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Moneyer - Private individual

Private individual

Antanas Smetona

Antanas Smetona - Important one Lithuania n

Important one Lithuania n, 8th nine children, Private individual in United States


Baptists - Individuals

Individuals, Calvinists while the General Baptists, Present continents in big denominations, Evangelical doctrine, Dominant Southeast

Olympic Games

Olympic Games - Part of a cycle

Part of a cycle, Celebrated 650 athletes, Contests between individuals, London at 2012 USD

James Gibbs

James Gibbs - Roman Catholic

Roman Catholic, Tory, Individual


INTP - Quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals

Quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals

Richard E. Byrd

Richard E. Byrd - Sixth individual to receive this Award

Sixth individual to receive this Award, Conspicuous player, Active Freemason, Several one aviators, American, military one four officers in history, Present, Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay, Interested flight, Certain one ship, Dependent, private, corporate donations

Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Sigma Theta - Second, African, American organization after NCNW in 2002

Second, African, American organization after NCNW in 2002, Apartment building for elderly, disabled individuals

Alexander Phimister Proctor

Alexander Phimister Proctor - Rare individual

Rare individual

Claude Frollo

Claude Frollo - Knowledgeable, morose individual

Knowledgeable, morose individual, Respected scholar, Studies


Consortium - Association of more two individuals

Association of more two individuals

Nephrops norvegicus

Nephrops norvegicus - Dinoflagellate of the genus Hematodinium

Dinoflagellate of the genus Hematodinium, Important species for fisheries, Scavenger, Predator, Small lobster, Pale orange, Mobile individuals, Tolerant changes, Tolerant displacement, Active night in deeper water, One species


Refusenik - Unofficial term for individuals

Unofficial term for individuals

Marty Klein

Marty Klein - American sex therapist

American sex therapist, Author, Extensive traveler maintains a travel blog, Only individual among the various, institutional Plaintiffs

Walter E. Massey

Walter E. Massey - American educator

American educator, Physicist, Only individual, Interested intersections between the arts

Permanent account number

Permanent account number - Code

Code, Unique Individuals, Corporate entities

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam - Versatile scholar in interested Urdu

Versatile scholar in interested Urdu, Great person, Great scientist, Ahmadi, Greatest scientist, First Pakistani Nobel Prize winner, Continuation, Private individual, First Pakistani to receive Nobel Prize, True hero, Jewel in the crown, Great people, One pioneers of Pakistan, Scientist, Whole Pakistan

Christian monasticism

Christian monasticism - Devotional practice of individuals

Devotional practice of individuals, Ancient concept

Multicellular organism

Multicellular organism - Result of many, identical individuals

Result of many, identical individuals


Eumedes - Name attributed to seven individuals

Name attributed to seven individuals

Domo (NHK)

Domo (NHK) - Only individual

Only individual

Political decoy

Political decoy - Individual


Social stratification

Social stratification - Kind of social differentiation

Kind of social differentiation, Relative, social position of persons, Movement of individuals

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna - Brazilian racing driver

Brazilian racing driver, Close friends with McLaren teammate Gerhard Berger, Pele of motorsport, Extraordinary individual, Apparel

Concept art

Concept art - Form of illustration

Form of illustration, Individual

Wren Day

Wren Day - Way

Way, Notable, vagrant, stray individuals


Heracles - Passionate, emotional individual

Passionate, emotional individual, Son of the affair Zeus Zeus, Argonaut, Greatest, Hellenic, chthonic heroes unlike other, Greek heroes

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman - American, civil aviator

American, civil aviator, 34 years in the old, Motivated individual, Two years, 18th U

Leo Szilard

Leo Szilard - Quintessential example of a multifaceted individual

Quintessential example of a multifaceted individual, Interested activities

Birju Maharaj

Birju Maharaj - Kathak

Kathak, Strict individual

Social mobility

Social mobility - Movement of individuals

Movement of individuals, Low, black families

Aaron Peirsol

Aaron Peirsol - Only individual in the field

Only individual in the field, 0


Pasta - Simple dish

Simple dish, Carbohydrates with moderate amounts, Integrant part of Wherever Italians, Ubiquitous individuals, Part of Italian, European cuisine, Widespread Southern Cone of the most rest, Popular army, Popular Italy

