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Max Wertheimer

Max Wertheimer - Father of Michael Wertheimer

Father of Michael Wertheimer, Successful educator as financier

John Leighton Stuart

John Leighton Stuart - Chinese, missionary educator

Chinese, missionary educator

Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty - American composer

American composer, Pianist, Active educator of young composers, Frequent guest composer at American universities, Active advocate of new music

Martha Berry

Martha Berry - American educator

American educator, Founder, Daughter of Capt, Partner in Berrys, Subject of several biographies

Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen - American scholar

American scholar, Educator, Member of the LDS Church, Kim B

Hermann Joseph Muller

Hermann Joseph Muller - American geneticist

American geneticist, Educator, Critical, new directions of the eugenics movement

Mortimer J. Adler

Mortimer J. Adler - American philosopher

American philosopher, Educator, Rigorous thinker, Right, current state of philosophy,

Jonathan Kozol

Jonathan Kozol - American writer

American writer, Educator, Important loss of time, Editorial Board of Greater Good Magazine

Vasyl Sukhomlynsky

Vasyl Sukhomlynsky - Ukrainian, humanistic educator in the Soviet Union

Ukrainian, humanistic educator in the Soviet Union, Author of the 1969 book

Daniel Akaka

Daniel Akaka - American educator

American educator, Politician, One two Senators in the 112th Congress

Leonard Horner

Leonard Horner - Scottish merchant

Scottish merchant, Geologist, Prominent geologist, Educator

Mandawuy Yunupingu

Mandawuy Yunupingu - Aboriginal, Australian musician

Aboriginal, Australian musician, Educator

Glencoe High School (Hillsboro, Oregon)

Glencoe High School (Hillsboro, Oregon) - Public, Secondary school in Hillsboro

Public, Secondary school in Hillsboro, Certified Project, Lead Way school, Passionate, dedicated educators

Nicholas Marcellus Hentz

Nicholas Marcellus Hentz - French, American educator

French, American educator, Arachnologist

Christoph Hartknoch

Christoph Hartknoch - Prussian historian

Prussian historian, Educator

Jeffrey R. Holland

Jeffrey R. Holland - American educator

American educator, Religious leader, Professor at Harvard Divinity School, Member of the Quorum in 2012

Roscoe Pound

Roscoe Pound - Distinguished, American, legal scholar

Distinguished, American, legal scholar, Educator, Familiar, beloved igure around Harvard Square, Brother, Member of the Nebraska Hall

Andrew Dickson White

Andrew Dickson White - American historian

American historian, Educator, Minister, Germany, Member

F. O. Matthiessen

F. O. Matthiessen - Educator

Educator, Scholar, Appealing figure, Student at Polytechnic School, American studies scholar, Literary critic, Earliest one scholars

M. Carey Thomas

M. Carey Thomas - American educator

American educator, Suffragist

Timothy Dwight IV

Timothy Dwight IV - American, academic educator

American, academic educator, Congregationalist minister, Innovative, inspiring teacher preferring moral suasion, Pastor, Adamant defender, Founder of the Connecticut Academy

Francis James Child

Francis James Child - American scholar

American scholar, Educator, Boylston professor of Rhetoric, Nineteenth century Harvard scholar, Carriage accident

Scott Nearing

Scott Nearing - American, radical economist

American, radical economist, Educator

Charles Moore (architect)

Charles Moore (architect) - American architect

American architect, Educator

James McBride (politician)

James McBride (politician) - American Politician

American Politician, Educator, Author of the Alaska purchase, Active gospel preaching

Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire - Brazilian educator

Brazilian educator, Philosopher, First person to receive this Prize

Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein - Laurence a

Laurence a, Advocate of minimal, legal regulation, Fundraiser, Educator, First cousin of the comedian, American scholar, Lawyer

Peter Schickele

Peter Schickele - American composer

American composer, Musical educator, Part of the M Shanghai String Band, Active, international, North, American concert circuit

Fred Hersch

Fred Hersch - American jazz pianist

American jazz pianist, Educator, Romantic

Louis Braille

Louis Braille - French educator

French educator, Inventor, Saddlemaker by trade, Eager learner, Lower part of Coupvray

