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Mount Taylor (New Mexico)

Mount Taylor (New Mexico) - Stratovolcano in new Mexico

Stratovolcano in new Mexico, Cone in a larger, volcanic field, Site of the Mount Taylor Quadrathlon, Feature, Broad, regional downwarp

Bill Ponsford

Bill Ponsford - Shy, taciturn man

Shy, taciturn man, Stylish batsman, Shy person on the field, Only player, Inaugural one ten inductees

Christian apologetics

Christian apologetics - Field of Christian theology

Field of Christian theology


Historiometry - Historical study of human progress

Historical study of human progress, First field studying genius

Flag of Florida

Flag of Florida - Magnolia tree on a field

Magnolia tree on a field


Neuropsychology - Study of the structure

Study of the structure, New discipline within the field, Application of neuropsychological knowledge, New development

Armature (electrical engineering)

Armature (electrical engineering) - Essential amplidyne

Essential amplidyne, Lighter, expensive copper, Effect of a magnetic field

World Tourism Organization

World Tourism Organization - United Nations agency for the responsible Promotion

United Nations agency for the responsible Promotion, Leading, international organization in the field

Tunable laser

Tunable laser - Laser

Laser, Concise, accessible, comprehensive review of the field

Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski

Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski - American philosopher

American philosopher, Pioneer in the field

Arthur Jones (inventor)

Arthur Jones (inventor) - Founder of Nautilus Inc

Founder of Nautilus Inc, Pioneer in the field

Museum ship

Museum ship - New field

New field

Bart Bok

Bart Bok - Tireless promoter of astronomy

Tireless promoter of astronomy, Popular personality in the field

Edward Lasker

Edward Lasker - Engineer by profession

Engineer by profession, Only chess in the amateur, strong field, Bit with careless kis kingside pawns, Obvious reply

Frank Rosenblatt

Frank Rosenblatt - American psychologist in the notable field

American psychologist in the notable field, Accomplished pianist bought a grand piano, Active, liberal politics

Human behaviour genetics

Human behaviour genetics - Subfield of the field

Subfield of the field

National City Lines

National City Lines - New field in the 1930s

New field in the 1930s

Environmental studies

Environmental studies - Multidisciplinary, academic field

Multidisciplinary, academic field

Water resources law

Water resources law - Field of law

Field of law, Complex, many areas have Some combination, Vital life

Brian Orser

Brian Orser - Slight favorite Among a field

Slight favorite Among a field

Industrial relations

Industrial relations - Multidisciplinary field

Multidisciplinary field

Information visualization

Information visualization - Hypothesis generation scheme

Hypothesis generation scheme, Young field

Economic anthropology

Economic anthropology - Field



Mechatronics - Multidisciplinary field of science

Multidisciplinary field of science, Synergistic combination of precision

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch - American football

American football, Beast on the field, Versatile athlete on the football field, First alternate

Géza Vermes

Géza Vermes - Catholic priest

Catholic priest, Prominent scholar in the contemporary field, Faculty of the University, First one scholars


Tomra - Norwegian, multinational corporation in the active field

Norwegian, multinational corporation in the active field

List of science magazines

List of science magazines - Wide field

Wide field

West Lothian

West Lothian - One 32 council areas of Scotland

One 32 council areas of Scotland, Large field of shale oil

Gradient descent

Gradient descent - Iterative optimization algorithm

Iterative optimization algorithm, Popular method in the field, Way of packing


Heptathlon - Track

Track, Field

Control engineering

Control engineering - New field of study

New field of study

List of distinct cell types in the adult human body

List of distinct cell types in the adult human body - Multipolar, thick, apical one two dendrites

Multipolar, thick, apical one two dendrites, Present, bilateral cell body cluster of four five cells, Numerous, Different manner, Located, dendritic field, Spiny branch like the other types, Narrow dendrites, Axons, Interneurons with somata, Thin, smooth varicosities, Size of an intermediate, vertical fusiform cell soma, Smooth, smatic spines, Located stratum radiatum, Located stratum pyramidale, Stacks of membranous disks, Circumsomatic, deep field, Interneuron in located hippocampus area CA3, Intrinsic neuron of the mushroom body, Medium density


Ecohydrology - Interdisciplinary field studying the interactions

Interdisciplinary field studying the interactions


ALZA - Pharmaceutical, medical system S company

Pharmaceutical, medical system S company, Major pioneer in the field, Operation in Vacaville

Hermann Kolbe

Hermann Kolbe - Seminal contributor in the birth

Seminal contributor in the birth, Leader in the field

Environmental science

Environmental science - Interdisciplinary, academic field

Interdisciplinary, academic field, Interdisciplinary area of study, Mixture of traditional science

Organic electronics

Organic electronics - Field of materials science

Field of materials science, Heart of the electronics industry


Mammalogy - Branch of biology

Branch of biology, Multidisciplinary field, Specialists

Quantum gravity

Quantum gravity - Field of theoretical physics

Field of theoretical physics, Open problem, Theory of dynamical one entity, Name given to any theory, Developed, genuine attempt to solve the specific problem to implement this subtle, relational notion, Standard quantum theory, Theory of the entire Universe, Ground state of energy, Nonrenormalizable

Phil Crane

Phil Crane - American politician

American politician, Faculty member at Indiana University, Dark horse candidate in a field, Chairman of the American Conservative Union from 1977 1979, Early one candidates, Next line

Computer science

Computer science - Study of the theory

Study of the theory, New field, Study of work, Mathematical, abstract spirit


Toxicogenomics - Field of science

Field of science

Insular biogeography

Insular biogeography - Field Within biogeography

Field Within biogeography

William F. Friedman

William F. Friedman - Pioneer in the field

Pioneer in the field

Pulickel Ajayan

Pulickel Ajayan - Benjamin M

Benjamin M, Pioneer in the field

David Crystal

David Crystal - British linguist

British linguist, Academic author, Foremost writer, Lecturer, Proponent of a new field

