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Yabelo - Town in southern Ethiopia

Town in southern Ethiopia, Site in 1992

Danakil Desert

Danakil Desert - Desert in northeast Ethiopia

Desert in northeast Ethiopia, Lowest, hottest one places on Earth

Oromo people

Oromo people - Ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia

Ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia, Early Oromo holders of power

Amba Mariam

Amba Mariam - Village in central Ethiopia

Village in central Ethiopia

Ethiopian National Defense Force

Ethiopian National Defense Force - Military of Ethiopia

Military of Ethiopia, Siraj Fergessa

Tiya (town)

Tiya (town) - Town in central Ethiopia

Town in central Ethiopia, One three towns in Soddo woreda

Meles Zenawi

Meles Zenawi - Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Father of three children

Bale Mountains National Park

Bale Mountains National Park - National park of Ethiopia

National park of Ethiopia, Home, 5 mammals, 1,321 species, Highland, 30 Birr for 48 hours, Located, southeastern Ethiopia, Land of endemism, True, ancestral home of the Oromo

Wondo Genet

Wondo Genet - Resort town in Ethiopia

Resort town in Ethiopia


Zewditu - Proclaimed Empress of Ethiopia

Proclaimed Empress of Ethiopia, Last Empress regnant in world history, Queen

Agaw people

Agaw people - Ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia

Ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia


Wolleka - Village in Ethiopia

Village in Ethiopia

Lake Tana

Lake Tana - Source of the Blue Nile

Source of the Blue Nile, Largest, single lake in Ethiopia, Located altitude of 1788 metres

Debre Libanos

Debre Libanos - Monastery in Ethiopia

Monastery in Ethiopia

Omo River

Omo River - Important river of southern Ethiopia

Important river of southern Ethiopia, Important

Aari language

Aari language - Omotic language of Ethiopia

Omotic language of Ethiopia


Metemma - Town in northwestern Ethiopia

Town in northwestern Ethiopia


Sodere - Spa town in central Ethiopia

Spa town in central Ethiopia

Ejersa Goro

Ejersa Goro - Town in eastern Ethiopia

Town in eastern Ethiopia

Addis Alem, Shewa

Addis Alem, Shewa - Town in central Ethiopia

Town in central Ethiopia


Fremona - Town in northern Ethiopia

Town in northern Ethiopia

Qwara Province

Qwara Province - Province in Ethiopia

Province in Ethiopia

Negasso Gidada

Negasso Gidada - 6th president of Ethiopia

6th president of Ethiopia, Member of Hebert party, Right place

Berhanu Bayeh

Berhanu Bayeh - Politician in Ethiopia

Politician in Ethiopia

Lorenzo Taezaz

Lorenzo Taezaz - Important, diplomatic official for Ethiopia

Important, diplomatic official for Ethiopia