Babatunde Olatunji

Babatunde Olatunji - Nigerian drummer

Nigerian drummer, Educator, Good friend of Glee Club director Dr, More, gifted, groundbreaking artist

Ernest A. Batchelder

Ernest A. Batchelder - American artist

American artist, Educator, Third Chairman of the Board

Mary Lyon

Mary Lyon - Educator in 1837

Educator in 1837

James D. Porter

James D. Porter - American politician

American politician, Educator, Strong supporter of public education, Chairman of the Tennessee delegation

John Ball (pioneer)

John Ball (pioneer) - Settler

Settler, Educator, Strong promoter of Grand Rapids

Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji - Muslim, Canadian author

Muslim, Canadian author, Educator, Canadian, Muslim, lesbian feminist, Founder of several, educational project

Muhal Richard Abrams

Muhal Richard Abrams - American educator

American educator, Administrator, Transversion

Braxton Craven

Braxton Craven - American educator

American educator, Principal of Union Institute

Douglas Knight

Douglas Knight - American educator

American educator, Businessman, Author

Kenneth Pitzer

Kenneth Pitzer - American, physical, theoretical chemist

American, physical, theoretical chemist, Educator, Notable chemist

Flexner Report

Flexner Report - Child of German immigrants

Child of German immigrants, Unorthodox, surprising candidate for the task, Professional educator, Interested extent

E. D. Hirsch

E. D. Hirsch - American educator

American educator, Academic, literary critic

Dennis Brutus

Dennis Brutus - South Africa n activist

South Africa n activist, Educator, Graduate of the University, Activist against the apartheid government

Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Eliyahu M. Goldratt - Israeli business management guru

Israeli business management guru, Educator, Author

Rebecca Gratz

Rebecca Gratz - Preeminent, Jewish, American educator

Preeminent, Jewish, American educator, Philanthropist, Devout Jew, Seventh twelve Children, One founding members of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, One founders of the nonsectarian Philadelphia Orphan Asylum

Johnnetta Cole

Johnnetta Cole - American anthropologist

American anthropologist, Educator, Chair of the Johnnetta B, Stranger, Details, Chair of the Board from 2004 2006

James Lovell (Continental Congress)

James Lovell (Continental Congress) - American educator

American educator, Statesman, Frequent correspondent with John

Yehuda Amital

Yehuda Amital - Orthodox rabbi

Orthodox rabbi, Rosh Yeshiva, Influential, Israeli educator, Only member, Humble man

Luke Johnson (Mormon)

Luke Johnson (Mormon) - Educator

Educator, Physician

Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey - Grandson of Stephen Mack Covey

Grandson of Stephen Mack Covey, Professor at the Marriott School, American educator, Author, Devout man, Athletic youth, Proactive

John Erskine (educator)

John Erskine (educator) - American educator

American educator, Author, English professor at Amherst College, Accomplished composer, Pianist

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard - Deaf, American scientist

Deaf, American scientist, Educator, Classical, English scholar, Mathematician, Career engineering officer in the U

Charles Kendall Adams

Charles Kendall Adams - American educator

American educator, Historian, Assistant professor of Latin

James Lawrence Cabell

James Lawrence Cabell - American sanitarian

American sanitarian, Author, Medical educator, Public Health advocate, First president of the Virginia State Board

Stephen Dunn

Stephen Dunn - American poet

American poet, Educator, Author of eighteen poetry collections

Myles Horton

Myles Horton - American educator

American educator, Socialist cofounder, Constant collaborator with Horton

Patrick Francis Healy

Patrick Francis Healy - Jesuit priest

Jesuit priest, Educator

George William Ross

George William Ross - Educator

Educator, Politician, Father of Duncan Campbell Ross

David Dodd

David Dodd - American educator

American educator, Financial analyst, Assistant Professor of Finance From 1930 1938, Member

Walter E. Massey

Walter E. Massey - American educator

American educator, Physicist, Only individual, Interested intersections between the arts

Claude Castonguay

Claude Castonguay - Canadian politician

Canadian politician, Educator

Alice Mary Robertson

Alice Mary Robertson - American educator

American educator, Social worker, First, second woman to defeat an incumbent congressman to hold a seat elected to Congress