Virtual community

Virtual community - Social network of individuals

Social network of individuals

Herbert Choy

Herbert Choy - First individual from Hawaii

First individual from Hawaii

The Open Group Architecture Framework

The Open Group Architecture Framework - Framework for enterprise architecture

Framework for enterprise architecture, High level approach, Core of TOGAF, TOGAF in the 9, Important aid, Communication, Useful tool to discover commonality, Two individuals, Iterative, cyclic, Available, authorized Prometric testing center around the world

Giant kangaroo rat

Giant kangaroo rat - Keystone species

Keystone species, Protection, Seed eaters eat green plants, Solitary species, Individuals

Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin - American leader in social movements

American leader in social movement s, Unyielding activist for civil rights, Gay man, Accomplished tenor vocalist, Asset, Pioneer in the movement, Member of the League during 1960s, Active member of a local African Methodist Episcopal church, AME member for appearances sake, Competent individual, One two men

Border Collie

Border Collie - Fanatical, black, white dogs

Fanatical, black, white dogs, Friendly people, Popular one breeds for dog agility competitions, White individual

Farrelly brothers

Farrelly brothers - Kind of rare individual

Kind of rare individual

Albert Camus

Albert Camus - French philosopher

French philosopher, Author, Excellent student, Creative, ambitious individual, Agnostic, private, Interested expression of an idea, Active, French Resistance, Adept, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, logical intelligences, Less one year

George Copway

George Copway - Mississaugas Ojibwa writer

Mississaugas Ojibwa writer, Ethnographer, Confused individual by 1840s

Max Horkheimer

Max Horkheimer - Rector of the University between 1951 1953

Rector of the University between 1951 1953, Strong believer in individuals, Sole author of Eclipse

Robert Bloch

Robert Bloch - American fiction writer of crime

American fiction writer of crime, Contributor, Pulp magazine s, Only individual, Close friends with C

Stage management

Stage management - Practice

Practice, Individual, Separate position in some theatres

Teacher in role

Teacher in role - Bad individual

Bad individual, Embodiment

The Power Elite

The Power Elite - 1956 book by sociologist C

1956 book by sociologist C, Alliance of the individuals, Necessary ingredient of any possible, grand coalition, General, 2000, Extremes, Manafort indictment, Fragmentation, Michael Dukakis, Influential party

Laureus World Sports Awards

Laureus World Sports Awards - Annual award ceremony honoring remarkable individuals

Annual award ceremony honoring remarkable individuals


Nyala - Second taxon

Second taxon, Active, early morning, Shy, cautious nature, Permanent individuals

Francis Cochrane

Francis Cochrane - Exceptional individual of full contradictions

Exceptional individual of full contradictions

Chinese people

Chinese people - Various individuals

Various individuals, Groups

Robert A. Frosch

Robert A. Frosch - American scientist

American scientist, Fifth individual

China and the United Nations

China and the United Nations - One Charter members of the United Nations

One Charter members of the United Nations, One 48 states, Permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals, Ally of the Soviet Union

Assortative mating

Assortative mating - Mating pattern

Mating pattern, Form, Tendency of individuals, Key element leading to reproductive isolation

Suicide pact

Suicide pact - Agreed plan between more two individuals

Agreed plan between more two individuals, Important concepts in the study, Distinct mass suicide

Parathyroid chief cell

Parathyroid chief cell - One two cell types of the parathyroid glands

One two cell types of the parathyroid glands, Prevalent, parathyroid gland than the oxyphil cells, Common disorder in individuals

Efren Reyes

Efren Reyes - Fancy individual

Fancy individual

Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery - Kensal Green in the Royal Borough

Kensal Green in the Royal Borough, Remarkable number of Fellows, Home at least 33 species, Burial site of 250,000 individuals

