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Espionage - Part of an institutional effort

Part of an institutional effort, Disclosure of sensitive information, Crime under the legal code

Wine label

Wine label - Important sources of information

Important sources of information, Only resource, Buyer

Particle swarm optimization

Particle swarm optimization - Repository for information

Repository for information


Publicity - Movement of information

Movement of information

The Advertiser (Adelaide)

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Publication of News Corp Australia

Publication of News Corp Australia, Primary source of information, Barrow, Charles Henry Goode, Overwhelming Adelaide Observer, Important, several, weekly papers, Important, extensive illustrations

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Last scene

Last scene, Combination of a roller coaster, Indiana Jones, Temple, Only source of information, Wonderful scapegoat to salve the Western conscience, Strange, Courses


Almagest - Critical source of information

Critical source of information

Malay Annals

Malay Annals - Vital source of information

Vital source of information


Mediation - Dynamic, structured, interactive, structured process

Dynamic, structured, interactive, structured process, Facilitative mediator has no advisory role, Private, confidential disclosure of privileged information, Successful, Less, costly, formal, complex, Informal, flexible, collaborative, Purly, facilitative, Several one approaches

Hugh of Cluny

Hugh of Cluny - Companion of Nicholas II

Companion of Nicholas II, Careful consideration of the information

Scenario paintball

Scenario paintball - Collection of information

Collection of information

Sibylline Oracles

Sibylline Oracles - Collection of oracular utterances

Collection of oracular utterances, Valuable source for information, Anonymous origin

Information retrieval

Information retrieval - Activity

Activity, Science, Research group within the information

Active Directory

Active Directory - Directory service

Directory service, Database storage system, Set, Charge of centralized domain management, Arrangements of information

Radar astronomy

Radar astronomy - Technique

Technique, Powerful source of information


Observation - Active acquisition of information

Active acquisition of information


Telepathy - Purported transmission of information

Purported transmission of information

Arecibo message

Arecibo message - 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information

1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information, Such attempt

The Hankyoreh

The Hankyoreh - Dependent, straight news

Dependent, straight news, Objective messengers of information, Acceleration of mutual antagonism, South, Korean press, Newspapers of both nations

Problem solving

Problem solving - Classic example of irrelevant information

Classic example of irrelevant information


Misinformation - False, incorrect information

False, incorrect information

Sphecius speciosus

Sphecius speciosus - Comprehensive list of taxonomic information

Comprehensive list of taxonomic information

Hursley House

Hursley House - Mine of information

Mine of information

Industrial Age

Industrial Age - Age of information

Age of information

Information security

Information security - Equal information requires the same degree

Equal information requires the same degree, Global, nonprofit organization, Challenging research area in the context, Responsible security


Pytheas - First, known, scientific visitor

First, known, scientific visitor, Reporter, Central source of information


Documentation - Set of documents

Set of documents, One type of information

Information system

Information system - Organized system for the collection

Organized system for the collection, Information, Communication technology, Work system, Form of communication system, System, Academic study of systems, System, Operating system, Primary focus of study, Information technologies, Delivery vehicles for data, Important, malleable resource, Available executives, Different business processes

Address (geography)

Address (geography) - Collection of information

Collection of information

Ann Cavoukian

Ann Cavoukian - Former information

Former information, Privacy Commissioner, First one experts

Eta Carinae

Eta Carinae - Binary system

Binary system, Certain, key information, Much brighter at infrared wavelengths, Unique object with no close analogues, Typical LBV, Massive, luminous, hot star, Brighter January

Sanborn Maps

Sanborn Maps - Creator

Creator, Publisher, Unrivaled source of information, 21st century industry leader in geospatial solutions, Work, Rich history, Classic, inside

Diving medicine

Diving medicine - Branch of occupational medicine

Branch of occupational medicine, Primary source of information, Essential prevention

Pressure ulcer

Pressure ulcer - Painful individuals of all ages

Painful individuals of all ages, Localized injury, Skin, Important, more information on cushions, Dependent methodology


Propaganda - Information

Information, Modern, Latin word, Gerundive form, Significant group of people, Propaganda without any identifiable source, One methods


Wireless - Wireless transfer of information

Wireless transfer of information

Animal communication

Animal communication - Transfer of information

Transfer of information, Widespread insects

Internet meme

Internet meme - Unity of information

Unity of information, Different story

Genealogical DNA test

Genealogical DNA test - Term

Term, Genealogical DNA test provides information, Available 50 US states, Available


Heraldry - Useful source of information

Useful source of information

Suspension bondage

Suspension bondage - Form of sexual bondage

Form of sexual bondage, Difficult subject to find information

Protein purification

Protein purification - Series of processes

Series of processes, Resource of information, Vital characterization of the function, Preparative, analytical, Present, low abundance

Systems architect

Systems architect - Professional figure in information

Professional figure in information

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family - Functional complexity carries information

Functional complexity carries information, Negative, thermal configuration entropy of water, Inappropriate

Society of the Atonement

Society of the Atonement - Busy Graymoor

Busy Graymoor, Clearing house of information, Lovers of St, John Reid from Connecticut

