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Wolf hunting

Wolf hunting - Practice of hunting

Practice of hunting, Largest member of the canidae, Common, animalistic motif in Ancient Iberian vases, Easy task, Controversial Sweden, Valuable clothing, Same models


Whaling - Hunting of whales

Hunting of whale s, Smaller, British vessels

Drop point

Drop point - Style of knife blade

Style of knife blade, Common design for hunting

Asiatic lion

Asiatic lion - Basis of the lion dance

Basis of the lion dance, Mythical animal of Tibet, Objective of hunting, Integral component of the late Pleistocene Holarctic ecosystem, Similar size


Falconry - Hunting of wild quarry

Hunting of wild quarry, Sport, Means, Popular, Arabian Peninsula

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake - Reservoir in the San Bernardino mountains

Reservoir in the San Bernardino mountains, Favorite hunting, Food gathering source, Civilization

The Cloisters

The Cloisters - Museum in Upper Manhattan

Museum in Upper Manhattan, Hunting, Intricate puzzle, Modern, original capitals, Reugny, Informative, Main portal of the abbey, Damage during the French Wars, Heart of a monastery, Site

Zebra shark

Zebra shark - Species of carpet shark

Species of carpet shark, Oviparous females produce several dozen, Oviparous species, Oviparous females, Minor interest, Strong, agile swimmers, Nocturnal hunting for prey, Distinctive appearance with longitudinal five ridges

Saiga antelope

Saiga antelope - Active day

Active day, Target of hunting, Dependent weather

The Hacienda (Milpitas Ranchhouse)

The Hacienda (Milpitas Ranchhouse) - Current name for a hotel

Current name for a hotel, Former hunting, Rock shelter about 16 feet, Flat, big, big RVs, Located, main gate, December, Spartan community bathroom, Command of Fort Lewis, Primary user of the fort


Microraptor - Opportunistic feeder

Opportunistic feeder, Hunting

Young County, Texas

Young County, Texas - County in the located U

County in the located U, Member of Edward H, Delegate from Red River County, Hunting for a friend

Sherdukpen people

Sherdukpen people - Ethnic group

Ethnic group, Related Aka, Agricultural ists although hunting

John Colter

John Colter - Member of the Lewis

Member of the Lewis, Prototypical mountain man, Hunting near present Lolo Creek

Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook - English cricket er

English cricket er, Fan of hunting, Impressive, next two games as India

Whaling in the Faroe Islands

Whaling in the Faroe Islands - Use for pleasure trips

Use for pleasure trips, Aware fact that the pilot whales, Hunting putting the whales, Opportunistic hunters, Rough two boats, One minute caused controversy, Main organizer of the event, Defense of these institutions

Aboriginal whaling

Aboriginal whaling - Hunting of whales

Hunting of whales

Porto Bello (Williamsburg, Virginia)

Porto Bello (Williamsburg, Virginia) - Hunting

Hunting, Located York County

Trophy hunting

Trophy hunting - Selective hunting of wild game

Selective hunting of wild game, Animal, Part, Item, Complex, human activity

Grande Ronde River

Grande Ronde River - Tributary of the Snake River

Tributary of the Snake River, Renowned sport fishery, Popular destination for hunting, Complex ecosystem in rich, unique, natural features, Located, northeast Oregon

Lake Rotomahana

Lake Rotomahana - Wildlife refuge with all hunting

Wildlife refuge with all hunting

Glenwood, Arkansas

Glenwood, Arkansas - Unique tapestry of Mountains

Unique tapestry of Mountains, Home, Renowned hunting

Tourism in Scotland

Tourism in Scotland - Popular destination for hunting

Popular destination for hunting, Home of golf, Industry Leadership Group for tourism

The Tale of the Eagle

The Tale of the Eagle - Hunting in the mountains

Hunting in the mountains, Pilot House, Bridge

Kharia people

Kharia people - Largest, indigenous, ethnic one group of India

Largest, indigenous, ethnic one group of India, Skilled cottage industries, Food gathering, Hunting

Jim Gulley

Jim Gulley - Native of Mecklenburg County

Native of Mecklenburg County, Member of First Baptist Church, Avid sportsman enjoying hunting, Former Chair of the House Wildlife Resources Committee


Beagling - Hunting of hares

Hunting of hare s

George Drouillard

George Drouillard - Hunting in Shoshone Cove

Hunting in Shoshone Cove, Quick instant