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April Hunter

April Hunter - Part of the AWR European Tour

Part of the AWR European Tour, First female in Pro wrestling history, German


Jellyfish - True fish

True fish, Male, Female, Deadly stings of some species, Box jellyfish, Common, coastal zones

Zebra shark

Zebra shark - Species of carpet shark

Species of carpet shark, Oviparous females produce several dozen, Oviparous species, Oviparous females, Minor interest, Strong, agile swimmers, Nocturnal hunting for prey, Distinctive appearance with longitudinal five ridges

European badger

European badger - Boar

Boar, Female, House symbol for Hufflepuff, Largest member of the mustelid family

Nona Gaprindashvili

Nona Gaprindashvili - First 74 female in the world

First 74 female in the world

Amami rabbit

Amami rabbit - Dimorphic females

Dimorphic females, Primitive mammals with thick, dark, brown, black fur, Living remnant of ancient rabbits


Orycteropodidae - Family of Afrotheria n mammals

Family of Afrotheria n mammals, Polygynous females providing care


Badger - Boar

Boar, Female, Emblem of the Hufflepuff house, Official mascot of Brock University, Forager than a hunter

Patti Page

Patti Page - Major star

Major star, Year, American singer, Number, One practitioner, First female

The Boys from Syracuse

The Boys from Syracuse - Singapore Airlines Theatre in March

Singapore Airlines Theatre in March, Difficult one architect, Theatre, Next female, Benefit, 105 feet in length, Henry Holland, Messrs, Principal attraction at Drury Lane

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald - American jazz singer

American jazz singer, First, African, American female in 1958, Shy

Marion Reid

Marion Reid - Member of the Roman Catholic church

Member of the Roman Catholic church, First female to hold this position, Former, Canadian politician, First, female Speaker

Beverley Sisters

Beverley Sisters - British female

British female, Close harmony pop vocal

Mary Whiton Calkins

Mary Whiton Calkins - American philosopher

American philosopher, Psychologist, Pioneer in psychology, Woman, First woman to become president, Pacifist, Member, First female, Interested memory in the concept, Active research

Cleopatra of Macedon

Cleopatra of Macedon - Only female on the list

Only female on the list, Daughter of king Philip


Lina - Common female given Name

Common female given Name, Female form of Linas


Bimbo - Derogatory slang term for an attractive, unintelligent female

Derogatory slang term for an attractive, unintelligent female

Au pair

Au pair - Domestic assistant from a foreign country

Domestic assistant from a foreign country, Cultural exchange programme, Au pair, Popular program in the available, Male females remain the overwhelming majority, Available, full year commitment, Families, Standard au pairs


Catwoman - Fictional character

Fictional character, Female, Happier Batman