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Glucomannan - Food

Food, Hemicellulose, Constituent of bacterial plant, Ingredient in a variety, Food

Food intolerance

Food intolerance - Detrimental reaction delayed to a food

Detrimental reaction delayed to a food, Other, adverse reactions, Food, Particulary tartrazine, Benzoate

Health food

Health food - Food considered to beneficial, human health

Food considered to beneficial, human health


Ghee - Building

Building, Restorative food, Higher cost


Falafel - Common food

Common food, Jewish dish, Popular form of street food, Smooth mixture of chickpeas, Popular Copts, High, soluble fiber


Jerky - Lean meat

Lean meat, Food, High sugar


Idli - Savoury, savory cake throughout popular, South India

Savoury, savory cake throughout popular, South India, Staple food in South India, Delightful, easy way to make the most mouth


Chitterlings - Prepared food

Prepared food, Subject of a song, Formal name, Most people, Soaked, rinsed, several, different cycles of cool water

Junk food

Junk food - Pejorative term for cheap food

Pejorative term for cheap food

Chili powder

Chili powder - Primary flavor ingredient in chili con carne

Primary flavor ingredient in chili con carne, Seasonal food because homegrown chiles, Hot Wick

Geography of Denmark

Geography of Denmark - Nordic country in located Northern Europe

Nordic country in located Northern Europe, Net exporter of food


Bison - Good swimmers

Good swimmers, Herbivores eat simple foods, Grazers, Forage, Excellent, good source of complete protein thiamine, Shallow depression in the soil, Unpredictable, Same size as bison bonasus

Marbled lungfish

Marbled lungfish - Lungfish of the family Protopteridae

Lungfish of the family Protopteridae, Problem in a maintained aquarium, Members of the subclass Dipnoi, Important source of food, Hardy fish, Slow growers, Matter

Mountain goat

Mountain goat - Herbivores

Herbivores, Goats, Generalists consume foods, Active night, Highest, late spring


Pseudopodia - Food collecting structures

Food collecting structures


Wheat - Grass

Grass, Important, major source of carbohydrate s carbohydrate for natural, biofortified nutrient supplementation, Major ingredient in such foods, Primary food staple in North Africa, Dominant crop in temperate countries, Important foodstuff, Diploid two sets of chromosome s, Deficient, essential amino acid, Diploid, 749 million tonnes in 2016

The Limits to Growth

The Limits to Growth - First step

First step, Enormous increase in food, End, Growth, Common process in biological, financial, many, other systems, Dynamic phenomenon, Operative collapse, Important areas, Permanent, Fact, Development of skyscrapers, Abundant, cheap, new buildings rose the population

Fried rice

Fried rice - Popular component of East

Popular component of East, Popular street food in Asia, Primary ingredient, Ancient food, Part of the Desi Chinese cuisine


Breadfruit - Species of Flowering tree

Species of Flowering tree, Staple food in many, tropical regions, Versatile crop, Fruit, Tropical tree, Staple diet of many people, Rich starch, Dependent humans for dispersal, Much, richer wheat flour in lysine

Peanut oil

Peanut oil - Available, strong peanut flavor

Available, strong peanut flavor, Safe use as a massage oil, Lubricant, Food

Mineral oil

Mineral oil - Perfumed mineral oil

Perfumed mineral oil, Substance of low value, Natural food, Safe nut oil, Available light

Einkorn wheat

Einkorn wheat - First one plants

First one plants, Diploid species of hulled wheat, Popular food in northern Provence, Tough grain

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance - Condition

Condition, Rare, genetic disorder, Allergy, Consequence of lactase deficiency, Commercial food, Sugar, Different milk allergy, Milk

Food browning

Food browning - Process of food

Process of food


Nutrient - Component in foods

Component in foods

Poaching (cooking)

Poaching (cooking) - Wonderful way to keep delicate foods

Wonderful way to keep delicate foods, Gentle cooking method involves some sort, Delicate foods as such eggs

Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce - Ancient condiment in Aztec food

Ancient condiment in Aztec food, Stock for spicy sauces, Common meat, One five mother sauces of classical, French cooking, Distinct term

Acmispon glaber

Acmispon glaber - Perennial subshrub in the family Fabaceae

Perennial subshrub in the family Fabaceae, Food


Baking - Method of cooking food

Method of cooking food


Famine - Widespread scarcity of food

Widespread scarcity of food, Destabilizing, devastating occurrence, First one attempts

Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber - Echinoderms from the class Holothuroidea

Echinoderm s from the class Holothuroidea, Special group of marine invertebrates, Representative echinoderms in the class Holothuroidea, Prey, Many predators, Suspension feeders as currents, Only, substantial part of the skeleton, Tiger s tail, Preferred food, Length although the smallest, known species, Dioecious, separate male, 20 cm in length, Kingdom Animalia


Rat - Food

Food, Important food source among some peoples


Rice - Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa

Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa, Major, staple food, Main export of Thailand, Major food staple, Mainstay, Good source of protein, Important crop in Asia, Life, Scientific perspectives, Starchy grain, Migratory endoparasite, Kind, 4 times over expensive wheat flour, First crop with a complete genome sequence, Dependent rainfall, Opportunistic area, Popular Nigeria, 3 times, Earliest one crops

Honey bee

Honey bee - Member of the genus Apis

Member of the genus Apis, Western honey bee, Heraldic emblem of the Barberini, Melipona, Complex substance, Useful trading commodity, Digestible, pure food, Only, extant members of the tribe Apini

The Varsity

The Varsity - Restaurant chain in the iconic, modern culture

Restaurant chain in the iconic, modern culture, Food over 12 hours, Secret formula


Korokke - Casual food

Casual food, Similar, French croquette, Seasoned type of Worcestershire sauce

Passenger pigeon

Passenger pigeon - Member of the pigeon

Member of the pigeon, Important source of food, Dimorphic size, Smaller male


Food - Substance

Substance, Part of popular culture, Total amount of food, Access, Person, Recipients, Gluten, Corn

Field ration

Field ration - Shelf

Shelf, Cold food ration, Amount of food, III garrison troops within Germany, Cold food ration


Pudding - Kind of Food

Kind of Food, Prime example, Ancient dish, Ancient sausages, Ancient, less, usual, Cereal in composition

Constitution of Denmark

Constitution of Denmark - Net exporter of food

Net exporter of food

Hawaiian crow

Hawaiian crow - Generalist species eating various foods

Generalist species eating various foods

Marine biology

Marine biology - Scientific study of organisms

Scientific study of organism s, Study, Vast resource providing food, Branch of biology, Home, Many, exotic, biological materials


Semolina - Ground into flour

Ground into flour, Common food in West Africa

Pinus sabiniana

Pinus sabiniana - Known food of the caterpillar S

Known food of the caterpillar S


Homarus - Genus of lobsters

Genus of lobster s, Esteemed food


Okonomiyaki - Popular pan fried Food

Popular pan fried Food


Grits - Food

Food, Type of grits

Pine nut

Pine nut - Edible seeds

Edible seed s, Important Sources of food, Exception, Sacred part of the way, Native plant

Kit fox

Kit fox - Fox species of North America

Fox species of North America, Nocturnal animal, Ventures, Monogamous species, Smallest, North, American one canids, Population of kit foxes, Carnivores if food, Prey for other carnivores, Opportunistic foragers eat a variety, Wary, nocturnal, cryptic coloration, Active night, Carnivorous, Smallest foxes of the Americas


Salmon - Popular food

Popular food, Popular preparation method, Important creature in several strands, Carnivorous, Small volumes, Concern in the Atlantic

Longnose gar

Longnose gar - Main source of food

Main source of food


Kashkaval - Type of yellow cheese

Type of yellow cheese, Traditional food


Hives - Reaction

Reaction, Food


Tabriz - Largest, economic, academic hub for the major sports events

Largest, economic, academic hub for the major sports events, Metropolitan area, Major, heavy industries hub for automobiles, Site for abundant food, Home for Azerbaijan Cycling Tour, Large number, Neighborhood, Largest, economic, main center in Northwest Iran for the production, Public University, Capital of Qara Qoyunlu state from 1375 1468, House for numerous, Iranian writers, Occupation by Ottomans, Famous quality, Located, western part of the city

Horse meat

Horse meat - Culinary name for meat cut

Culinary name for meat cut, Probable evidence of ancient horse worship, Only food with high levels, Lean, Available Serbia, Available Slovenia, Common, Popular Europe

Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide - Odorless

Odorless, Unrecovered waste product, Byproduct of the industrial production, Food, End product of cellular respiration, Soluble water, Greatest concern, Linear, centrosymmetric, Soluble water, Colorless, First gas


