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Origins of the American Civil War

Origins of the American Civil War - North

North, Northern territory, State, Moral evil, Permanent, dominant party at the North, First question, Powerless majority, League with the tariff, Fertile ground for secessionism, Signal event in a course, Necessary evil, Split North, South, Authority, Important Pennsylvania, Catastrophic, John C, Legal, many countries, Slavery, Dilemma, Prominent ceremonies, Fact

St. George Island (Florida)

St. George Island (Florida) - Island off the Florida Panhandle

Island off the Florida Panhandle, Known, nesting ground for loggerhead sea turtle s, Barrier island


Coffee - Roasted ground at a roastery

Roasted ground at a roastery, Example of a product, Popular one drinks in the world, Minor one products of Peru, Direct contact with the water, Profitable VOC for the Indonesian farmers, Much importance

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company - Ground


Dover Western Heights

Dover Western Heights - Area of high ground

Area of high ground

Gefilte fish

Gefilte fish - Dish

Dish, Parve, Milk, Common situation, Baked, large oven with a small amount, Ground with eggs

Castle Pinckney

Castle Pinckney - Small masonry fort ification

Small masonry fort ification, First ground

The Hawthorns

The Hawthorns - First football league ground

First football league ground, Located Birmingham Road, Home, Large throstle mascot, 500 yards from the ground

Volcanic crater

Volcanic crater - Circular depression in the ground

Circular depression in the ground

Bird bath

Bird bath - Attraction for many, different species

Attraction for many, different species, Simple depressions in the ground, Central feature of an overall plan

Eternal Buddha

Eternal Buddha - Creator

Creator, Ground

Red River (Cumberland River)

Red River (Cumberland River) - Vital, economic resource supplying ground

Vital, economic resource supplying ground, Part of the Cumberland River Basin

Leith Hill

Leith Hill - Wooded hill

Wooded hill, South west, Highest ground for 49 miles, Origin of the 6 inch

The Den

The Den - Sixth ground

Sixth ground, First, new stadium

Pitt Stadium

Pitt Stadium - Stadium on the located campus

Stadium on the located campus, Ground

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz - Grey, translucent variety of quartz

Grey, translucent variety of quartz, Affordable gemstone, Ground, Crystalline one forms of silica, Last minerals, Hard, brittle effort, Abundant veins while amethyst, Common quartz

Central Park

Central Park - Urban park in Manhattan

Urban park in Manhattan, Home, Seven bodies, Place in 1979, Ground in 2008, Home to running several, competitive clubs, Part of a system, Home, Indoor two restaurants, Site, Location of the largest concert, Dangerous place, Famous one sightseeing spots in New York, Safer, 21st century

New King James Version

New King James Version - Translation of the Bible

Translation of the Bible, Pillar, Ground


Semolina - Ground into flour

Ground into flour, Common food in West Africa

Beauchief and Greenhill

Beauchief and Greenhill - Group of houses

Group of houses, Large manor house on the high ground


TACV - Ground handling company

Ground handling company

Dodecatheon hendersonii

Dodecatheon hendersonii - Species of flowering plant

Species of flowering plant, Summer dying to the deciduous ground, Major component of the spectacular, early spring wildflower bloom

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils - Happy invitation

Happy invitation, Afraid swells, First production by Studio Pierrot, Only one, Depressed, old Kaksi came to the flock, Big, flat stone on the floor, Clear, deep blue, Small neck, Slender legs, Empty ground, Small, low boy, Poor hiding place, Home in this art, Forceful, only things, Full joy, , High, clear blue, Blue shone like silver, Numerous poverty, Ofwood, , High heavens, Narrow entrances, Small rooms, Good weather prophets, Water

Subiaco Oval

Subiaco Oval - Football stadium in located Subiaco

Football stadium in located Subiaco, Longest ground in the AFL competition

Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains - Source of several, major river systems

Source of several, major river systems, Largest area of continuous, high ground

Old North Bridge

Old North Bridge - Replica

Replica, Fifth bridge to occupy this hallowed ground, Rebuilt, multiple times

Negit Island

Negit Island - Island in Mono Lake

Island in Mono Lake, Volcanic cone than less 2000 years, Important, nesting ground for migratory birds, Accessible boat s

Brunton Park

Brunton Park - Football stadium

Football stadium, Home, First ground to host an FA Cup match

Albert Ball

Albert Ball - Loner on the ground

Loner on the ground, Ambitious man, Fortunate year, Famous airman that the Great War, One six recipients of the Victoria Cross, Boastful nature


Ajwain - Ground in mortar

Ground in mortar

Panch phoron

Panch phoron - Whole spice

Whole spice, Ground to make a powder

Atolls of the Maldives

Atolls of the Maldives - Long, narrow country

Long, narrow country, Part of Thiladhunmati Atoll, Absence of large atolls, Combination of different coralline structures, Form of a number, Flat, sandy, Long, sandy others, Centre, Different structure from the Maldives, Open, few reefs, Oval shape, Sandy, 300 inhabitants per island, Refuge breeding ground, Continuous one barrier reef, Eastern side, Maliku Kandu, Kardiva Channel

