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Philip Abelson

Philip Abelson - American physicist

American physicist, Scientific editor, Key contributor, Manhattan Project, Physicist on the path

John Hospers

John Hospers - American philosopher

American philosopher, Political activist, Editor of three anthologies the Personalist, Rarity, Professional philosopher, Objectivist in the libertarian, radical, conservative, Adlai Stevenson Democrat, Advocate, Early, regular contributor, Reason, Intimate friend of Ayn Rand from 1960 1962

Nassau William Senior

Nassau William Senior - English lawyer

English lawyer, Member of the Poor Law Inquiry Commission, Contributor, Quarterly Review, British economist, Spring of Legal 1849 advisor, One Commissioners

Martin Hellman

Martin Hellman - American cryptologist

American cryptologist, Longtime contributor, Computer privacy debate, Golden Jubilee Award for Technological Innovation in 1998

Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne - Economics editor

Economics editor, Leader writer, Regular contributor for the Guardian newspaper until 2014, Avid supporter of Professor David Nutt, Critic of Israeli government policy, Consultant for Nationwide Energy Services, One sixteen ministers


AstraZeneca - Major contributor

Major contributor, UK science, Third, largest, pharmaceutical company in the world

Will Self

Will Self - English novelist

English novelist, Journalist, Regular contributor on British television, Voracious reader from a young age

Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda

Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda - Yellow seal in the center

Yellow seal in the center, Second, largest contributor for production

Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz - Frequent, political contributor supporting members

Frequent, political contributor supporting members

David Koch

David Koch - American businessman

American businessman, Philanthropist, Influential libertarian, Fourth, richest person in America, Chairman of the board, Eponym of the David H, Contributor, Smithsonian Institution, Six foot with long five arms, Daughter of Margaret W, Executive vice president in New York, Buoyant mood, Third four sons with elder brothers Frederick R, Executive vice president of Koch Industries

Aylmer Bourke Lambert

Aylmer Bourke Lambert - British botanist of the first one Fellows

British botanist of the first one Fellows, Vice President of the Linnaean Society, Contributor, Botanist, One founding Fellows of the Linnean Society

Ivan Franko

Ivan Franko - Ukrainian poet

Ukrainian poet, Writer, Active contributor in 1888, Journal Svit, Journal Pravda

Simon Bisley

Simon Bisley - Regular contributor of the comics magazine Heavy Metal since 1997

Regular contributor of the comics magazine Heavy Metal since 1997

Arthur Tansley

Arthur Tansley - Pioneer of the science

Pioneer of the science, Atheist, Frequent contributor, Early volumes

Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett - British, comic book writer

British, comic book writer, Novelist, Proud author of Guardian, Major contributor, DC, Prolific one writers

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons - American sports columnist

American sports columnist, Analyst, Regular contributor, Page, Only child

James Renner

James Renner - American author

American author, Investigative journalist, Regular contributor, Short horror story series

Placental abruption

Placental abruption - Significant contributor

Significant contributor, Maternal mortality, Significant cause of maternal, perinatal morbidity, Mild, small part of the placenta

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi - Indian television

Indian television, Film actor, Regular contributor, Indian publications, Acclaimed, Indian actor

Hermann Kolbe

Hermann Kolbe - Seminal contributor in the birth

Seminal contributor in the birth, Leader in the field

Adam Savage

Adam Savage - Editor

Editor, Contributor, Self described atheist

Otto Dix

Otto Dix - German painter

German painter, Printmaker, Contributor, Neue Sachlichkeit exhibition

Mike Resnick

Mike Resnick - American science fiction writer under the name Mike Resnick

American science fiction writer under the name Mike Resnick, Regular contributor, SFWA Bulletin, Interested formation of history

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie - Frequent contributor

Frequent contributor, Periodicals, Largest steelmaker in the United States by 1878, Scotland, Vacation in Scotland, Antiunion two articles

Romola Garai

Romola Garai - English actress

English actress, Writer, Bank manager, Latest English rose to blossom, Occasional contributor, Newspaper, Third four siblings

Edward William Godwin

Edward William Godwin - Frequent contributor

Frequent contributor, Periodical, British architect

Zend Engine

Zend Engine - Open source scripting engine

Open source scripting engine, Combination, Contributor, PHP security response team, Heart of PHP

Charles Studd

Charles Studd - British cricketer

British cricketer, Missionary contributor

Green tea

Green tea - Type of tea

Type of tea, 90 percent, Total polyphenols, Perishable matcha, Accessible counter in various forms, Likely, major contributor of flavonols

Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel - Special contributor

Special contributor, CBS News Sunday Morning, Longtime friend of Henry Kissinger, Inductee of the Broadcasting Hall

