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Hegemonic stability theory

Hegemonic stability theory - Theory of international relations

Theory of international relations, Institutionalist approach with a focus

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala - Nepali politician

Nepali politician, Prolific writer, First, extraordinary, beloved leader of Nepal to welcome the result, Focus of Nepalese politics, Great figure of modern Nepal, First, Important, literary one figures of Nepal

Józef Retinger

Józef Retinger - Secretary of the Bilderberg Organization

Secretary of the Bilderberg Organization, Focus in the intermediary addition

Religious naturalism

Religious naturalism - Focus of classes

Focus of classes

Plum Island (New York)

Plum Island (New York) - Island in the Town

Island in the Town, 1997 novel by Long Island, Title, Focus, Location of a deadly government conspiracy the Advanced Neurotechnologies Laboratory, Long Island, Environmental jewel, Site of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center the former U, Located Village of Greenport, Located west end of the island

Philosophy of space and time

Philosophy of space and time - Material

Material, Substance, Such places, Private time of the manifest, scientific image, Subjective focus, Way to describe the pace, Time, Different, physical time, Fundamental, psychological time, Real, Infinite future, Fundamental, emergent time, Longer, present history of the universe

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny - Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean

Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, Pirate, Focus of the mystery


Qift - Small town in the Qena Governorate

Small town in the Qena Governorate, Focus of an America n

International relations theory

International relations theory - Study of international relations

Study of international relations, Institutionalist approach with a focus

Computer-supported cooperative work

Computer-supported cooperative work - Important area of focus

Important area of focus

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle - Focus of attention

Focus of attention, Vital, strategic crossroads, First, great one castles, Graves

Gretna Green

Gretna Green - Village in the south

Village in the south, Focus of Moonlighting

Art school

Art school - Educational institution with a primary focus

Educational institution with a primary focus

One-room school

One-room school - Early one schools in Mason County

Early one schools in Mason County, 9, Center, Focus

Wheeler Peak (New Mexico)

Wheeler Peak (New Mexico) - Highest, natural point in the U

Highest, natural point in the U, Focus of the Wheeler Peak Wilderness area, 7 miles on Forest trail

Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana - East, African rift feature

East, African rift feature, Unique feature of the East, African landscape, Closed basin with an estimated, annual evaporation rate is a sensitive proxy, Cultural crossroads, Microcosm, Imaginary boundary of the Rendille, Home, Hundreds, Incubator of early livestock, Focus of humanitarian efforts, Doum palm s


Nippur - Located 100 miles of Baghdad

Located 100 miles of Baghdad, Focus of pilgrimage, Typical, Muslim city with minority communities

Cobb Highway

Cobb Highway - State highway in the western Riverina

State highway in the western Riverina, Part, Focus of a major tourism initiative

Teppe Hasanlu

Teppe Hasanlu - Largest, large, mounded, archaeological site in the Gadar River valley the Azarbaijan Province

Largest, large, mounded, archaeological site in the Gadar River valley the Azarbaijan Province, Veritable Pompeii of the early Iron Age, Focus of excavations

Secretariat (horse)

Secretariat (horse) - American Thoroughbred racehorse

American Thoroughbred racehorse, Focus of a 2013 segment, Bold Ruler

New Millennium Program

New Millennium Program - NASA project with focus

NASA project with focus


Merv - Major city of Buddhist learning

Major city of Buddhist learning, Home, Practitioners, Focus of the ancient Merv Project, Name, Dry, hot summer, Ancient one regions of Central Asia


Monsanto - Only manufacturer of white phosphorus

Only manufacturer of white phosphorus, Member of the Washington D EuropaBio, One focus of protests, Different company from the Old chemical company, One four groups, First one companies

Russell Means

Russell Means - Oglala Lakota activist for the rights

Oglala Lakota activist for the rights, Avid painter with showings, Focus of the 2014 documentary conspiracy, Active, international issues of indigenous peoples

Flag and seal of New Hampshire

Flag and seal of New Hampshire - Focus of this flag

Focus of this flag


Parabola - Locus of points

Locus of points, Graph of a quadratic function, Distance of the focus, Course

River Lark

River Lark - River in England

River in England, Important focus for prehistoric activity

Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Santa Susana Field Laboratory - Complex of industrial research

Complex of industrial research, Focus of diverse interests, Mess from a regulatory standpoint, Current criticism

Aileu District

Aileu District - Administrative district of East Timor

Administrative district of East Timor, Focus of several development programmes, Northwestern part of East Timor

