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Grapefruit - Hybrid

Hybrid, One citrus biotype, Barbados


Kajukenbo - Hybrid

Hybrid, Martial art, Portmanteau of the various arts


Boot - Type of footwear

Type of footwear, Available, different colours, Popular Glam rockers of the seventies, Knee, Hybrids of dessert boots

Track spikes

Track spikes - Metal

Metal, Light shoes, Hybrid of a sprint shoe, Popular hurdlers

Illustrated fiction

Illustrated fiction - Hybrid

Hybrid, Narrative medium

Osmunda claytoniana

Osmunda claytoniana - Paramount example of evolutionary stasis

Paramount example of evolutionary stasis, Sterile, natural hybrid between O, Bipinnate, Tall, broad blade

Computer simulation

Computer simulation - Important

Important, Process, Distinct experiment, Hybrids of different kinds

Ford Escape

Ford Escape - Compact crossover vehicle

Compact crossover vehicle, Business, Charitable institution, Full Hybrid meaning the system

Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicle - Hybrid

Hybrid, Automobile


Pumapard - Hybrid of a puma

Hybrid of a puma

Bengal cat

Bengal cat - Domestic cat breed

Domestic cat breed, Wild animal, Descendants of a cross, Unique cat, Such one cat, Loyola University, First hybrids

Languages of the Philippines

Languages of the Philippines - Auxiliary official languages in the regions

Auxiliary official languages in the regions, Evident case of other languages, Tagalog, Diverse one countries in the world, Indian plot, Woman, Hybrid of Tagalog

Strip mall

Strip mall - Hybrids of these types

Hybrids of these types, Ubiquitous United States

Truss bridge

Truss bridge - Oldest one types of modern bridges

Oldest one types of modern bridges, Wood, , Other bridge, Hybrid between the Warren, Practical use with spans, Suitable, short spans

Compact disc

Compact disc - Evolution of LaserDisc technology

Evolution of LaserDisc technology, Hybrid of a standard audio CD

Laboratory mouse

Laboratory mouse - Small mammal of the order

Small mammal of the order, Same species as the house mouse, Hybrids of different subspecies, Species Mus musculus, Inbred

Corn snake

Corn snake - North, American species of rat snake

North, American species of rat snake, Prime example of this latter case, Place, Popular pets for reptile enthusiasts, Rich Zuchowski engineered corn snake, Hybrids between a corn snake, Individualists in the main lead, Diurnal, warmer periods in warmer climates scientists, Popular one types of snakes

List of symbols of Scientology

List of symbols of Scientology - Many centuries

Many centuries, Curious hybrid of magic psychology, Mixture of occult ritual


Canoe - Lightweight 4

Lightweight 4, Demonstration sport at the 1924 Paris Olympics, Hybrids, Generic name for copies


Clementine - Hybrid between a mandarin orange

Hybrid between a mandarin orange, One parents of the Clement tangelo

A Cyborg Manifesto

A Cyborg Manifesto - Essay

Essay, Theoretical fiction, Sort of easy, third option, Cybernetic organism, Hybrid, Condensed image of both imagination, Kind, Outside salvation history, Struggle for language, Local possibility taking a global vengeance, Creature of scientific imagination, Power


Koi - Informal group

Informal group, Hybrid of koi, Omnivorous fish eat a wide variety, Bottom feeders with a mouth configuration, Hardy


Greenwich - Town in the Royal Borough

Town in the Royal Borough, Hybrid, Spirit, New, urban regeneration development, South, Term, Keeper of the standing wardrobe, ECCLESIASTICAL JURISDICTION of the diocese, Apex of the Ashburnham Triangle, One time

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata - Premium sedan for VIPs in 1985

Premium sedan for VIPs in 1985, Number selling two hybrid, Available, trim two options in Korea, One six vehicles

Honda Insight

Honda Insight - Least, expensive hybrid in the available us

Least, expensive hybrid in the available us, Best selling hybrid in the country in 2011, Subcompact hatchback in length

