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The Return of Jafar

The Return of Jafar - Erratic, satisfactory

Erratic, satisfactory, Key consideration, Cuban filmgoers know the difference


Lymphedema - Important consideration for clinicians

Important consideration for clinicians, Independent predictor, Persistent, adverse effect of breast cancer treatment, Chronic, lymphatic disease, Present, Evident, clinical findings as such, nonpitting edema

Council of the District of Columbia

Council of the District of Columbia - Result of the ongoing push

Result of the ongoing push, Acting Mayor, Chairman, Located, 27th O Streets, Responsible, liable payment of any principal, Helpful time, Major consideration in the Home Rule Act, Walter Washington


Resonance - Branch of mechanical resonance

Branch of mechanical resonance, Important consideration for instrument builders, Tendency

Al Smith

Al Smith - Foremost, urban leader of the Efficiency Movement

Foremost, urban leader of the Efficiency Movement, Devout Catholic, Early, vocal critic of the Nazi regime, First Governor, First Roman Catholic to receive serious consideration, Product of New York City, Favor of relaxation

Duramax V8 engine

Duramax V8 engine - General Motors diesel engine family for trucks

General Motors diesel engine family for trucks, Lighter, important consideration in the competitive, light truck market, Latest version of the Duramax V8 diesel engine, Place, Indefinite hold


Snow - Important consideration for loads

Important consideration for loads, Sudden, heavy snowfall


Beach - Landform along a body

Landform along a body, Important consideration, Lower storm season, Result of wave action

Olivier Panis

Olivier Panis - French, professional racing driver

French, professional racing driver, Consideration

Bus stop

Bus stop - Locations

Locations, Important consideration in the planning, Common tropes in popular culture

Anthropic principle

Anthropic principle - Philosophical consideration

Philosophical consideration

Interactive kiosk

Interactive kiosk - Computer

Computer, Important consideration as a result


Pipette - Laboratory tool

Laboratory tool, Important consideration in laboratories, Plastic glass pipettes


Scalability - Capability of a system

Capability of a system, Ability to use the components, Key consideration for enterprises, Maximum number of processors, Different economies of scale


Attenuation - Important factor limiting the transmission

Important factor limiting the transmission, Important consideration in the modern world

Ocular dominance

Ocular dominance - Important consideration

Important consideration

Rain fade

Rain fade - Important consideration

Important consideration, Dependent, Spatial structure of rain field

Lead chamber process

Lead chamber process - Industrial method

Industrial method, Exothermic, major consideration of the design

Restriction point

Restriction point - Important consideration in the development

Important consideration in the development

Stock duration

Stock duration - Important consideration at the Hussman Funds

Important consideration at the Hussman Funds

Power density

Power density - Amount of power

Amount of power, Important consideration