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God the Father

God the Father - Eternal blessedness

Eternal blessedness, Undying life, Love, Father, One, Triune, Common work of the divine three persons, Supreme Creator, One, Incomprehensible

Gestalt psychology

Gestalt psychology - Attempt to understand the laws

Attempt to understand the laws, Explanatory science while Perls, Capability, Essence, Philosophy of life, Science of the psyche


Foula - Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge, Visible rest of Shetland

Boris Vladimirski

Boris Vladimirski - Soviet painter of the Socialist Realism school

Soviet painter of the Socialist Realism school, Soft depictions of Soviet life

Red Spider Nebula

Red Spider Nebula - Planetary, bipolar, planetary nebula near the located heart in the constellation Sagittarius

Planetary, bipolar, planetary nebula near the located heart in the constellation Sagittarius, Last stage of life

Library binding

Library binding - Way to increase the life

Way to increase the life, Good choice, Main source of information


Rakia - Way of life

Way of life, Colorless herb s

Laws of Cricket

Laws of Cricket - Feature of modern life

Feature of modern life, Global Governing Body for cricket, Quarter of a mile

Juliana of the Netherlands

Juliana of the Netherlands - Queen of the Netherlands

Queen of the Netherlands, Only child of Queen Wilhelmina, Part of Canadian life


Sejny - Notable centre of cultural life

Notable centre of cultural life, Notable centre of trade

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck - American television personality

American television personality, Talk, Christian in August, Complex life, Judge at the Miss Teen USA

Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner - Reservoir in Northwestern Oklahoma City

Reservoir in Northwestern Oklahoma City, Urban lake with bustling life, Popular Site, Located, entire, northern side of the lake

Blankets (comics)

Blankets (comics) - Autobiographical, graphic novel by Craig Thompson

Autobiographical, graphic novel by Craig Thompson, Condemnation of religion, Vast, sprawling text because life

Saint Margaret of Scotland

Saint Margaret of Scotland - Mother of three Kings

Mother of three Kings, 50 years, Old Life, Daughter of the English prince Edward

Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky)

Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky) - Life

Life, Four movements

Water resource management

Water resource management - Activity of planning

Activity of planning, Essential resource for all life

Visionary art

Visionary art - Art

Art, Song of This inner life

Nathan Bangs

Nathan Bangs - American Christian theologian in the Methodist tradition

American Christian theologian in the Methodist tradition, Author of the life, Principal founder, Secretary

Archibald Fountain

Archibald Fountain - Located Hyde Park in central Sydney

Located Hyde Park in central Sydney, Open space, Apollo giving life, 18 metres in diameter

Camp meeting

Camp meeting - Form of Protestant Christian

Form of Protestant Christian, Regular feature of Primitive, Methodist life

Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents - American playwright

American playwright, Stage director, Funny, fierce, frank life

Lemuel Cook

Lemuel Cook - Oldest survivor of the Revolution

Oldest survivor of the Revolution, Oldest, last living Pensioner of the American Revolution, Life, Democrat, Mason, One eleven

Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning - Supporter of cricket

Supporter of cricket, Traditional Songwriter with a full life

The Sea-Wolf

The Sea-Wolf - Cursing

Cursing, Hand in desperate plight, Opposite, necessary, Great, Nectar, Hopeless, Awash sea, Great, Wild, first time, Reckoning, Startling, Bare, Charming, , Thirty feet in length, , Episode, Something, Success, Dream than the more memory, Sky, New type, Thomas Mugridge, Miles, Natural gambler, Life, Intellectual product, Large, Flat, Large, brown, lustrous mouth, Sweet, sensitive face, Conflict between a bull,

Carbon dioxide (data page)

Carbon dioxide (data page) - Essential gas for life

Essential gas for life

Colonel John Ashley House

Colonel John Ashley House - Historic house museum at 117 Cooper Hill Road

Historic house museum at 117 Cooper Hill Road, Typical, early, 18th century, Open weekend, Center of social, economic, political life

Culture of Swaziland

Culture of Swaziland - Way of life

Way of life

J. Alden Weir

J. Alden Weir - American, impressionist painter

American, impressionist painter, Member, Close friends with the life


Pedosphere - Outermost layer of the Earth

Outermost layer of the Earth, Skin of the Earth, Foundation of terrestrial life

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures - Emanation of divine 27 Mind

Emanation of divine 27 Mind, Law sickness of erroneous Truth, Solecism in language, Grand creator, Central stillness, Proof of the illusion, Dis, Reluctant 3 guests, Divine Blunders, Blunderers Science, Lame facts, Blindness without Principle, Expression of Soul, God, Immortal Soul, Substance, Life, Divine, Natural, physical, demonstrable, Incapable sin, Mortal, material, Wearisome victory over self, Sweet, calm, buoyant hope, Intense time for several hours, October with no other 1901 help, Impossible coalescence, Wonderful understanding, Healers, Only source of evil error

Norm Van Lier

Norm Van Lier - NBA basketball player

NBA basketball player, Television broadcaster, Life of the party, Assistant coach at Chicago State