David Remnick

David Remnick - American journalist

American journalist, Writer, Host of the New Yorker Radio Hour, Frequent contributor, New York Review

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City - Capital

Capital, Populous municipality, Home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Sizeable, Bosnian, American community, One Fortune, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Few, major shopping centers, Home, Large business savvy, Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, Ancient lakebed of Lake Bonneville, Significant contributor, Precipitation, Home, Several, classic movie theater S, Two roller derby leagues, Artisan festival, Host, Number, Home, Utah Jazz, West of downtown, Host, 2002 Winter Olympics, First performance festival in Salt Lake City, Northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley

George Stigler

George Stigler - U

U, Single, important, academic contributor, Movement, Clear, humorous writer, Quintessential, empirical economist

Paul Johnson (writer)

Paul Johnson (writer) - English journalist

English journalist, Historian, Regular contributor, Daily Telegraph, Friend of British playwright Tom Stoppard, Watercolourist, Painting, Cult figure, Wrong

John R. Commons

John R. Commons - Contributor

Contributor, Pittsburgh Survey

Mike Papantonio

Mike Papantonio - Regular contributor on RT Network

Regular contributor on RT Network, Board, Certified, Civil Trial Lawyer, Senior partner with the law firm, Original one founders of Air America Radio

Adam Phillips (psychologist)

Adam Phillips (psychologist) - British psychotherapist

British psychotherapist, Essayist, Regular contributor, London Review

Mel White

Mel White - Contributor

Contributor, Popular DVD program, Accidental activist, Adamant gays

Todd Martin

Todd Martin - American, retired, professional tennis player

American, retired, professional tennis player, Contributor, ESPN, Member of the US team

Tourism in Denmark

Tourism in Denmark - Major, economic contributor

Major, economic contributor


Concrete - Composite material

Composite material, Basis of a large, commercial industry, Contributor, Urban heat island effect, Alkaline, Composite building material, Ingredients, Essential part of the modern world, Strong compression as the aggregate

David Ginola

David Ginola - Regular contributor

Regular contributor, BBC, Ambassador for the Paris, Infamous France

William Makepeace Thackeray

William Makepeace Thackeray - British novelist

British novelist, Writer, Regular contributor, Source of the bulk, Rare one writers

William James Linton

William James Linton - Gifted man

Gifted man, Constant contributor, Nation, Accord


Father - Male parent of a child

Male parent of a child, Male, genetic contributor, Creation, Man, One

John Alexander Low Waddell

John Alexander Low Waddell - American, Civil engineer

American, Civil engineer, Prolific bridge designer, Respected writer on bridge design, Adviser, Ministry, Contributor

Maelgwn Gwynedd

Maelgwn Gwynedd - King of Gwynedd

King of Gwynedd, Generous supporter of Christianity, Generous contributor, Cause


Voltaire - Versatile, prolific writer producing works

Versatile, prolific writer producing works, Great contributor, Political, economic science, Philosopher, Socrates

Vera Brittain

Vera Brittain - English, Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse

English, Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse, Writer, Regular contributor from 1930s, Pacifist magazine Peace News, Small, Dark moody while Holtby, Young love

George Porter

George Porter - Major contributor

Major contributor, Public understanding, Emphatic, outspoken industry

Nan Shepherd

Nan Shepherd - Scottish novelist

Scottish novelist, Poet, Lecturer of English, Major contributor, Early, Scottish, modernist literature, Fierce looker

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo - American actor

American actor, Avid fan of the Los Angeles Rams, Contributor, Book prison Ramen

Mass media

Mass media - Diversified collection of media technologies

Diversified collection of media technologies, Powerful, powerful tool, Media, Large contributor, Change


Switzerland - Landlocked country

Landlocked country, Home, Several, large, multinational corporations, Easy place to do business, Member of the European Free Trade Association, Many, notable contributors, Compound containing Switzer, Important base for espionage, Last, western Republic to grant women, Recent one countries, Notable variety of grapes


Germany - Developed, leading country with a high Standard in the fashion industry

Developed, leading country with a high Standard in the fashion industry, Member of the United Nations NATO, Largest contributor, Budget, Part of the European, single market, Second, largest music market in Europe, Federal, parliamentary, representative, democratic republic, Important, early, modernist movement, Eastern Bloc state under political, military control


Deforestation - Contributor

Contributor, Global warming, Important, potential source of carbon, Major, environmental one issues

