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Holocaust theology

Holocaust theology - Body of theological, philosophical debate

Body of theological, philosophical debate

Functionalism versus intentionalism

Functionalism versus intentionalism - Historiographical debate about the origins

Historiographical debate about the origins

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum - Much debate

Much debate

Phytophthora ramorum

Phytophthora ramorum - Oomycete plant pathogen

Oomycete plant pathogen, New disease, Several debates, Native

University of Oxford

University of Oxford - Centre of the Royalist party

Centre of the Royalist party, Scene of a famous debate in 1860

Albano Laziale

Albano Laziale - Comune in the Metropolitan City

Comune in the Metropolitan City, Source of debate, Twelfth, populous municipality in the Metropolitan City, 5th one century, Important one municipalities of the Castelli Romani

Henry Laurens

Henry Laurens - American merchant

American merchant, Slave trader, Successful rice planter, Slave merchant, Party, Frequent lawsuits, Active participant in debate, Livid

Knox College (Illinois)

Knox College (Illinois) - Site of the fifth debate

Site of the fifth debate, Member of the Midwest Conference, Prairie Fire, Name, Top 3 percent of schools, Diverse one 50 campuses in America, One 40 schools

Alexandru Ioan Cuza

Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Prince of Moldavia

Prince of Moldavia, Prominent speaker in the debates

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation - American, conservative think tank

American, conservative think tank, Opponent of the Clinton health care plan, First, presidential debate

John Frith

John Frith - English, Protestant priest

English, Protestant priest, Writer, Important contributor, Christian debate, Unique reformers of the early Tudor period, Cambridge

Great Canadian Flag Debate

Great Canadian Flag Debate - National debate

National debate

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Monthly publication with a run

Monthly publication with a run, More one example of the ongoing debate, Clear, Instructional objects, Large group

Florida House of Representatives

Florida House of Representatives - Session

Session, Verbatim record of debates


Ulster - Province in the North

Province in the North, Central topic role in the parliamentary debates, Major, Christian revival, Irish one four provinces

Clam chowder

Clam chowder - Several chowder soups

Several chowder soups, Spicy, traditional version, Matter of debate, Popular dish among Northeastern Indians

Jury nullification

Jury nullification - Source of much debate

Source of much debate

Sakharov Prize

Sakharov Prize - Forum of debate

Forum of debate

William McMahon

William McMahon - Member of the Australian House

Member of the Australian House, Match in parliamentary debates

Phi Kappa Literary Society

Phi Kappa Literary Society - College

College, Literary Society, Home for debate

Lindow Man

Lindow Man - Druid

Druid, Debates, One 27 bodies, Manchester, Peat bog in Lindow

Liang Qichao

Liang Qichao - Major influence in the debates

Major influence in the debates, Traditional, Confucian scholar, Reformist, Head of the Translation Bureau

Slavery in the United States

Slavery in the United States - Legal, other, English twelve colonies

Legal, other, English twelve colonies, Hereditary slaves, Complete colony of Virginia, Successful reproduction, September, Harsher, large plantations, Part on the injustice, Serious debate, Overwhelming, Young people, Slaves, Areas along the Ohio River, Enraged slave owners, High numbers, Active lecture circuit in the North, Training, 4,300 men, Executive order, Significant factor in the debates, Comprehensive study from African kings, Excellent

Dick Hebdige

Dick Hebdige - Expatriate, British media theorist

Expatriate, British media theorist, Sociologist, Scholar in Residence, Historical debate

Glossary of names for the British

Glossary of names for the British - Subject of some debate

Subject of some debate, Madaamma, Open ringer found a seat

John Cronin (convict)

John Cronin (convict) - Centre of current debate

Centre of current debate

J. Arthur Ross

J. Arthur Ross - Manitoba politician

Manitoba politician, Accomplished parliamentarian in debate

Richard Hartshorne

Richard Hartshorne - President of the Association

President of the Association, Part of a key, geographical debate in 1950s

Jeffrey Simpson

Jeffrey Simpson - Frequent, enthusiastic participant in regular, political debate

Frequent, enthusiastic participant in regular, political debate, Outspoken critic of the monarchy

Gil Troy

Gil Troy - American, presidential historian

American, presidential historian, Popular commentator, Author of nine books, Presidential historian, Prominent activist in the debate, Senior, Domestic policy Adviser from 1996 1998, Domestic policy Director

Felony disenfranchisement

Felony disenfranchisement - Exclusion from voting

Exclusion from voting, One Collateral Consequences of criminal conviction, Topic of debate

Balloon debate

Balloon debate - Debate


Pit Bull (TV series)

Pit Bull (TV series) - Debate