Samuel Lewis Honey

Samuel Lewis Honey - Soldier in the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Soldier in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Schoolteacher in civilian life

Gottfried von Cramm

Gottfried von Cramm - German, amateur tennis champion

German, amateur tennis champion, Subject of a radio play, Graceful player, Part of that life

Azriel Hildesheimer

Azriel Hildesheimer - German rabbi

German rabbi, Leader, Real, intellectual founder, Leader, Active supporter of Jewish life, Few one Orthodox rabbis

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Golf enthusiast in life

Golf enthusiast in life, Honorary member of the Sigma Beta Chi fraternity, Last President, Part of the presidential Medal

The Pillow Book

The Pillow Book - Personalised account of life

Personalised account of life, Personalised series of observations, 1800s woodblock print representing Shonagon, Popular, Heian period


Music - Art form

Art form, Cultural activity, Music of Persia, Genre of popular music, Study of music, Important, integral part of education religious worship, Important part of social, cultural life

Agricultural show

Agricultural show - Public event exhibiting the equipment

Public event exhibiting the equipment, Important part of cultural life


Dhikr - Frequent form of prayer

Frequent form of prayer, Something of tremendous importance, Life of the heart, Dhikr of the servant


Anxiety - Emotion

Emotion, Feeling of uneasiness, Worry about future events, Normal part of life, Uneasiness, Apprehension, Common type of social phobia, Same fear, Predominant, modern times while the others, More feeling, Group of mental disorder s related conditions

Soil crust

Soil crust - Soil surface Layers

Soil surface Layers, Important sources of fixed carbon, Carpet of photosynthetic life, Variable appearance

Orc (Blake)

Orc (Blake) - Proper name

Proper name, Force of revolution new life, Internal life cycle

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of John F. Kennedy - Aware feud among party leaders

Aware feud among party leaders, Watershed moment in American life

Yitzhak Navon

Yitzhak Navon - Israeli politician

Israeli politician, Diplomat, Minister of education, Only, Israeli president to return to political life, Secret basement, Propitious position

Kunchan Nambiar

Kunchan Nambiar - Extrovert observed the life

Extrovert observed the life, Greatest satirist in Malayalam

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia - Absolute monarchy

Absolute monarchy, Home, Rich, marine life, Unique, modern, Muslim states in that Sharia, Largest one producers


Iodine - Chemical element with symbol

Chemical element with symbol, Skin irritant, Direct contact, Problem in certain areas, Essential element for life, Least, volatile halogens, Unstable room temperature


Rice - Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa

Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa, Major, staple food, Main export of Thailand, Major food staple, Mainstay, Good source of protein, Important crop in Asia, Life, Scientific perspectives, Starchy grain, Migratory endoparasite, Kind, 4 times over expensive wheat flour, First crop with a complete genome sequence, Dependent rainfall, Opportunistic area, Popular Nigeria, 3 times, Earliest one crops

Leo Politi

Leo Politi - Long time resident of Echo Park

Long time resident of Echo Park, Stranger, Oldest street, Perfect way to honor the life, Performance at the Open House, Younger two children, Recipient, distinguished Award, One Esteban Coronado, Available bookstore, Southwest corner of first

Stanley Mosk

Stanley Mosk - Part of public life

Part of public life, Great, voracious reader, Justices for retention


Hydrobiology - Science of life

Science of life


Pietas - Important one aspects

Important one aspects, Virtues, Divine presence in everyday life

William Williams Pantycelyn

William Williams Pantycelyn - Important figure in the religious life

Important figure in the religious life

Lady Anne Barnard

Lady Anne Barnard - Scottish travel writer

Scottish travel writer, Artist, Accomplished artist, Life, Soul, Only member of the English Colony, Delighted appointment, , Home


Optics - Branch of physics

Branch of physics, Comprehensive model of light, Part of everyday life, Concise, accessible, comprehensive Review of the field


Chanakya - Indian teacher of Chandragupta Maurya

Indian teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, Philosopher, Ace, Professor in the Taxila University, Great scholar from Taxila, Only personality, Collection of aphorism s, Archetypal account of the life, Aware, internal, external threats of the country


Sulfur - Bright, yellow crystal line at solid room temperature

Bright, yellow crystal line at solid room temperature, Essential element for all life, Component of gunpowder, Part of many, bacterial defense molecules, Commercial name, Natural byproduct of the fermentation process, Form, One core chemical elements, Oldest one fungicides, Insoluble water in soluble carbon disulfide, Toxic, high concentration, Popular, late, 18th, early, 19th centuries amongst Pennsylvania German cabinetmakers

Armenians of Romania

Armenians of Romania - Lawyers

Lawyers, Doctors, Important element in the life, Way, First inhabitants of the town, Supporters of the rebellion, First country to offer asylum in 1915

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library - Curious reflection of a odd life

