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Gongura - Plant

Plant, Kenaf, Telugu cuisine, Full leaf, Popular Tamil Nadu, Popular state of Andhra Pradesh

Flexure bearing

Flexure bearing - Category of flexure

Category of flexure, Single leaf notched flexure, Universal design, Thin, flat, parallel plate, Cylindrical, tubular structure, Compact four bar flexure


Stover - Leaves

Leaves, Stalks


Vernation - Formation of new leaves

Formation of new leaves, Manner, Typical, carnivorous plant family Droseraceae for example

History of tea in China

History of tea in China - Important item in Chinese culture

Important item in Chinese culture, Small, unopened leaves of the tea plant


Betel - Leaf of a vine

Leaf of a vine, Evergreen, Perennial climber, Sun, Loving plant, Profitable, other crops

Korean tea ceremony

Korean tea ceremony - Green tea

Green tea, Small leaves, Available, such, limited quantities, Useful

Quillaja saponaria

Quillaja saponaria - Large evergreen tree with shiny, thick leaves

Large evergreen tree with shiny, thick leaves

Dave Keon

Dave Keon - Property of the Edmonton Oilers

Property of the Edmonton Oilers, Sparkplug, Greatest Leaf, Few one players


Frond - Large, divided leaf

Large, divided leaf


Sporophyll - Leaf


Chlorophytum borivilianum

Chlorophytum borivilianum - Herb with lanceolate leaves

Herb with lanceolate leaves, Available Maharashtra


Ornithogalum - Large genus of perennial plants

Large genus of perennial plant s, One four genera in the tribe Ornithogaleae, Perennial, bulbous geophytes with basal leaves, Naturalized number of years

Node (computer science)

Node (computer science) - Leaf

Leaf, Internal node, Child of node a