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Coleco Gemini

Coleco Gemini - Atari

Atari, 2600 clone

Faulkes Telescope South

Faulkes Telescope South - Clone of the Liverpool Telescope

Clone of the Liverpool Telescope, Such one group

Elvis (text editor)

Elvis (text editor) - Version

Version, Pioneering clone

Liquid War

Liquid War - 6 GNU package

6 GNU package, Multiplayer, original game, Clone

Dolly (sheep)

Dolly (sheep) - Female, domestic sheep

Female, domestic sheep, First mammal, First clone, First animal

Laser 128

Laser 128 - 128 clone of the Apple II series

128 clone of the Apple II series

Foxy (Merrie Melodies)

Foxy (Merrie Melodies) - Animated cartoon character

Animated cartoon character, Perfect clone of Mickey Mouse, Early Warner Bros

Landsat 4

Landsat 4 - Fourth 4 satellite of the Landsat program

Fourth 4 satellite of the Landsat program, First 4 satellite in the Landsat program, Identical 5 clone of L4, Operational 5 7, Invaluable emergency response, 5 one seven satellites in the Landsat Program

CSI: Miami (video game)

CSI: Miami (video game) - Direct clone of CSI

Direct clone of CSI

Solar Pons

Solar Pons - Creation of the imaginative mind

Creation of the imaginative mind, Melancholy figure, More, prone laughter, Clone


Contig - Set of gel readings

Set of gel readings, Genomic, single clone in a cosmid, Technique

Web engineering

Web engineering - Clone

Clone, Subset

Kaine Parker

Kaine Parker - Fictional character

Fictional character, First clone, Degeneration, Furious Peter, Happy Reilly

Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly - Only, stable clone

Only, stable clone, Jackal, One heroes on the s