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BMT West End Line

BMT West End Line - Line of the New York City Subway

Line of the New York City Subway, Main exit with mezzanine, Surface Railway, Coney Island, Decision

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook, Brooklyn - Neighborhood in the New York City borough

Neighborhood in the New York City borough, Peninsula between Buttermilk Channel, Site of the NYCHA Red Hook Houses, Setting for the 1961 book Memos, First dance battle, Birthplace, Current residence, Annual, unsanctioned bicycle race, Setting for the novel, Last 1964 Exit, Earliest one areas in Brooklyn, Area, Such one four facilities in the port, Located Red Hook

Avoca (village), New York

Avoca (village), New York - Village in the located town

Village in the located town, Small town off exit, First settlement in the town, West side of Interstate, Cohocton River, Undefeated class D, 1989 New York State Champions