William Burnham Woods

William Burnham Woods - Major contributor

Major contributor, Court, United States Circuit Judge, Associate Justice

Harry Binswanger

Harry Binswanger - American philosopher

American philosopher, Contributor, Forbes Online, Board of Directors


PortMiami - Important contributor

Important contributor, Local, south Florida

Estée Lauder (businesswoman)

Estée Lauder (businesswoman) - Generous contributor

Generous contributor, Civic causes

Thermal shock

Thermal shock - Primary contributor to head gasket failure

Primary contributor to head gasket failure

Whitwell Elwin

Whitwell Elwin - English clergyman

English clergyman, Critic, Important contributor, Quarterly Review

Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano - Avid fan of football

Avid fan of football, Regular contributor, Progressive New Internationalist, Uruguayan journalist, Writer

Vasily Aksyonov

Vasily Aksyonov - Soviet, Russian novelist

Soviet, Russian novelist, Frequent contributor in 1960s, Popular Yunost magazine

Michael von Faulhaber

Michael von Faulhaber - Roman, Catholic Cardinal

Roman, Catholic Cardinal, Major contributor

Rafe Mair

Rafe Mair - Canadian lawyer

Canadian lawyer, Political commentator, Type, Principal contributor, Common sense, Avid fisherman

Ronald Wright

Ronald Wright - Canadian author

Canadian author, Frequent contributor, Times Literary Supplement, First, only person to say the end

Coal mining

Coal mining - Process

Process, Misnomer as room, Only industry, Major contributor, Global warming, Domestic consumption, , Available country with recoverable reserves, Aachen, Cause of the Alma accident


Hyderabad - Capital of the southern, Indian state

Capital of the southern, Indian state, Home, Unique dialect, Largest contributor, Gross, domestic product, Global centre of information technology, Number, Indian Premier League franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad champions, Control of the Musunuri Nayaks

Mick Harvey

Mick Harvey - Member of the school choir

Member of the school choir, Contributor to edited the 2009 collection

Predrag Marković

Predrag Marković - Serbian writer

Serbian writer, Journalist, Contributor, Honourable member

Stanislaw Ulam

Stanislaw Ulam - Major contributor

Major contributor, Book, Subject of a new biopic

James May

James May - English television presenter

English television presenter, Journalist, Regular contributor, Columnist

Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport - Major contributor

Major contributor, Local air pollution

Wesley Fletcher Orr

Wesley Fletcher Orr - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman, Journalist, Frequent contributor, Newspapers, Active, municipal politics

Ludwig Bamberger

Ludwig Bamberger - German economist

German economist, Politician, Clear, attractive writer was a frequent contributor, Leader of the republican party During 1848, Influential establishment of the German Imperial Bank

Joachim Peiper

Joachim Peiper - Freelance contributor in 1969

Freelance contributor in 1969, Magazine Auto, Bitter, disillusioned man by 1956, Himmler on 20 September

Hope Cooke

Hope Cooke - Regular contributor

Regular contributor, Book reviews

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin - Regular contributor

Regular contributor, BBC

David Brancaccio

David Brancaccio - American radio

American radio, Television journalist, Contributor, Several broadcast

Jan Hus

Jan Hus - Key contributor

Key contributor, Protestantism, Strong advocate for the Czechs

John Hoppner

John Hoppner - English portrait painter

English portrait painter, Regular contributor by 1780s, Royal Academy exhibitions, Man of great, social power

Frank Adams

Frank Adams - British mathematician of the major one contributors

British mathematician of the major one contributors

F. C. Burnand

F. C. Burnand - Contributor



Islamabad - Capital city of Pakistan

Capital city of Pakistan, Located SSW of Muzaffarabad, Hub, Net contributor, Pakistani economy, Home, Many migrants, Modern, clean city in comparison, Faisal Masjid, Ancient site, Faisal Mosque, Part of the Islamabad Capital Territory, Located Pothohar Plateau in the northeastern part

George Howard, 7th Earl of Carlisle

George Howard, 7th Earl of Carlisle - Frequent contributor in prose

Frequent contributor in prose

Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson - Scholar at Winchester College from 1936 1941

Scholar at Winchester College from 1936 1941, Regular contributor, New York Review, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Many years professor of physics

Karamu House

Karamu House - Contributor

Contributor, Harlem Renaissance, Nearest thing

Dave Zirin

Dave Zirin - American, political sportswriter

American, political sportswriter, Contributor, Nation

Persian Gulf naming dispute

Persian Gulf naming dispute - Main contributors

Main contributors, Thriving field

George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner - Fan of professional Wrestling

Fan of professional Wrestling, Generous contributor, Tampa Bay area, First owner of a baseball team

Franco Harris

Franco Harris - Former, American football fullback

Former, American football fullback, Major contributor for the Steelers