Thomas Arnold

Thomas Arnold - English educator

English educator, Historian, Influence on Baron Coubertin, Early supporter of the Broad Church

Lorenzo Valla

Lorenzo Valla - Italian, humanist Rhetoric ian

Italian, humanist Rhetoric ian, Educator, First scholar to find the story fishy

Benjamin Hall Kennedy

Benjamin Hall Kennedy - English scholar

English scholar, Schoolmaster, Prominent educator, Father, Same time

Sidney Gulick

Sidney Gulick - Educator

Educator, Author, Superintendent of two kindergartens, American, missionary, Congregational, missionary Koyoto, Senior, missionary, responsible, other 17 missionaries, One founders of the Committee, Grandson of Dr

Yuan Longping

Yuan Longping - Chinese, agricultural scientist

Chinese, agricultural scientist, Educator, Unswayed

Anna Botsford Comstock

Anna Botsford Comstock - American artist

American artist, Educator, First, female professor at Cornell

Austin Phelps

Austin Phelps - American, Congregational minister

American, Congregational minister, Educator, Pastor of a Presbyterian church

John Langalibalele Dube

John Langalibalele Dube - South, African essayist

South, African essayist, Philosopher, Educator, Speaker

Herman LeRoy Fairchild

Herman LeRoy Fairchild - American educator

American educator, Geologist, Descendant of Thomas Fairchild, Alumnus of Cornell University, Professor of geology, Course about the origin

Richard Heinberg

Richard Heinberg - American journalist

American journalist, Educator, Senior fellow of the Post Carbon Institute

Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin - French educator

French educator, Historian, Enthusiast in need, Important proponent of amateurism, Active member of the association, Last person, Family name, Award

William Dwight Whitney

William Dwight Whitney - American linguist

American linguist, Philologist, Educator, Daughter

George Trumbull Ladd

George Trumbull Ladd - American philosopher

American philosopher, Educator, Doctor of internal Medicine

Virginia Kneeland Frantz

Virginia Kneeland Frantz - Pathologist

Pathologist, Educator, Devoted teacher

Paul Dewar

Paul Dewar - Canadian educator

Canadian educator, Politician, One thirteen Canadians

Edmund Ezra Day

Edmund Ezra Day - American educator

American educator

Samuel C. Armstrong

Samuel C. Armstrong - 12,000 men

12,000 men, American educator commissioned a officer, Founder of Hampton

Eamon Everall

Eamon Everall - English artist

English artist, Educator

Jane Dee Hull

Jane Dee Hull - American, former politician

American, former politician, Educator, Governor of Arizona, First woman, Second woman, Fun experience

Mount John Laurie

Mount John Laurie - Mountain in the Canadian Rockies

Mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Result of the McConnell Thrust Fault, Prime rock climbing place, Good friend, Stoney people, Educator, Political activist

William Greenleaf Eliot

William Greenleaf Eliot - American educator

American educator, Unitarian minister, Grandfather of poet T, Brother of Thomas D, Active, civic life

Robert Sproull

Robert Sproull - American educator

American educator, Physicist

H. A. L. Fisher

H. A. L. Fisher - English historian

English historian, Educator, First cousin of Virginia Woolf, Tutor in modern History, Responsible Superannuation Act

Kurt Hahn

Kurt Hahn - German educator

German educator, First headmaster of Schule Schloss Salem from 1920 1933, Avid tennis player, Key figure in the development

George Pierce Baker

George Pierce Baker - American educator in the field

American educator in the field, Father of George P

Ezra Stiles

Ezra Stiles - American, academic educator

American, academic educator, Congregationalist minister, Amateur scientist

John Christopher Kunze

John Christopher Kunze - American Lutheran minister

American Lutheran minister, Educator, Fluent five languages

Jeremiah Jenks

Jeremiah Jenks - American economist

American economist, Educator, Member of the U, Interested, political aspects of economic problems

William Huntington Russell

William Huntington Russell - Founder

Founder, Original trustee, American businessman, Educator

Henry Smith Pritchett

Henry Smith Pritchett - American astronomer

American astronomer, Educator, President of the Carnegie Foundation