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Gamal Abdel Nasser

Gamal Abdel Nasser - Second president of Egypt

Second president of Egypt, Deputy Commander of the Egyptian forces, Syria

Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser - Vast reservoir in southern Egypt

Vast reservoir in southern Egypt

Pyramid of Djoser

Pyramid of Djoser - Grave in ancient Egypt

Grave in ancient Egypt, First, second king of the 3rd Dynasty

Mohammed Naguib

Mohammed Naguib - First president of Egypt

First president of Egypt


Hummus - Levantine, popular dip in Egypt

Levantine, popular dip in Egypt, Spread, Common part of everyday meals, Different words to describe This delicious dip, High iron

Boutros Ghali

Boutros Ghali - Prime minister of Egypt

Prime minister of Egypt

Senusret III

Senusret III - Pharaoh of Egypt

Pharaoh of Egypt, Son of Senusret II, Likely son of the king, Few one kings

Egyptian pound

Egyptian pound - Currency of Egypt

Currency of Egypt

Saad Zaghloul

Saad Zaghloul - Egyptian revolutionary

Egyptian revolutionary, Statesman, Leader of Egypt


Sherden - Part of Sea Peoples

Part of Sea Peoples, Enemies of Egypt

Nag Hammadi

Nag Hammadi - City in Upper Egypt

City in Upper Egypt, Small town in Egypt, Major landholder in Sohag


Khaba - Pharaoh of ancient Egypt

Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Few one kings from early dynastic

George Andrew Reisner

George Andrew Reisner - American archaeologist of Ancient Egypt

American archaeologist of Ancient Egypt

Heliopolis (ancient Egypt)

Heliopolis (ancient Egypt) - Major city of ancient Egypt

Major city of ancient Egypt, Oldest one cities of ancient Egypt


Tanis - City in ancient Egypt

City in ancient Egypt, Site of numerous, archaeological digs

Beheira Governorate

Beheira Governorate - Coastal governorate in Egypt

Coastal governorate in Egypt, Home, Number


Avaris - Capital of Egypt

Capital of Egypt

Nome (Egypt)

Nome (Egypt) - Subnational, administrative division of ancient Egypt

Subnational, administrative division of ancient Egypt

Tea culture

Tea culture - Important item in Chinese culture

Important item in Chinese culture, Strong, important, social beverage, Somali people, Family event, Black tea, British custom with widespread appeal, First thing, Recent arrival, Egypt, Social occasion, Three infusions, Fraction, Popular Pakistan, Drunk, small glasses, Sweeter, earlier, high tea, Popular Thailand, Same bubble tea, Common Upper Egypt, Black, liquid form, Heavy 2 teaspoonfuls per cup, Available United States, Tasty


Nile - Primary water source of Egypt

Primary water source of Egypt, Tributary Blue Nile is the main source, Source, Convenient, efficient means of transportation, Important part of ancient, Egyptian, spiritual life, Such, important factor in Egyptian life, Least, fifth river, Time

Hussein Fahmy

Hussein Fahmy - Egypt

Egypt, Ian actor, Brother of actor Mustafa Fahmy

Port Fuad

Port Fuad - Major Air Defence Position for Egypt

Major Air Defence Position for Egypt

Ptolemy VI Philometor

Ptolemy VI Philometor - King of Egypt

King of Egypt, First Pharaoh

Speos Artemidos

Speos Artemidos - Archaeological site in Egypt

Archaeological site in Egypt


Senet - Board game from ancient Egypt

Board game from ancient Egypt, Egyptian race game, Game, Everything, Grid of 30 squares, Game, Oldest, known one board games, One precursors of Backgammon, Old

Amani Asfour

Amani Asfour - Businesswoman from Egypt

Businesswoman from Egypt, Active Africa n

Ahmed Nazif

Ahmed Nazif - Acting President of Egypt

Acting President of Egypt, Professor in the Faculty

Mersa Matruh

Mersa Matruh - Seaport in Egypt

Seaport in Egypt, Major tourist resort

Sidi Barrani

Sidi Barrani - Town in Egypt

Town in Egypt, Destination during the total, solar eclipse

Great Bitter Lake

Great Bitter Lake - Saltwater lake in Egypt

Saltwater lake in Egypt, Several one lakes

Ptolemy II Philadelphus

Ptolemy II Philadelphus - King of Ptolemaic Egypt

King of Ptolemaic Egypt, Youngest son of Ptolemy, First pharaoh, Power, Delicate constitution


EgyptAir - Flag carrier airline of Egypt

Flag carrier airline of Egypt, Member of Star Alliance, Domestic, regional arm of EGYPTAIR HOLDING, First ground handling company

Cleopatra VI of Egypt

Cleopatra VI of Egypt - Last pharaoh of Egypt

Last pharaoh of Egypt, Several one children of a descendant

International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling

International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling - Successor

Successor, International Agreement, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt

Siwi language

Siwi language - Berber language of Egypt

Berber language of Egypt, Language, Easternmost member of the Berber family

Nadia Younes

Nadia Younes - Remarkable person

Remarkable person, True daughter of Egypt, Only Arab diplomat

Abdel Rahman Badawi

Abdel Rahman Badawi - Egypt

Egypt, Ian existentialist professor

Theban Mapping Project

Theban Mapping Project - Archaeological expedition devoted to Ancient Egypt

Archaeological expedition devoted to Ancient Egypt

Western Desert Force

Western Desert Force - British Army formation in active Egypt

British Army formation in active Egypt

Ozymandias (Marvel Comics)

Ozymandias (Marvel Comics) - Fictional character

Fictional character, Warlord in Ancient Egypt

Liberal Socialists Party

Liberal Socialists Party - Political party in Egypt

Political party in Egypt

Dumah (angel)

Dumah (angel) - Popular figure in Yiddish folklore

Popular figure in Yiddish folklore, Aramaic word for silence, Tutelary angel of Egypt, Name