Colonization of Mars

Colonization of Mars - Focus of much, scientific study

Focus of much, scientific study, Much, colder Earth with mean surface temperatures

Expulsion of the Jews from Sicily

Expulsion of the Jews from Sicily - Focus of a riot

Focus of a riot, Sfincione

Engineering management

Engineering management - Application of the practice

Application of the practice, Process of planning, Interdisciplinary field of engineering, Branch of engineering, Boutique firms have a specialized focus

Doctor Who in Canada and the United States

Doctor Who in Canada and the United States - First time

First time, Doctor, Focus on February, Product of the United Kingdom, Gentle descendants of the Neanderthals

Information system

Information system - Organized system for the collection

Organized system for the collection, Information, Communication technology, Work system, Form of communication system, System, Academic study of systems, System, Operating system, Primary focus of study, Information technologies, Delivery vehicles for data, Important, malleable resource, Available executives, Different business processes

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument - Focus of religious life

Focus of religious life

Miami University

Miami University - Original one eight Public Ivy schools

Original one eight Public Ivy schools, One four schools, Available cable in Oxford, Large, residential teaching university with a focus, Private institution, Active, various organizations

Cock Lane ghost

Cock Lane ghost - Purported haunting

Purported haunting, Focus for a contemporary, religious controversy

Poison dart frog

Poison dart frog - Common name of a group

Common name of a group, Phyllobates terribilis, Example of an aposematic organism, Tiny, terrestrial, diurnal frogs, Focus of major, phylogenetic studies, Unique amphibians

Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman - Retired, American attorney

Retired, American attorney, Politician, Admirer of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Supporter of abortion rights, Democratic nominee for Vice President, First, prominent Democrat to challenge Clinton in 1998, Focus of websites, First, Jewish candidate on a major, political party ticket, Supporter of the Iraq War, Integral part, Advisory board of the Counter Extremism Project, McCain


Chesham - Market town in the Chiltern Hills

Market town in the Chiltern Hills, Civil parish designated a town council, Focus

USS Constellation (CV-64)

USS Constellation (CV-64) - Last U

Last U, Focus of media attention, Last carrier to get the Mk in 1980, Pearl Harbor


Bayonne - Capital of Labourd in 1023

Capital of Labourd in 1023, Important, military base, Cultural capital, City, Focus, Basketball club with a male section, Important place for Basque pelota, Diocese of Bayonne

History of New York City (1898–1945)

History of New York City (1898–1945) - National focus of wealth Making

National focus of wealth Making


Monmouth - Historic county town of Monmouthshire

Historic county town of Monmouthshire, Centre for service industries, Home of composer, Blake Theatre, Monmouth Rowing Club, Focus of MonmouthpediA, Located area of Devonian, old, red sandstone, Wales constituency for the European Parliament

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan - Reinvention of a previous character

Reinvention of a previous character, Character of focus, Parallax, Off world at the time

Robert D. Levin

Robert D. Levin - Classical performer

Classical performer, Musicologist, Astounding communicator, Focus of the second movement, One handful of musicians


KTM - Austrian motorcycle

Austrian motorcycle, Sports car manufacturer, Leading, European vehicle group with a strategic focus

Silvanus (mythology)

Silvanus (mythology) - Roman, tutelary deity of woods

Roman, tutelary deity of woods, Important focus of investigation

Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses - Ambiguous figure

Ambiguous figure, Perennial focus

Focus (optics)

Focus (optics) - Point

Point, Focus


Phlebotomus - Vectors for bartonellosis

Vector s for bartonellosis, Only, proven, only vector in this focus, Principal, important vector of visceral, human, visceral leishmaniasis, Predominant species in the 2 sites


Krishna - Major deity of Hinduism

Major deity of Hinduism, Important, popular focus of the devotionalism tradition, God of a pastoral

ICA Gruppen

ICA Gruppen - Swedish retailer with a focus

Swedish retailer with a focus

Space Place at Carter Observatory

Space Place at Carter Observatory - Focus for the encouragement

Focus for the encouragement, Man with innate curiosity

Cabo Delgado Province

Cabo Delgado Province - Northernmost province of Mozambique

Northernmost province of Mozambique, Focus of Operation Gordian Knot


Heraeus - German technology group with a focus

German technology group with a focus, Key member of the LBMA, Global, precious metals, Integral part of the German gold market, Associate of the LBMA, Active, many fields

Battle of the Mediterranean

Battle of the Mediterranean - Traditional focus of British maritime power

Traditional focus of British maritime power, Smaller Navy


Lamanai - Mesoamerica n

Mesoamerica n, Archaeological, large site, Encomienda town, Focus of concentrated, intermittent, Spanish involvement beginning