Wes Ferrell

Wes Ferrell - Fifth of seven children

Fifth of seven children, Honest, outspoken individual


Kempston - Town

Town, Civil parish, Family name for many individuals, Rural parish, Three times

Nuer people

Nuer people - Nilotic, ethnic group inhabiting the Nile Valley

Nilotic, ethnic group inhabiting the Nile Valley, Pastoralists from southern Sudan, Excitable people, Individuals, Tribe in 2006

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier - Breed of dog

Breed of dog, Wonderful companion for an active individual, Younger one breeds in existence today, Hardy, active dogs

Commonsense reasoning

Commonsense reasoning - Central part of intelligent behavior

Central part of intelligent behavior, Collection of individuals, One branches of Artificial intelligence

Social responsibility

Social responsibility - Ethical framework

Ethical framework, Duty, Individual

Project architect

Project architect - Individual



Survivalism - American movement of individuals

American movement of individuals

Gutter punk

Gutter punk - Homeless, transient individual

Homeless, transient individual, Homeless, transient

Motorcycle club

Motorcycle club - Group of individuals

Group of individuals, New York Motorcycle Club of one


Christianization - Conversion of individuals

Conversion of individuals

Thomas Gilcrease

Thomas Gilcrease - American oilman

American oilman, Art collector, Private, cautious individual, Parents of one daughter

Awkward squad

Awkward squad - Group of individuals

Group of individuals

Hacker culture

Hacker culture - Subculture of individuals

Subculture of individuals, Fact

Environmental education

Environmental education - Teaching of individuals

Teaching of individuals, Major, scientific management, Planning tool

Lee Felsenstein

Lee Felsenstein - American computer engineer

American computer engineer, Interesting individual, Engineer for the Community Memory project, Original one members of the Homebrew Computer Club

Surgical technologist

Surgical technologist - Members of the surgical team

Members of the surgical team, Individuals, Optional way for trained, surgical technicians


Bailiff - Civil servant

Civil servant, Individual

Wen Ho Lee

Wen Ho Lee - Serious threat

Serious threat, National security, Likely suspect, Target, Subject of a grand jury investigation, Victim of selective prosecution, Individual, Physicist, Prime suspects, Document, Active investigation during the very time by the FBI, Dormant November until 1995 2 1995 may, Fact, Taiwan, Shackles, Restraints

Robert Nixon (politician)

Robert Nixon (politician) - Canadian, retired politician in the province

Canadian, retired politician in the province, Pragmatic, moderate individual

Frank Aiken

Frank Aiken - Nationalist member of the IRB

Nationalist member of the IRB, Inventive, creative individual, Amateur inventor, Stern man of integrity


Peace - Important learning opportunities for the individuals

Important learning opportunities for the individuals

Nazi hunter

Nazi hunter - Private individual

Private individual

Home economics

Home economics - Holistic field

Holistic field, Advocates for individuals

Anton Dilger

Anton Dilger - Grandson of anatomist Friedrich Tiedemann

Grandson of anatomist Friedrich Tiedemann, Known individual with the required, medical knowledge

Electroacoustic music

Electroacoustic music - International affiliation of individuals

International affiliation of individuals

Institutional racism

Institutional racism - Form of racism

Form of racism, Racism by individuals, Differential access, Goods, Government policy, Manifest variety of ways

International Computer Music Conference

International Computer Music Conference - Yearly, international Conference for computer music researchers

Yearly, international Conference for computer music researchers, International affiliation of individuals

Joe Sakic

Joe Sakic - Canadian, professional ice Hockey executive

Canadian, professional ice Hockey executive, Former player, Avid golf er, Member of the Triple gold Club, Greatest player, Only member, Fan favourite, Quiet individual

Owsley Stanley

Owsley Stanley - First, private individual to manufacture mass quantities

First, private individual to manufacture mass quantities, Son of a political family, Subject of a profile, American audio engineer, Chemist

Timothy B. Schmit

Timothy B. Schmit - American musician

American musician, Singer, Fan, Friendly individual, Talented gymnast, Album with a much, harder edge

Silent Generation

Silent Generation - Demographic cohort following the G

Demographic cohort following the G, Group of patriotic, ambitious individuals

Kogod School of Business

Kogod School of Business - Ideal option for individuals

Ideal option for individuals