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Hilliard Ensemble

Hilliard Ensemble - British male

British male, Vocal Quartet

The Four Aces

The Four Aces - American male

American male, Traditional pop music Quartet, Diodati, Giglio

Adam Brody

Adam Brody - American Actor

American Actor, Writer, First Male on the cover

Ruddy duck

Ruddy duck - Dimorphic species meaning males

Dimorphic species meaning males

Bob Bryan

Bob Bryan - American male

American male, Professional tennis player

Pride of the Southland Band

Pride of the Southland Band - Male retained female majorettes by 1949

Male retained female majorettes by 1949

Bengal tiger

Bengal tiger - National animal of India

National animal of India, Recessive mutant of the Bengal tiger, Emblem on the Chola coins, Numerous tiger subspecies, Huge male


Imbabala - Solitary animals

Solitary animals, Mature males, Active 24 hours, Active, early morning

Green Island National Park

Green Island National Park - Protected area

Protected area, Initiation ground for the males

Edward Coles

Edward Coles - Member of any faction

Member of any faction, Second governor of Illinois, Youngest male, Course with the familiar case, Unusual respect


Perineum - Erogenous zone for both males

Erogenous zone for both males, Pelvic diaphragm between the legs


Jellyfish - True fish

True fish, Male, Female, Deadly stings of some species, Box jellyfish, Common, coastal zones

American water shrew

American water shrew - Large shrews with males

Large shrews with males, Aggressive fighting, Insectivores

Charterhouse School

Charterhouse School - Independent day boarding school

Independent day boarding school, Colours system, Rewarding pupils, Male until the 1970s, Great, historic one schools of England

Rock hyrax

Rock hyrax - Absent droppings of wolves

Absent droppings of wolves, Polygynous, single, territorial male

Ola Nordmann

Ola Nordmann - National personification of Norwegians

National personification of Norwegians, Common male, First name

La Salle Green Hills

La Salle Green Hills - Private, Catholic school for boys

Private, Catholic school for boys, Fifth, oldest campus of De La Salle Philippines, Catholic institution for boys, Catholic, elementary school for boys, Catholic, secondary school for males

Neil Adams (judoka)

Neil Adams (judoka) - First, British male to win a world title

First, British male to win a world title


Ali - First, young male

First, young male, Great scholar of Arabic literature, Prominent Battle of Uhud, Reliable, trustworthy Muhammad


Vytautas - Popular male given name

Popular male given name, Descendant of a genuine, Lithuanian duke family, Cousin, Childhood friend, Ingenious statesman, Excellent, military commander

California sea lion

California sea lion - Coastal, eared seal

Coastal, eared seal, Native, Western North America, Dimorphic males, Common prey for white sharks, Numerous, Pinniped species, Vocal, Closest, extant, relative Zalophus sea lions

Young British Artists

Young British Artists - Minority amongst the male

Minority amongst the male

Common iora

Common iora - Small passerine bird

Small passerine bird, Dimorphic males

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - South, African male

South, African male, Choral group singing, Mission, Family, One person

Sugar glider

Sugar glider - Dimorphic species with males

Dimorphic species with males, Marsupials belonging to the superfamily Phalangeroidea, Social animals, Few one species of mammal s, Popular pets in the United States

Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia

Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia - Duke of Savoy

Duke of Savoy, Second of three males


Bloods - African, American males although some sets

African, American males although some sets, Red

Mandarin duck

Mandarin duck - Identical appearance

Identical appearance, Dimorphic species meaning males

Dyula people

Dyula people - Patrilineal with patriarchal, older males

Patrilineal with patriarchal, older males

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx - Second male in history

Second male in history

Sunspot (comics)

Sunspot (comics) - Fictional superhero

Fictional superhero, Roberto da Costa, Brazilian male, One point


Levite - Jewish male

Jewish male

Compagnons du Tour de France

Compagnons du Tour de France - French organization of craftsmen

French organization of craftsmen, Male

Arthur Teele

Arthur Teele - Top one two candidates

Top one two candidates, Law student, Driver, White male

Saskatoon Correctional Centre

Saskatoon Correctional Centre - Adult male

Adult male, Provincial, correctional centre

Symbion pandora

Symbion pandora - Same size as the male

Same size as the male, Male, female

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre - High security Remand Centre for males

High security Remand Centre for males, Located Ipswich Motorway at Wacol, Modern TVs

The Letter People

The Letter People - Males

Males, Vowel s, Popular children