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Queens - Easternmost in largest area

Easternmost in largest area, Diverse, urban area in the world, Home in the 49 of the major two three New York City area airports, Hundreds, Seat of government, Home of Townsend Harris High School, Public library system for the borough, One elite colleges in the CUNY system


Gluten - Complex mixture of hundreds

Complex mixture of hundreds, Heat has the stable capacity, Complex compound, Complex protein network plays a key role, Powdered, concentrated form of the gluten, Complex protein networks, Present beer, Important protein group in bread

Albany Pine Bush

Albany Pine Bush - Home

Home, Hundreds, Fire, Dependent ecosystem, Home of the 30 44 species, Karner, Many businesses, Hudson Valley section of the Appalachian Valley

Upton, Kentucky

Upton, Kentucky - Illustrated magazine

Illustrated magazine, Hundreds


Kinkajou - Humans

Humans, Delicious hundreds

Tijuca Forest

Tijuca Forest - Home

Home, Hundreds

Shen Kuo

Shen Kuo - Native of Hangzhou

Native of Hangzhou, Eminent scientist of the northern Song Dynasty, Hundreds of years, Firm believer in destiny, Brilliant man, Political favorite of the Chancellor Wang Anshi, Government official, Successful tasks

Charles Paddock Zoo

Charles Paddock Zoo - Small community zoo in located San Luis Obispo County

Small community zoo in located San Luis Obispo County, Home, Hundreds, Part

Pierre Bourdieu

Pierre Bourdieu - French sociologist

French sociologist, Anthropologist, Prolific author producing hundreds


Khartoum - Destination for hundreds Throughout 1970s 1980s

Destination for hundreds Throughout 1970s 1980s, Home, Several clubs, Capital of the Arab cultures, Home, Small, botanical garden

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park - National park in northwestern Namibia

National park in northwestern Namibia, Home, Hundreds, Located Kunene region, Several one sites throughout southern Africa

Andrew Grove

Andrew Grove - Longtime member of the International Rescue Committee

Longtime member of the International Rescue Committee, Worth hundreds of millions, Quintessential City College graduate

Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson - American classicist

American classicist, Military historian, Martin, Illie Anderson Senior Fellow, Student of current affairs, Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Author of hundreds, Martin, Illie Anderson Senior Fellow, Defender of George W

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis - Highest mountain in the British Isles

Highest mountain in the British Isles, Single malt whisky distillery at the foot, Popular destination attracting hundreds, Name of a White Star Line packet ship

Andrew Jones (New Zealand cricketer)

Andrew Jones (New Zealand cricketer) - Former New Zealand cricket er

Former New Zealand cricket er, Only New Zealand batsmen to score 3 hundreds


Mylapore - Home of Music Sabhas

Home of Music Sabhas, Hundreds, Part of Chennai South

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park - Part of Stapleton Station

Part of Stapleton Station, Habitat for hundreds

Geography of Laos

Geography of Laos - Independent Republic

Independent Republic, Landlocked nation, Home, Hundreds

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach - Smokeless one beach on located Siesta Key earning extra points

Smokeless one beach on located Siesta Key earning extra points, Number, Wide city, Popular spot for boaters, Hundreds of yards, Wide Siesta Key Beach Pavilion section, Complete showers, Sleepy, uninhabited barrier island off the coast


Soil - Mixture of minerals

Mixture of mineral s, Product of the influence, Result of evolution, Abundant ecosystem on Earth, Net sink of methane CH, Pure water contains hundreds, Function of many soil, Ability of soil, Ped, Mass, First impression, Common mineral source of phosphorus, Group of soils, Critical component in the mining, Particular form of soil erosion, Accumulation of free salt s, High clay, 2, Less soil particle density, Important survival, Beneficial case of alkaline soils, Distinct, wet, cool climates, Sufficient, optimal plant growth, Quartz, SiO Calcite

Halo: The Fall of Reach

Halo: The Fall of Reach - Enormous ring

Enormous ring, 10,000 kilometers, Success, Hundreds

Rifts (role-playing game)

Rifts (role-playing game) - Earth

Earth, Hundreds

The Fat Controller

The Fat Controller - Head of the railway

Head of the railway, Hundreds of lines, Specific, exclusive case, Site, One


Macclesfield - Market town

Market town, Civil parish, Original home of Hovis breadmakers, Silk Museum, Administrative centre of the hundred, Home town of Ian Curtis, Fortified town house, Stafford, Oldest one chess clubs in the country


Toxaphene - Insecticide

Insecticide, Mixture of hundreds, Pesticide

George Landis Arboretum

George Landis Arboretum - Public garden comprising hundreds

Public garden comprising hundreds