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Grant Tinker

Grant Tinker - American television executive

American television executive, Husband of actress, Unseen hand, Legend in television


Jamdani - Hand

Hand, Fine muslin cloth, Expensive product of Dhaka

Meerschaum pipe

Meerschaum pipe - Smoking pipe

Smoking pipe, Hydrous magnesium silicate with the formula H, Rare mineral, Kind, Flavorful, beautiful pipe, Hand crafted art, Opaque, white, grey cream color

Cranberry glass

Cranberry glass - Hand

Hand, Popular table display

Ring finger

Ring finger - Fourth, proximal digit of the human hand

Fourth, proximal digit of the human hand, Traditional part of the religious, Muslim wedding


Japa - Important part of Sikh worship practices

Important part of Sikh worship practices, Important Anga of Yoga, Rod in the hand, Repetition of the Mantra

Saint Anselm College

Saint Anselm College - Greening movement

Greening movement, Hand


Bufori - Hand

Hand, Acronym, Unique masterpiece

Postage stamps and postal history of the United States

Postage stamps and postal history of the United States - Larger size than normal, definitive issues

Larger size than normal, definitive issues, System, 1914 approval die proof, 3 cents issue bearing a amateurish drawing, Hand, Green 5 cents stamps, Convenience for the public, Valuable, unused stamps

Rock (confectionery)

Rock (confectionery) - Hand

Hand, Confection

Honey extractor

Honey extractor - Mechanical device

Mechanical device, Hand


Tartan - Black Watch

Black Watch, Hand

Sucia Island

Sucia Island - 564 acres with two160 ft

564 acres with two160 ft, Shape of a hand, Public property, Washington State Marine Park, 113 acres has 3 camping areas, Side by side, 55 acre island with 7 campsites, Northerly island in the Pacific Northwest, 2 acre rock, Undeveloped State Park, Undeveloped State Park with no facilities, 153 acres with primitive 22 campsites, Located Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, Located, Popular San Juan Islands kayakers, Popular kayakers, Popular boat in camping

George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence

George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence - Suitor for the hand in 1477

Suitor for the hand in 1477, First character

Trapezium (bone)

Trapezium (bone) - Carpal bone in the hand

Carpal bone in the hand, Radial bones

Juan Trippe

Juan Trippe - American, commercial aviation pioneer

American, commercial aviation pioneer, Entrepreneur, Member of the Royal, Founder guiding hand, Responsible, several innovations in the airline world


Thumb - First digit of the hand

First digit of the hand


Umbrella - Prototype

Prototype, Ancient invention, Hand

Auto Union

Auto Union - Hand


Entex Adventure Vision

Entex Adventure Vision - Cartridge based electronic hand

Cartridge based electronic hand

David Geffen Hall

David Geffen Hall - Old hand at this kind

Old hand at this kind, Option

Guitar pick

Guitar pick - Plectrum

Plectrum, Hand, Abundant one picks

The Jung Dragons

The Jung Dragons - Professional wrestling faction

Professional wrestling faction, Tag team, Hand drawn rendition

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi - Widow of Rajiv Gandhi

Widow of Rajiv Gandhi, Hand behind a stable coalition, Widow of former Prime Minister ofIndia Rajiv Gandhi, Professional airline Pilot

The Song of Roland

The Song of Roland - Assonal rhyming stanza

Assonal rhyming stanza, Paperback imprint of the Hutchinson Junior Books edition, Hand, Reft, Unaware


Khadi - Sound, economic proposition

Sound, economic proposition, Science, Hand made handloom yarn

Lumbricals of the hand

Lumbricals of the hand - Intrinsic muscles of the hand

Intrinsic muscle s of the hand

Universal precautions

Universal precautions - Infection control techniques

Infection control techniques, Good hygiene habits as such hand

Lunate bone

Lunate bone - Carpal bone in the human hand

Carpal bone in the human hand


Backsaw - Hand


Thing (The Addams Family)

Thing (The Addams Family) - Right hand

Right hand, Cassidy, Creation of Charles Addams


Asterixis - Tremor of the hand

Tremor of the hand, Inability to maintain posture


Tinea - Common, fungal infection of the skin

Common, fungal infection of the skin, Fungal infection of the hand, Superficial infection of the groin, Superficial, fungal infection of the scalp, Fungal infection of the face, Superficial, fungal infection of the skin, Superficial, fungal infection, Condition, Fungal infection of the skin, Common, fungal infection in children, Contagious touch, Uncommon, prepubertal children, Common, dermatologic conditions in children

The Matrix (franchise)

The Matrix (franchise) - Science fiction action media franchise

Science fiction action media franchise, List of cast members crew members, Sort, Abit, dry fun, Action flick, Abit fits this dry film, Traditional hand drawn animation, Important, critical, commercial success winning four Academy Awards, Stunning movie, Good, great, good, Animation

The Animatrix

The Animatrix - Dan Davis

Dan Davis, Animation, Traditional hand drawn animation