Joint Tactical Radio System

Joint Tactical Radio System - New concept

New concept, Main focus to getting a key Army units


Lucerne - Capital of the canton

Capital of the canton, Home, Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, Keramikkonzerte, Musical festival, Focus of Swiss, Wrestling fans in 2004, Bidding for the 2011 issue

Forensic entomology

Forensic entomology - Scientific study of the invasion

Scientific study of the invasion, Research facility with a predominant focus, Different two bodies

Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive - Video game development studio

Video game development studio, Publisher, Company, Moddable focus since the release

John Joseph Montgomery

John Joseph Montgomery - Focus of a Centennial Celebration

Focus of a Centennial Celebration, Professional acrobat

Revere Beach

Revere Beach - Public beach in Revere

Public beach in Revere, Located six miles of downtown Boston, Located 5 miles from downtown Boston, Major area of crime concentration, Focus of a major, revitalization effort


Lausanne - Located northeast of Geneva

Located northeast of Geneva, Focus of international sport, Home, Large eight libraries


Brixworth - Village

Village, Civil parish, Focus of a substantial work, Head of a rural district

The Peshawar Lancers

The Peshawar Lancers - Beijing

Beijing, British Empire, Use of foreign terms, Melodrama of the many characters, Lawless portion of Afghanistan, Warm rank of the full smell, Imperial thing, Rich trade with the coastlands, Bad guys of this world, Focus, Similar

Cedar County, Iowa

Cedar County, Iowa - County in the located U

County in the located U, Focus of the Iowa Cow War

Generative art

Generative art - Generative constraint rules

Generative constraint rules, Focus on creative processes

German language in the United States

German language in the United States - Focus of legislation

Focus of legislation, Third popularity

Fred McMullin

Fred McMullin - American Major League Baseball

American Major League Baseball, Third baseman, Major focus, Eighth Man

Parabolic reflector

Parabolic reflector - Reflective surface

Reflective surface, Rigid paraboloid, Focus

Defender (1981 video game)

Defender (1981 video game) - Arcade video game

Arcade video game, Focus of the first Twin Galaxies video game contest

Palisades Charter High School

Palisades Charter High School - Secondary school in Los Angeles

Secondary school in Los Angeles, Part of Palisades Charter Schools, Focus of a false email chain letter, Located 15777 Bowdoin Street

Owens River

Owens River - River in eastern California

River in eastern California, Graben, Rift valley, Focus of the California Water Wars in 1900s, Remnant of this basin, Much, deeper, present topography

Alaverdi Monastery

Alaverdi Monastery - Focus of the annual, religious celebration Alaverdoba

Focus of the annual, religious celebration Alaverdoba

Poetry slam

Poetry slam - Competition

Competition, Type of political complaint poetry, Identity poem, Four day poetry slam festival, Slam New Orleans, Focus of a documentary film series

Dara Torres

Dara Torres - First swimmer to represent the United States

First swimmer to represent the United States, Veteran celebrity swimmer for swim, First, only U, 149 pounds of focus

Tony La Russa

Tony La Russa - Winningest manager in St

Winningest manager in St, Vegetarian, Personal friends with celebrities, Graduate of the University, Focus of a book in 2005


Wargrave - Large village

Large village, Civil parish, Focus for a programme, Recreation ground with a cricket club, Henley Branch Line

Kingdom of Armenia (antiquity)

Kingdom of Armenia (antiquity) - Focus of contention

Focus of contention

Crab Nebula

Crab Nebula - Supernova remnant in the constellation

Supernova remnant in the constellation, Focus of much attention, First, astronomical object


Evite - Top focus of IAC management

Top focus of IAC management

Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry

Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry - Active October

Active October, Reflection of the focus

Ole Anthony

Ole Anthony - American, religious investigator

American, religious investigator, Satirist, EDITOR of the Wittenburg Door, Focus of a worshipful New Yorker profile in 2004, President of something, Hard sell, Minnesota, Radio

Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine - Medical drama with a focus

Medical drama with a focus

Ventria Bioscience

Ventria Bioscience - Biotech company with a focus

Biotech company with a focus


Axoplasm - Cytoplasm within the axon

Cytoplasm within the axon, Main focus for neurological research

My Dinner with Andre

My Dinner with Andre - Focus of the first hour

Focus of the first hour

Royal Bank Cup

Royal Bank Cup - Annual ice Hockey competition

Annual ice Hockey competition, Focus of national attention

American Family Association

American Family Association - State affiliate for Focus

State affiliate for Focus