Screen printing

Screen printing - Printing technique

Printing technique, Stencil method of print, Versatile, traditional printing techniques, Ground

Electric power distribution

Electric power distribution - Underground, common utility ducts

Underground, common utility duct s, Above ground with utility pole s

Harry M. Daugherty

Harry M. Daugherty - American politician

American politician, First cousin of actress Majel Coleman, Key figure on the ground

Copper extraction

Copper extraction - Crushed ground

Crushed ground, Size, Minor part of a supergene profile

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Beginning of a story arc

Beginning of a story arc, Favorite of director J, Mastermind behind the plot, Elevated 25 feet off the ground

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice - Type of rice

Type of rice, Ground to make glutinous rice flour, Staple food in some areas, Distinct strains from white, glutinous rice

Joy (crater)

Joy (crater) - Tiny, lunar crater in the located, irregular ground

Tiny, lunar crater in the located, irregular ground

Date palm

Date palm - Ground

Ground, Small, oval fruit with a seed, Jujube date, Threat from a major palm pest

Charter Oak, California

Charter Oak, California - Flat ground though the South Hills

Flat ground though the South Hills, Located, eastern San Gabriel Valley

The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea - Work of art

Work of art, Important function in Western society, Peiwoh, Symphony, Present, eternal, Passage than the path, Ground, Fine powder, Servile courtier


Ambergris - Ground into a powder

Ground into a powder

Katie Couric

Katie Couric - Anchor substitute from 1989 1991

Anchor substitute from 1989 1991, First network anchor on the ground, Only solo, Female evening news anchor, Executive producer in 2014 in 2016, Narrator, 60 Minutes correspondent contributed to six eight stories, Lead reporter for two CBS Reports series, Widow, Member of the Council, Famous one names in American TV journalism

St James Park (Exeter)

St James Park (Exeter) - Football stadium in Exeter

Football stadium in Exeter, New stand, Good walk from the ground

Tuktut Nogait National Park

Tuktut Nogait National Park - National park in the located Northwest Territories

National park in the located Northwest Territories, Major breeding, Nesting ground


Cave - Hollow place in the ground

Hollow place in the ground, Caves containing a coastal mixture

Taiping Island

Taiping Island - Located center of the Nansha Islands

Located center of the Nansha Islands, Elliptical shape, STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE, Nesting ground for green sea turtle s, Biggest island in the Spratlys, Sandy beaches with narrower beaches

Wheat flour

Wheat flour - Powder

Powder, Milled, white flour, Special type of whole wheat flour, Basis of true Graham cracker s, White flour with the proportions, Ground that the fiber casings, Mix of hard, soft wheat flours, Low gluten


Fructose - Monosaccharide dried ground

Monosaccharide dried ground

Marco Polo (1851 ship)

Marco Polo (1851 ship) - Long beam of a draught

Long beam of a draught, 15 feet off the ground

River Dart

River Dart - River in Devon

River in Devon, Large ria, Notable ground for Salmon

Guard (grappling)

Guard (grappling) - Ground grappling position

Ground grappling position, Typical guard position, Position, Better guard


EgyptAir - Flag carrier airline of Egypt

Flag carrier airline of Egypt, Member of Star Alliance, Domestic, regional arm of EGYPTAIR HOLDING, First ground handling company

Geography of the British Indian Ocean Territory

Geography of the British Indian Ocean Territory - Archipelago of 55 islands

Archipelago of 55 islands, Ramsar site, Archipelago of 55 islands, Egmont Islands, Danger Island, Refuge breeding ground, Northeast of Mauritius, Located, southern, extreme end, Flat, low, most areas

Cook County, Illinois

Cook County, Illinois - County in the U

County in the U, Only home rule county in Illinois, Ground in 1980s, Extensive zero FBI investigation

Little Boy

Little Boy - Development of the unsuccessful Thin Man

Development of the unsuccessful Thin Man, Air burst above the ground, Unsafe weapon design, Length in diameter, Available, comprehensive set of diagrams

Cascading failure

Cascading failure - Common effect

Common effect, Direct consequence of ground

Sufficiency of disclosure

Sufficiency of disclosure - Ground for opposition

Ground for opposition

The Dance (song)

The Dance (song) - Fertile ground for creativity

Fertile ground for creativity

Redemption (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Redemption (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Neutral ground

Neutral ground, Kurn

White Lotus

White Lotus - Fertile ground

Fertile ground

Bone ash

Bone ash - Ash, white material

Ash, white material, Ground with water, Special type of translucent porcelain, Ash, common glazes

My Name Is Nobody

My Name Is Nobody - Beauregard falls to the ground

Beauregard falls to the ground

New Jersey Route 83

New Jersey Route 83 - 83 state highway in the U

83 state highway in the U, Major 83 Route, 83 part of Route between 1927 1953, Points on the ground

Laff Records

Laff Records - Small, independent record label

Small, independent record label, Ground

Boston Lyric Opera

Boston Lyric Opera - American opera company

American opera company, Fertile ground for opera