Isidore of Seville

Isidore of Seville - Son of Severianus

Son of Severianus, First, Christian writer, Valuable source of information, Last, ancient, Christian Philosophers

Spark arrestor

Spark arrestor - Only, authoritative industry source for information

Only, authoritative industry source for information

Argo (oceanography)

Argo (oceanography) - Component of the Global Ocean

Component of the Global Ocean, Cylinder over 1 metre, Dominant source of information


TransUnion - American Company

American Company, Leader in information


Mochovce - Independent information channel to transfer information

Independent information channel to transfer information

Perkins Observatory

Perkins Observatory - Astronomical observatory in Delaware

Astronomical observatory in Delaware, Visible, reliable source of information

Disciple (Christianity)

Disciple (Christianity) - Accumulator of information

Accumulator of information, Different Apostle

Victor Talking Machine Company

Victor Talking Machine Company - Major source of information

Major source of information


Ladyfest - Wonderful source of information

Wonderful source of information

Oral tradition

Oral tradition - Information

Information, Memories, Distinct study of orality

Black propaganda

Black propaganda - False information

False information, Material, Covert nature

Cache replacement policies

Cache replacement policies - Compromise between hit rate

Compromise between hit rate, Temporary storage place for information


Phishing - Attempt to obtain sensitive information

Attempt to obtain sensitive information, Example of social engineering techniques, Type

RELX Group

RELX Group - Multinational information

Multinational information, Analytics company

Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Elroy-Sparta State Trail - Part of the larger Wisconsin bike trail system

Part of the larger Wisconsin bike trail system, Compacted, crushed gravel, Definitive source for the information, Rough, narrow spots with terrible ruts, Good shape

Historical cost

Historical cost - Pervasive constraint on the information

Pervasive constraint on the information, Measurement basis used today

University of California, Davis Arboretum

University of California, Davis Arboretum - Main source of horticultural information

Main source of horticultural information, Home, Patwin people

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell - Cricketer

Cricketer, Spin bowler, Minister of Information

Gene family

Gene family - Set of several, similar genes

Set of several, similar genes, Groups of related genes, Large units of information, Genes with similar sequences, Variable size, Common bacteria


Message - Discrete unit of communication

Discrete unit of communication, Exchange of information

Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus niger - Fungus of the common one species

Fungus of the common one species, Comprehensive resource providing detailed information, Fungus, Common one causes of otomycosis

Disability in the United States

Disability in the United States - Primary source of information

Primary source of information


GEDCOM - Plain text containing genealogical information

Plain text containing genealogical information, Software product

Nielsen SoundScan

Nielsen SoundScan - Information

Information, Sales tracking system, Information system, Method of tracking sales, Sales source for the Billboard music charts, Subscription based service

Data dictionary

Data dictionary - Repository of information

Repository of information, Collection of descriptions, Software structure, Important part of the database management system Rich Client architecture, Outline, Metadata database

XSL Formatting Objects

XSL Formatting Objects - Language

Language, Initial, final descendant of another formatting object T, Pagination markup language, Information

True airspeed

True airspeed - Important information for accurate navigation

Important information for accurate navigation

Market research

Market research - Organized effort to gather information

Organized effort to gather information, Division of the market, Key one Factors, Upward, downward movement of a market

XML Information Set

XML Information Set - Application profile

Application profile, Restricted form, Abstract description of some part, Value of the property of one, Peripheral core information items have peripheral information, Peripheral XML processor, Three kinds

Robert Francis (poet)

Robert Francis (poet) - American poet

American poet, Author, Rich source of information

Ecma International

Ecma International - Standards organization for information

Standards organization for information, Responsible standardization of Java

Spescom Limited

Spescom Limited - Information

Information, Communications technology group

Connexions (agency)

Connexions (agency) - UK

UK, Governmental information, Coherent National Service Following the announcement

Protein targeting

Protein targeting - Pieces of information

Pieces of information

Social web

Social web - Set of social relations

Set of social relation s, Universal, open space of information, Set of relationships, New phenomenon, Large, innovative space, Creation, Connections between people, Relationships about the applications

Chemical Markup Language

Chemical Markup Language - Approach to managing molecular information

Approach to managing molecular information


BRENDA - Information system

Information system, Main repository of annotated enzyme data, Comprehensive relational database on functional, molecular information, Annotated repository for enzyme data, Main collection of enzyme, Unique term


BMEzine - Real source of information

Real source of information

Dark chess

Dark chess - Chess variant with incomplete information

Chess variant with incomplete information

List of assets owned by Hearst Communications

List of assets owned by Hearst Communications - Global technology leader delivering information

Global technology leader delivering information

Mass media and politics in Japan

Mass media and politics in Japan - Society awash in information

Society awash in information


Scholia - Important sources of information

Important sources of information, Academic journal in the field, Available Classical Association of South Africa


Copying - Duplication of information

Duplication of information

The Highway Code

The Highway Code - Set of information

Set of information, Available, following forms

Digital identity

Digital identity - Information on an entity

Information on an entity, Rampant Web