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Crunchie - Brand of British chocolate bar

Brand of British chocolate bar, Bigger fit with kids, Available, Available countries as an ice cream bar

Ricky Watters

Ricky Watters - Former, American football

Former, American football, Motivational speaker for kids, Ballot

Urban agriculture

Urban agriculture - Complex system encompassing a spectrum

Complex system encompassing a spectrum, First organization, Proven, effective, educational tool to teach kids, Important home of the majority

Levante UD

Levante UD - Little kid

Little kid

Butch Patrick

Butch Patrick - American, former child actor

American, former child actor, Normal kid

Carrot Top

Carrot Top - Special guest performer in Tosh

Special guest performer in Tosh, Weird kid in school

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold - Challenge

Challenge, Troubled kid, Psychiatrists, Wayward boy, Interested baseball cards, Miserable CHIPS, U

Billy Claiborne

Billy Claiborne - American outlaw Cowboy

American outlaw Cowboy, Drover, REAL Billy, Kid, Heavy drinker, Hothead, One Cowboys

Ray Allen

Ray Allen - Only kid

Only kid, Polished player in the Conference, Toast of Connecticut, Last guy standing, Biggest name, Major reason, Bigger, other boys, Playoffs, Few, bright one spots, Fire

Sōta Hirayama

Sōta Hirayama - Bright kid

Bright kid

Roscoe Tanner

Roscoe Tanner - New York City for a senior tennis event

New York City for a senior tennis event, Rapt, Unassuming kid with no discernible ego

Robert Redford

Robert Redford - Avid environmentalist is a trustee

Avid environmentalist is a trustee, Actor, Director, Painter married to journalist Eric Schlosser, Writer, Producer, Musician, Milkman, Accountant, Scrappy kid

Pit bull

Pit bull - Common name for a type

Common name for a type, Game, Great playmates for older, respectful kids, Member of the canine species, Aggressive, other dogs, Excellent children, Different, other dogs, Friendly people

Billy Conn

Billy Conn - Great friend of Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney

Great friend of Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney, Hottest thing in the ring, Kid taking up space, Member, City guy, Pittsburgh guy, Squirrel Hill district, Different

Broncho Billy Anderson

Broncho Billy Anderson - Jewish kid from Little Rock

Jewish kid from Little Rock

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Inspiring book

Inspiring book, Kid, Best part of the whole book, Apparent play on the title, Bigger hoax than the bible, Rest stop in North Dakota, Good, important, Everyone, Story, 18 months, Prodigies,

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins - Welsh film

Welsh film, Stage, Admirer of the Welsh comedian Tommy Cooper, Fan of the BBC sitcom, Recipient Golden Globe Cecil B, Sensitive kid, Happier drawing

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin - Pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement

Pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement, Last witness, Member of the NAACP Youth Council, Only casualty of this distortion, Kid, Five plaintiffs, Bitter

Rod Carew

Rod Carew - Former Major League Baseball

Former Major League Baseball, Baseman, Son of Olga Teoma, Home run threat, Lonely kid, Expansive subject

Ralph Branca

Ralph Branca - American, professional baseball pitcher

American, professional baseball pitcher, Second player in MLB history, Long time member of Westchester Country Club, Contestant on concentration, Local kid from Mount Vernon

Chase Utley

Chase Utley - American, professional baseball

American, professional baseball, Second baseman, Typical kid doing typical kid things

Fortitude Valley, Queensland

Fortitude Valley, Queensland - Suburb of central Brisbane

Suburb of central Brisbane, Cool kid of Brisbane suburbs

Glenn Robinson

Glenn Robinson - Poor kid from Gary

Poor kid from Gary, First Purdue player to earn the honor, Recipient USBWA College Player of the year

The Invisibles

The Invisibles - Comic book series

Comic book series, Kid of book people, Three pages Ashley Wood, Pretentious, quiet life

Roberta Williams

Roberta Williams - Housewife with two kids in 1979

Housewife with two kids in 1979, Influential one PC game designers, Iconic one figures in adventure gaming

Zoey 101

Zoey 101 - Expensive 101 production for a Nickelodeon series

Expensive 101 production for a Nickelodeon series, Cute 101 show, Series for kids


Hyphy - Young kids

Young kids, Great time, Whole West Coast sound

Sonny Clark

Sonny Clark - Only, black kid in the class

Only, black kid in the class, Youngest eight children, Youngest eight kids

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation - Great organization for both kids

Great organization for both kids

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

The Adventures of Pete & Pete - 1

1, Warm, wonderful, appreciative, Exciting time for kids, Awful details in clothing

The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid - Fictional character

Fictional character, Tonia, Kid

Richie Rich (film)

Richie Rich (film) - 1994 American comedy film

1994 American comedy film, Richest kid in the world, Happy

John Edward

John Edward - Bad, cold reader

Bad, cold reader, Ordinary kid

Bart Sibrel

Bart Sibrel - Conspiracy theorist

Conspiracy theorist, Video cameraman by profession, New kid on the block, Friendly, likeable guy, Footage of the astronauts, Lunar one truthers

James Dallas Egbert III

James Dallas Egbert III - Student at Michigan State University

Student at Michigan State University, Troubled kid, Homosexual, Homophobia, 16 year, Old child prodigy, One cases

Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino - Smart, sharp, Italian 27 kid

Smart, sharp, Italian 27 kid

The Crow Road

The Crow Road - Novel, Scottish writer Iain Banks

Novel, Scottish writer Iain Banks, Tight detail, Scarier friendship between the kids

The Black Album (Prince album)

The Black Album (Prince album) - Kid

Kid, Plain, white Warner standard, Copy, Allied Record Co, Unfinished test run, Ones

The Three Friends and Jerry

The Three Friends and Jerry - New kid in town

New kid in town