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Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy - Damage

Damage, Disease, General term, Common cause of this pattern, Form of inflammatory neuropathy

Operation Trident (1971)

Operation Trident (1971) - Thundering success with no damage

Thundering success with no damage, Great success


Kidney - Adrenal gland

Adrenal gland, Kidney disease, Damage, Vertebral level T12, Common, painful disorder

Hemispatial neglect

Hemispatial neglect - Damage

Damage, Processing areas, Heterogenous disorder of attention, Likely reasons

Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injury - Damage of Muscles

Damage of Muscles

The Cloisters

The Cloisters - Museum in Upper Manhattan

Museum in Upper Manhattan, Hunting, Intricate puzzle, Modern, original capitals, Reugny, Informative, Main portal of the abbey, Damage during the French Wars, Heart of a monastery, Site


Retinopathy - Damage

Damage, Retina, Ocular manifestation of systemic disease, Common, diabetic eye disease leading a cause, Priority list of eye conditions

Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff tear - Damage

Damage, Rotator cuff, Common, dominant arm, Common one causes of shoulder, Common people, Dynamic stabilizers, Movers

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy - Result of damage

Result of damage


Injury - Damage

Damage, Body

Occupational injury

Occupational injury - Bodily damage

Bodily damage

Liver disease

Liver disease - Type of damage

Type of damage, Hepatic manifestation of alcohol overconsumption, Reversible condition, Organ

White Horse Stone

White Horse Stone - Ancient monument of significant, historical, archaeological, cultural importance

Ancient monument of significant, historical, archaeological, cultural importance, Porous paint caused serious damage, Large, upright sarsen standing in the opposite angle, Left hand side in the trees, Anarrow strip of woodland, 2, Importance, Important legends

Arnold Potts

Arnold Potts - Australian grazier

Australian grazier, Army officer, Victim of the Koitaki speech, Incensed, real damage, Character from the rest, Aware war

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury - Damage

Damage, Spinal cord

Nucleotide excision repair

Nucleotide excision repair - DNA repair mechanism

DNA repair mechanism, Important excision mechanism, Mechanism to repair damage, Complex eukaryotes than prokaryote s, Possible, accurate, efficient

Economic history of the United States

Economic history of the United States - Agricultural, early, 19th century

Agricultural, early, 19th century, Efficient, previous engines, Economic performance, Highest, Problematic America, Remarkable, European standards, Powerful, intrusive, corresponding, national governments in Europe, Fact, Local calls, Additional, serious damage, Mercantile interests, Financial Panic, Exporter of agricultural products, Largest manufacturing industry in terms in 1860, Great, commercial success had a large, regional, economic impact, Widespread introduction of electric street railways, Levittown in Long Island, Grain, Pork, Lowered time before the Civil war, First, large scale process, Peak period for tractor sales, Great housing boom, Anonymous respondents, English invention, First entrepreneurs, Depressions, Substantial losses in investment banking, Heaviest population in the country

Schmidt sting pain index

Schmidt sting pain index - Pain scale rating

Pain scale rating, Relative pain, Advertisement of damage, Different feeling, Yellowjacket, Useful start


Cytorrhysis - Permanent, irreparable damage

Permanent, irreparable damage, Cell wall


Lesion - Abnormal damage

Abnormal damage, Change, Grade that II III lesion, Grade I, Classification, Name given to a control procedure

Darwin Mounds

Darwin Mounds - Large field of undersea sand mounds

Large field of undersea sand mounds, Ancient structures, Damage, Unusual Lophelia pertusa

The Tholian Web

The Tholian Web - Disabled Enterprise takes damage

Disabled Enterprise takes damage, Interesting dialog, Amazing model shot

Postherpetic neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgia - Nerve pain

Nerve pain, Due damage

Property damage

Property damage - Damage

Damage, Destruction, Malicious

Psychological trauma

Psychological trauma - Type of damage

Type of damage