Chlorella - 12months

12months, Whole food from a lineage, Available tablets


Poaceae - Important plant family providing staple foods

Important plant family providing staple foods


Bharal - Major food of the snow leopard

Major food of the snow leopard, Grazers during times, Active day

Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking - Process of cooking food

Process of cooking food, Force per unit area, Hot stovetop pressure cooker, Dangerous, large quantity of scalding steam, Much, faster, conventional cooking, Suitable use on domestic gas, Available mountain climbers, Expensive, conventional saucepan s of the same size


Zongzi - Traditional, Chinese food

Traditional, Chinese food


Mochi - Multicomponent food

Multicomponent food, Rhomboid, shaped mochi with layers, Gluten, Cholesterol, Green variety of mochi, Japanese rice cake


Bread - Staple food

Staple food, Oldest, prepared one foods, Significant Christianity, Important source of carbohydrates


Wheatgrass - Food

Food, Natural source of protein vitamins, LIKELY SAFE, Popular health drink, Source of potassium, Available spray

History of the Jews in Georgia

History of the Jews in Georgia - Oldest one communities in Georgia

Oldest one communities in Georgia, Caucasian Jews, Bold wines of exceptional flavor, Sameba monastery, Hidden attraction for the food, Surami, Village of Sachkhere, Active Sukhumi, Third Century, Emigrants


Sacrifice - Offering of food

Offering of food, Regular concomitant of every religion, Ritual killing of an animal, Centre of the Greek cult

Homarus gammarus

Homarus gammarus - Esteemed food

Esteemed food, Large crustacean with a body length, American lobster, Homarus americanus, Creamy, white, pale red, Carapace length, Type species of the genus Homarus Weber, Development


Quinoa - Common name for Chenopodium quinoa

Common name for Chenopodium quinoa, Complete source of protein, Nutritious food, Dicotyledon, Ous, annual plant, Same, botanical family as sugarbeet

Greater bilby

Greater bilby - Nocturnal omnivores

Nocturnal omnivores, Favorite, traditional food, Source

Crane fly

Crane fly - Common name referring to any member

Common name referring to any member, Food for many animals, Sluggish, poor fliers, Common food source for spiders, Beneficial decomposers, Nuisance, Active, cooler part of the day, Common Kentucky, Diverse wing pattern, Long, thin, long legs, Black color

Cat food

Cat food - Food for consumption

Food for consumption, Such, lucrative market, Meat, Vegetables, Available assurances of quality, Huge, profitable, Aware factors


Kalakukko - Traditional food from the Finnish region

Traditional food from the Finnish region, Popular Kuopio


Montepulciano - Major producer of food

Major producer of food

Food allergy

Food allergy - Abnormal, immune response

Abnormal, immune response, Food, Sensitivity of one, Peanuts

Hasty pudding

Hasty pudding - Pudding

Pudding, Porridge, Popular, American food

Brazil nut

Brazil nut - Part of the delicate web

Part of the delicate web, Large tree, Fruit of a tree, Source of food, Common ingredient in mixed nuts, Angiosperms, More nut

Economy of Denmark

Economy of Denmark - Net exporter of food

Net exporter of food, Long time leader in wind energy, Home, Various types, Strong position in terms

Sanshui District

Sanshui District - Important producer of food

Important producer of food, Railway line from Guangzhou

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice - Type of rice

Type of rice, Ground to make glutinous rice flour, Staple food in some areas, Distinct strains from white, glutinous rice


Porridge - Staple food

Staple food


Pemmican - Concentrated mixture of fat protein

Concentrated mixture of fat protein, Type of food


Gruel - Colloquial expression for any watery, liquidy food

Colloquial expression for any watery, liquidy food, Thin porridge, Soup

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate - White, odorless powder

White, odorless powder, Food, Rare, Blended, crushed limestone

Smokie (food)

Smokie (food) - Food



Eating - Ingestion of food

Ingestion of food

Emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuation - Important element of emergency planning

Important element of emergency planning, Container of food

Parmelia (fungus)

Parmelia (fungus) - Genus of medium

Genus of medium, Food for the caterpillar s


Churrasco - Spanish, Portuguese term referring to beef

Spanish, Portuguese term referring to beef, Staple food of the Coast Region


Appetite - Desire to eat food

Desire to eat food

Pearl millet

Pearl millet - Millet, most, grown type

Millet, most, grown type, Millet, important food across the Sahel region

Red harvester ant

Red harvester ant - Favorite food for desert

Favorite food for desert, Mistaken fire ant s