Helene Deutsch

Helene Deutsch - Polish, American psychoanalyst

Polish, American psychoanalyst, Colleague, Pioneer in the field, Esteemed, beloved training analyst, Supervisor, Doctor during the first world war

Food engineering

Food engineering - Multidisciplinary field

Multidisciplinary field

Wally Moon

Wally Moon - 1954 National League Rookie of the Year

1954 National League Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove Award winner for left field, Member of the Dodgers

Pharmaceutical drug

Pharmaceutical drug - Drug

Drug, Important part of the medical field, Process

History of science

History of science - Body of empirical, theoretical, practical knowledge

Body of empirical, theoretical, practical knowledge, Interdisciplinary field


Obstetrics - Field of study

Field of study

Jacqueline Cochran

Jacqueline Cochran - Pioneer in the field

Pioneer in the field, First woman to fly a bomber

Russell L. Ackoff

Russell L. Ackoff - Pioneer in the field

Pioneer in the field, Assistant professor in philosophy from 1947 1951, Professor emeritus of the Wharton School from 1986 2009

Antofagasta de la Sierra

Antofagasta de la Sierra - Volcanic field in Argentina

Volcanic field in Argentina, Smaller Alumbrera

Icahn Stadium

Icahn Stadium - 5,000 seat track

5,000 seat track, Field, Sheltered, cantilevered roof


Zoomusicology - Field of musicology

Field of musicology, Study of the music

Linda Schele

Linda Schele - Expert in the field

Expert in the field, Graduate student in the UT program

Amihai Mazar

Amihai Mazar - Author in the field

Author in the field

Business ethics

Business ethics - Form

Form, Huge field, Game, Activity, Part of the philosophy, Rules, Standards, View


Archaeoastronomy - Interdisciplinary field

Interdisciplinary field

Jean-Marie Lehn

Jean-Marie Lehn - Early innovator in the field

Early innovator in the field, Atheist


Microscopy - Technical field

Technical field, Central tool in the documentation, Excellent tool for both biological, medical investigations

GBU-12 Paveway II

GBU-12 Paveway II - Field allowing programmable, easy installation

Field allowing programmable, easy installation

American wigeon

American wigeon - Noisy species in the field

Noisy species in the field, Common winter visitors, Central America, Earliest waterfowl

Washington Avenue Armory

Washington Avenue Armory - Leader in the field

Leader in the field, Located downtown Albany

Battle of Ager Sanguinis

Battle of Ager Sanguinis - Biblical reference

Biblical reference, Field

Attawapiskat First Nation

Attawapiskat First Nation - Part of the regional Mushkegowuk Council

Part of the regional Mushkegowuk Council, Remote, northerly link on the road, Coastal community in the western Hudson Bay Lowland, Field of kimberlite pipe s, Canadian Ranger unit attached to the 3rd, Canadian Ranger patrol group, Located, precise centre

Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick - Track

Track, Field, Devout Christian of the Episcopalian denomination, Member of the Boozefighters motorcycle club

Security engineering

Security engineering - Specialized field of engineering

Specialized field of engineering, Specific, actionable recommendations at the implementation level

Meissner effect

Meissner effect - Expulsion of a magnetic field

Expulsion of a magnetic field

Charles Reidpath

Charles Reidpath - American track

American track, Field

Music journalism

Music journalism - Media criticism

Media criticism, Competitive field, George Kanzler


Microbotics - Field of miniature robotics

Field of miniature robotics

Scalar potential

Scalar potential - Fundamental concept in vector analysis

Fundamental concept in vector analysis, Example of a scalar field, Fundamental quantity in quantum mechanics, Divergence of the convolution, Scalar potential, Gravitational, potential energy per unit mass, Case

Debt collection

Debt collection - Process

Process, Specialised field, Primary, federal law governing debt collection practices, Better

Open-source hardware

Open-source hardware - Standardized field

Standardized field, Different software in that physical resources


Cyberware - New, unknown field

New, unknown field


Psychophysiology - Branch of psychology

Branch of psychology, General, broad field of research

Data entry clerk

Data entry clerk - Member of staff

Member of staff, Large field


Sociobiology - Field of biology

Field of biology

Fort Washington, Maryland

Fort Washington, Maryland - Located west of Maryland Route

Located west of Maryland Route, Stone structure offered a good field

Frederic Eugene Ives

Frederic Eugene Ives - U

U, Pioneer of television, Pioneer in the field

GBU-10 Paveway II

GBU-10 Paveway II - Field allowing programmable, easy installation

Field allowing programmable, easy installation

Victor Scheinman

Victor Scheinman - Pioneer in the field

Pioneer in the field, 63 consulting professor of mechanical engineering

Emergency medicine

Emergency medicine - Challenging field with a unique body

Challenging field with a unique body, Specialty, Integral part of this relationship, Distinct, urgent care, 9500 visits

Systems theory

Systems theory - Interdisciplinary study of systems

Interdisciplinary study of system s, Movement, Interdisciplinary field of ecology, Interdisciplinary approach, Branch of psychology, Applicable concepts, Activity structures, Components, Structures

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering - Field of engineering

Field of engineering, Related discipline

Enterprise integration

Enterprise integration - Technical field of enterprise architecture

Technical field of enterprise architecture


Epigenetics - Stable, heritable traits

Stable, heritable traits, Controversial field with critics

Agricultural science

Agricultural science - Broad, multidisciplinary field of biology

Broad, multidisciplinary field of biology, Specific area of agricultural science