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Reuben Chapman

Reuben Chapman - American lawyer

American lawyer, Politician, Firm, Political innovator, Interested affairs of the University

Mark Hanna

Mark Hanna - Partner in the firm

Partner in the firm, Public figure wanted to campaign, Supporter, One mine owners, Dominant South, Uncomfortable conflict

John Hancock

John Hancock - American merchant

American merchant, Statesman, Smuggler, Documentation, Good choice for president, First governor of the Commonwealth from 1780 1785, Popular figure in Boston, Proprietor of a firm, Signer of the Declaration

Anna Hall Roosevelt

Anna Hall Roosevelt - American socialite

American socialite, Strong supporter of labor unions, Strong woman of firm, Pathetic figure, Responsible, numerous, social events

Simeon Gannett Reed

Simeon Gannett Reed - American businessman

American businessman, Entrepreneur, Vice president of the firm, Namesake for Reedville


Prostate - Compound tubuloalveolar

Compound tubuloalveolar, Exocrine gland, Two inches above the perineum, Firm, Glandular, muscular body, Essential part of the male, reproductive system, Perforated urethra, Common one cancer s

Trust company

Trust company - Corporation

Corporation, Commercial bank, Business, Firm

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi - Public, central university in located New Delhi

Public, central university in located New Delhi, Firm


Lochgelly - Town in Fife

Town in Fife, Home of the reputed firm, Home, Junior football Club Lochgelly Albert, Only Charrette in Scotland


Burnaby - City in British Columbia

City in British Columbia, Home, Many, industrial, commercial firms, Only community, Rate

Olmsted Brothers

Olmsted Brothers - Influential landscape

Influential landscape, Architectural firm, Abolitionist, Founding members of the American Society, Stalwart advocates

Elias Howe Company

Elias Howe Company - 19th, early, 20th century

19th, early, 20th century, Musical firm, Cousin, Inventor, Friend of the U, Rare, Rarer

William S. Sessions

William S. Sessions - American, civil servant

American, civil servant, Eagle Scout, FBI Director during the controversial 1992 confrontation, Attorney for the firm, Private practitioner of Law, Atlanta today

Forstmann Little & Company

Forstmann Little & Company - Golfing partner of Derald Ruttenberg

Golfing partner of Derald Ruttenberg, Chairman of the St, Limited partner in the firm, Highest profile case of a limited partner, Complicated man, Part of the Manhattan charity circuit


Pastry - Dough of flour

Dough of flour, Light, airy, fatty firm to support the weight, Soft tender pastry, Light, flaky tender, Top person in the pastry section

Lincoln Tomb

Lincoln Tomb - Firm

Firm, Instrumental, many achievements, Open, free charge

The Colour Out of Space

The Colour Out of Space - Gifted writer

Gifted writer, A Mountain Walked great Tales, , Nature of forums, Horrified Press, Firm, More relief

Lima Locomotive Works

Lima Locomotive Works - American firm

American firm, First company

Raul Hilberg

Raul Hilberg - Loner pursuing solitary hobbies

Loner pursuing solitary hobbies, Firm, Adamant

Economies of scale

Economies of scale - Cost savings

Cost savings, Firm

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan - Firm


Bobby Timmons

Bobby Timmons - Bandleader with a firm

Bandleader with a firm, Kind, Big band

Hazel Bishop

Hazel Bishop - American chemist

American chemist, Founder, President of the firm

Thought leader

Thought leader - Individual firm

Individual firm


AmerTek - Fiction al corporation

Fiction al corporation, Military, industrial firm

Blue chip (stock market)

Blue chip (stock market) - Stock in a corporation

Stock in a corporation, Multinational firm

Oriental Telephone Company

Oriental Telephone Company - Successor

Successor, Firm, Prototype for other, local, illuminating companies, Local one phonograph companies

Purity Distilling Company

Purity Distilling Company - Chemical firm

Chemical firm

Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd

Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd - Firm

Firm, Negligent

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer - Oldest firm within the Magic Circle

Oldest firm within the Magic Circle, Market leader for arbitration

The Scowcroft Group

The Scowcroft Group - International business

International business, Advisory firm

William Grayson

William Grayson - Soldier

Soldier, Lawyer, Leader, Firm, True Scot in every fiber, Third son of an immigrant, Scottish merchant in 1736, First one two United States Senators, Six feet, Battle of White Plains, Washington at Valley Forge

Diamond Schmitt Architects

Diamond Schmitt Architects - Architectural firm

Architectural firm

Bill Finch (architect)

Bill Finch (architect) - Partner in that firm

Partner in that firm

Mean Business

Mean Business - Second, final studio album by the Firm

Second, final studio album by the Firm


Auditor - Person

Person, Firm

Marginal revenue

Marginal revenue - Price

Price, Firm