Medieval art

Medieval art - Art called Renaissance

Art called Renaissance, Hybrid of Catholic

Infantry of the British Army

Infantry of the British Army - Hybrid of the systems

Hybrid of the systems, Harrogate, Coaching, Located market town of Warminster, Traditional Army career, Vibrant, People, Preparation for the Passing, Tranche

Brook trout

Brook trout - Species of freshwater fish

Species of freshwater fish, State fish of nine U, Popular game fish with anglers, Extinct trout species, Subspecies, Intergeneric hybrid between the brook trout, Aggressive eaters, Species of special concern, Piscivorous, early age, Located, southeastern part of the state

Hybrid security

Hybrid security - Broad group of securities

Broad group of securities, Hybrid between a stock


Coydog - Canid hybrid

Canid hybrid

Music of the Lesser Antilles

Music of the Lesser Antilles - Hybrid of instruments

Hybrid of instruments, More 3 drummers, More 6 singers, Potent symbol of French, Antillean culture, Final part of the rites, Important ritual, Beautiful experience, Village festival, Dance in similar origin, First proponents of Big Drum music


Triticale - Hybrid of wheat

Hybrid of wheat, Minor crop in Canada, Primary advantage, Useful animal feed grain, Amphidiploid

Sinclair C5

Sinclair C5 - Confused, dangerous hybrid of a small car

Confused, dangerous hybrid of a small car


Coywolf - Informal term for a canid hybrid

Informal term for a canid hybrid

Baco noir

Baco noir - Noir hybrid

Noir hybrid, Red wine grape variety


Dzo - Hybrid between the yak

Hybrid between the yak


Mule - Offspring of a male donkey

Offspring of a male donkey, Example of hybrid vigor, Sterile hybrid


Hinny - Domestic, equine hybrid

Domestic, equine hybrid, Term, Offspring of a jennet

Mandarin fish

Mandarin fish - Important species

Important species, Localized species in the region, Pure hybrids between this species, 1

The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth - Devoid fauna

Devoid fauna, , Kind of hybrid, Streaming into the motel room


Modekngei - Hybrid of ancient, Palauan customs

Hybrid of ancient, Palauan customs

Chris Bell (politician)

Chris Bell (politician) - Hybrid that the rules

Hybrid that the rules, Lifelong proponent of gay rights, Passionate supporter of stem cell research, Board of StemPAC, Democratic candidate in the 2006 election

Cama (animal)

Cama (animal) - Hybrid between a male, dromedary camel

Hybrid between a male, dromedary camel

Batcave (club)

Batcave (club) - Nightclub in London

Nightclub in London, Perfect place to lay the golden egg, Hybrid

Engine configuration

Engine configuration - Engineering term for the layout

Engineering term for the layout, Hybrid of the V engine

Planner (programming language)

Planner (programming language) - Programming language

Programming language, Kind of hybrid

Retirement plans in the United States

Retirement plans in the United States - Financial arrangement

Financial arrangement, Hybrid of these two types, Unfunded, Effective January 6 2017, Assets in the plan

Northwind (comics)

Northwind (comics) - Fictional, avian, human hybrid

Fictional, avian, human hybrid, Changed man sporting a new look


Cabbit - Fictional hybrid between a cat

Fictional hybrid between a cat

Brand equity

Brand equity - Positive effect of the brand

Positive effect of the brand, Quality, Kind of hybrid

Dan Senor

Dan Senor - Member of the honorary delegation

Member of the honorary delegation, Unlikely person to deploy to a war zone, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies, Unusual 41 hybrid, Only Romney insider


Kouprey - Grazing in open areas

Grazing in open areas, Nothing than a more hybrid cross, Hybrid, Late Dr Charles H Wharton, US conservationist


Namor - Natural leader

Natural leader, Hybrid of Atlantean, Fabled being among mariners, Boss in the 1997 Fantastic, Infamous pirate of the seven seas, Mutant Atlantean with amphibious physiology

Internet Underground Music Archive

Internet Underground Music Archive - Organization

Organization, Unique hybrid of natural instrumentation

Archon II: Adept

Archon II: Adept - Hybrid of a tactical board game

Hybrid of a tactical board game

Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars - Third video game title in the Syndicate series

Third video game title in the Syndicate series, Nice hybrid of the shooter, Game ads for Creation