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Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute, Indiana - Located southwest of Indianapolis

Located southwest of Indianapolis, Home, Multiple, higher education establishments, Location of the Federal Correctional Complex, Home, Hulman Field, Oldest, professional orchestra in the state, Center of farming, Located, eastern bank of the Wabash River, Intersection of major two roadways, Located downtown Terre Haute, One four Tree Campuses in the state

Garfield Park (Indianapolis)

Garfield Park (Indianapolis) - Regional city park in Indianapolis

Regional city park in Indianapolis, Integral component of the Indianapolis Park, Part of the World War Memorial Plaza, Volunteer community theater company, Important, early example of Romanesque Revival architecture, Located 2450 s, Located confluence of Pleasant Run, Located, north 401 Delaware St, Home of the Marion County Seminary, Inadequate, Open dawn, Dusk

Bush Stadium

Bush Stadium - Former baseball stadium in Indianapolis

Former baseball stadium in Indianapolis, Fine base runner, Superb fielder, Original one 16 members of the Indiana Baseball Hall

2003 United States Grand Prix

2003 United States Grand Prix - Formula

Formula, One motor race, Last race in Indianapolis

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro - American automobile

American automobile, Quickest car, Official car in 2013, Indianapolis, 500 Pace car, Regular IMSA GT series

Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac Fiero - Official Pace car of the Indianapolis

Official Pace car of the Indianapolis, Second, safest vehicle

RCA Dome

RCA Dome - Dome d stadium in Indianapolis

Dome d stadium in Indianapolis

Fisher Automobile Company

Fisher Automobile Company - Automobile dealership in Indianapolis

Automobile dealership in Indianapolis

Eddie Johnson (racing driver)

Eddie Johnson (racing driver) - American racecar driver

American racecar driver, High school acquaintance of 1950 Indianapolis

Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith - Former USAC

Former USAC, NASCAR driver, Oldest living veteran of the Indianapolis, Famous a

Lawrence North High School

Lawrence North High School - Public, high school in Indianapolis

Public, high school in Indianapolis, Household name in Indiana, High one two schools in the Metropolitan School District

Dick Rathmann

Dick Rathmann - American racecar driver

American racecar driver, Elder brother of 1960 Indianapolis

Troy Ruttman

Troy Ruttman - American race car driver

American race car driver, First Indianapolis, 500 winner

Jimmy Jackson (racing driver)

Jimmy Jackson (racing driver) - American racecar driver from Indianapolis

American racecar driver from Indianapolis