

J. B. Priestley

J. B. Priestley - Enthusiastic painter

Enthusiastic painter, Big man in every respect, Active politics although a member

Samson & Goliath

Samson & Goliath - Young man with extraordinary powers

Young man with extraordinary powers

Vaughn Monroe

Vaughn Monroe - American baritone singer trumpet er

American baritone singer trumpet er, Licensed pilot, Decent horn player, Spokesman for RCA televisions, Man of many hobbies

Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington - English television presenter

English television presenter, Author, Forty years in the old, Such, entertaining man, Guy, Amazing, Raw, real series, One guys

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell - Member of the Suez Group the Mont Pelerin Society

Member of the Suez Group the Mont Pelerin Society, Only man on the horizon

Johan Gadolin

Johan Gadolin - Finnish chemist

Finnish chemist, Physicist, Man of practical, technical applications, Fluent Latin in Finnish, Russian, German, English, French addition

John Garamendi

John Garamendi - American rancher

American rancher, Businessman, Eagle Scout, Member of Sigma Chi, Graduate of the University, Good man with extraordinary skills, California Insurance Commissioner from the 1991 1995 2003 2007 U

David Blondel

David Blondel - French, Protestant clergyman

French, Protestant clergyman, Historian, Man

L. Shankar

L. Shankar - Man of natural humility

Man of natural humility, Enthusiastic acceptance of Indian music


Cragside - Victorian country house near the town

Victorian country house near the town, House, Garden, Place of wonder, Home of the 1st Lord Armstrong an extraordinary man

Ken Berry

Ken Berry - American sitcom actor

American sitcom actor, Dancer, Gem of a man, Informative show business in this humble interview, Successful one actors in the history

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre - First actor to play a James Bond villain

First actor to play a James Bond villain, Alien Man

Robert Grant (MP)

Robert Grant (MP) - British lawyer

British lawyer, Politician, Strenuous advocate for the removal, First Secretary for Ireland, Elder man of remarkable talent

Al Martino

Al Martino - American singer

American singer, Actor, Right man for the role, Amateur historian, Writer, Television producer, Writer, Television producer, One people, Passionate era

List of Australia national cricket captains

List of Australia national cricket captains - List of cricketers

List of cricketers, Complete list of every man

Henry Sherwood

Henry Sherwood - Man of intense egotism

Man of intense egotism, Loyalist descent Through both parents, Outstanding, Office at the head, Means

Four Freedoms Award

Four Freedoms Award - Annual award presented to those men

Annual award presented to those men

Herman Bavinck

Herman Bavinck - Dutch Reformed theologian

Dutch Reformed theologian, Churchman, Man of clear concept, Voracious reader, One theologian that any serious Christian

George Michael (sportscaster)

George Michael (sportscaster) - First Philadelphia rock

First Philadelphia rock, Roll radio personality, Music director at WFIL, Nighttime deejay, ESPN, Remarkable radio personality dominated Philadelphia ratings, Talented man, Happy WABC, Original, Doubt

Bill Tilman

Bill Tilman - First man in 1939

First man in 1939, Intelligent, civilized person

Guy Williams (actor)

Guy Williams (actor) - Frequent visitor

Frequent visitor, Buenos Aires, Unique kind of Man, One

Clarence Saunders (grocer)

Clarence Saunders (grocer) - American grocer

American grocer, Remarkable man, Methodist, One time

Jerzy Neyman

Jerzy Neyman - Dynamic person of full ideas

Dynamic person of full ideas, Generous man, Productive period

Shirley Verrett

Shirley Verrett - Young girl was a decent man

Young girl was a decent man, Excellent Tosca, Recipient, many honors

Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio - Italian football manager

Italian football manager, Former, professional footballer, Big man, 5ft 11in, Mad

Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker - Private man

Private man, Great storyteller, Indifferent writer, Third seven children, Bedridden, unknown illness

Bill Pickett

Bill Pickett - Popular performer

Popular performer, First, black man, Second of thirteen children

William H. Pitsenbarger

William H. Pitsenbarger - United States Air Force Pararescueman

United States Air Force Pararescueman, Great, generous man with lots

Valery Gergiev

Valery Gergiev - Principal conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra from 1995 2008

Principal conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra from 1995 2008, Chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic since 2015, Complex, contradictory man

St. Augustine High School (San Diego)

St. Augustine High School (San Diego) - Private, Catholic, high school for young men

Private, Catholic, high school for young men, Catholic, high one four schools in the San Diego area

Martin (TV series)

Martin (TV series) - American sitcom

American sitcom, Black man, Much, physical fighter

Foreign policy of the United States

Foreign policy of the United States - Largest donor in absolute dollar terms

Largest donor in absolute dollar terms, Power from the separate, other, enumerated powers, Foreign countries, Qatar, Egypt, Navies, Faith, Man of contradictions, Combined endeavor

Ali Imran

Ali Imran - Ageless character

Ageless character, Man with a great character, Colorful character with four personalities, Fluent speaker in many languages, Proficient, Sing Art, Agile, energetic

Sessue Hayakawa

Sessue Hayakawa - Japanese, Burmese ivory king

Japanese, Burmese ivory king, Remarkable man, Biggest one stars in Hollywood

Marx Brothers

Marx Brothers - American family comedy

American family comedy, Moody man