Curious reflection of a odd life, Oldest one du Pont

Scottish Widows

Scottish Widows - Life

Life, Pensions

The Minstrel Boy

The Minstrel Boy - Standard of the Fort Henry Guard

Standard of the Fort Henry Guard, Gentle, touching story of life

Chico Bouchikhi

Chico Bouchikhi - Pressure

Pressure, Optimist, Life

Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus - Citizen of Geneva

Citizen of Geneva, Epitome of spiritual life, Gifted languages, Different proposition than the faith

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder - Group of mental disorders

Group of mental disorder s, Severe, chronic conditions, Worry about future events, Normal part of life, Common anxiety disorder to affect older adults, Subtype of social anxiety, Feeling of excessive, inappropriate levels, Normal part of development, Serious, mental health problem, Common, older people, Common, older children though younger children

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner - Autobiographical account of the life

Autobiographical account of the life, Available, limited time until Burns Night, Old friend of mine

The Cantos

The Cantos - Full humour

Full humour, Response, Madness, Powerful symbol of life, Image, One form


Yatate - Long boxes with the ink compartment

Long boxes with the ink compartment, Part of daily life

Fort Henry, Ontario

Fort Henry, Ontario - Located Kingston

Located Kingston, Centre of military life, Several, defensive one structures, Casemated redoubt with caponnieres


Satire - Genre of literature

Genre of literature, Gentle reminder to take life, Form of social criticism, Literary term for lighthearted, gentle satire, Element of literature, Prophetic jokes precede actual events, Major one two divisions of satire

House sparrow

House sparrow - Bird of the sparrow family Passeridae

Bird of the sparrow family Passeridae, Monogamous mates for life, Victim of interspecific brood parasites, Infested number of external parasites, Smaller, slender chestnut crown, Few one species, Variations, Vigorous breeders

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Innovative guitarist like Moore

Innovative guitarist like Moore, Blessing, Camp, Subject of the GRAMMY Museum, Celebrated, influential one musicians of the 20th century, Tour on March, Palm Springs at the time, Supreme figure in American life

Attributes of God in Christianity

Attributes of God in Christianity - Inexplicable Mystery

Inexplicable Mystery, Spirit is life, Nature, Inapplicable concept, Love, Absolute power, Mere beast without man God, Sovereign

River Loddon

River Loddon - River in the English counties

River in the English counties, Important resource for wild life

Pierre Buyoya

Pierre Buyoya - Burundian politician

Burundian politician, Senator for life

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov - Prolific writer

Prolific writer, Claustrophile, Able, public speaker was a frequent fixture, Fan of mystery stories, Strong proponent of scientific reasoning, Teetotaler in later life, Fact, Atheist, Humanist rationalist

Bowel obstruction

Bowel obstruction - Medical emergency of the most time

Medical emergency of the most time, Cause, Complete surgery, Life requires threatening, immediate, medical attention

William Etty

William Etty - English artist

English artist, First English painter to paint significant lifes, Successful miller, Baker, Prolific, successful 1840s, Prominent effort

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument - Focus of religious life

Focus of religious life

Jewish Museum London

Jewish Museum London - Museum of British, Jewish life

Museum of British, Jewish life

John Home

John Home - Scottish Minister

Scottish Minister, Soldier, Active participant in the social Life, Sixteen writers


Monasticism - Religious way of life

Religious way of life

Kristian Blak

Kristian Blak - Central figure in the musical life

Central figure in the musical life

The Beaches

The Beaches - Neighbourhood in Toronto

Neighbourhood in Toronto, Stranger, Life, Monumental success, Agreement to switch TUC leagues, Part

Prasanthi Nilayam

Prasanthi Nilayam - Living testimony

Living testimony, Life


Dentin - Layer of dentin

Layer of dentin, Rough guide, Age, Solid dentin, Continuous process throughout the life, Evident, coronal dentin near the dentinoenamel junction, Softer enamel

Cell theory

Cell theory - Basic, most, basic, fundamental unit of structure life

Basic, most, basic, fundamental unit of structure life

Civil religion

Civil religion - Concept

Concept, Worship of the American nation, Important component of public life, Matter of state, Minds of Franklin, Anticlerical, secular, Much, alive, Unique U

The Medway Poets

The Medway Poets - Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker, Miriam Carney, Billy Childish, Only thing, Dynamic punk over the top, Certain, Higher level, Free bone prison of the skull, West, Shellac UV service, Halifax, REAL Turner Prize Show in the 2000, Bigger perspective on life, One manifestation of Stuckism, Canvas, 15 may 2004, Consciousness, Vision, Limitation, Barrier, Part of reality, Charly, Best option

World Peace Council

World Peace Council - Conduit for Soviet direction

Conduit for Soviet direction, Old phenomenon given new Life, Illists

Carbon group

Carbon group - Key constituent of carbonate minerals

Key constituent of carbonate minerals, Key element to known all life, Present atmosphere in the form, Available number of different forms

Battle of Crécy

Battle of Crécy - Crucial episode in the life

Crucial episode in the life


Sanitation - Means

Means, Necessity for a healthy life, High, International development agenda, Technological, institutional, social, good governance