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Acrylonitrile - Organic compound with the formula CH CHCN

Organic compound with the formula CH CHCN, Precursor in the industrial manufacture, Key ingredient in acrylic fibers, Flammable, toxic, low Doses

Acrylic fiber

Acrylic fiber - Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber, Larvae

Nylon 6

Nylon 6 - Important 6 polyamide

Important 6 polyamide, Strong 6 fiber


Pectin - Structural heteropolysaccharide

Structural heteropolysaccharide, Major component of the middle lamella, Important cell wall polysaccharide, Natural part, Soluble, dietary fiber, Modified form of pectin


Clothing - Fiber

Fiber, Textile material, Permanent press, Important, modern behavior, Necessary technology for AMH


Lyocell - Manmade fiber

Manmade fiber, Biodegradeable, Sound, less water


Amphenol - Major producer of electronic, fiber, optic connectors

Major producer of electronic, fiber, optic connectors, Fiber, Optic company, Full service fiber, Largest one manufacturers

White rice

White rice - Empty people

Empty people, More, natural others in minerals, Available year round offering many, different types, Staple, whole food like dry beans, Fine source of fiber, Standard equipment for many homes


IProvo - Name of the fiber

Name of the fiber


Viscose - Soft fiber

Soft fiber

Level set

Level set - Special case of a fiber

Special case of a fiber

William Grayson

William Grayson - Soldier

Soldier, Lawyer, Leader, Firm, True Scot in every fiber, Third son of an immigrant, Scottish merchant in 1736, First one two United States Senators, Six feet, Battle of White Plains, Washington at Valley Forge


Thinsulate - Brand of synthetic fiber

Brand of synthetic fiber, Diameter


Lignan - Good sources of dietary fiber

Good sources of dietary fiber


Polydextrose - Synthetic polymer of glucose

Synthetic polymer of glucose, Form of soluble fiber