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Chirality (chemistry)

Chirality (chemistry) - Geometric property of some molecules

Geometric property of some molecules, Essential consideration, Symmetry property, Characteristic, Important context


Lederhosen - Characteristic of Tyrol

Characteristic of Tyrol, Hand, Industrial products from Asia, Kniebundhose, Traditional, German clothing that men, Suitable people

National identity

National identity - Characteristics


Sensory substitution

Sensory substitution - Change of the characteristics

Change of the characteristics

Scout (Scouting)

Scout (Scouting) - Specific characteristic of Scouting

Specific characteristic of Scouting


Baculum - Heterotopic bone

Heterotopic bone, Exclusive characteristic of placentals, Diverse, morphological feature, Dorsal, Part, Similar N


Lion - Biblical emblem of the tribe

Biblical emblem of the tribe, Common motif in Chinese art, Form like Panthera gombaszoegensis, Big one cat s in the Felidae family, Symbolic, ancient Greece, Distinctive Cape lion had characteristics


Gender - Range of characteristics

Range of characteristics, Property of some languages, Basis of social patterns, Field of interdisciplinary study, Topic, Common women

Flash point

Flash point - Descriptive characteristic

Descriptive characteristic, Lowest temperature, Empirical measurement than a fundamental, physical parameter, Lowest temperature, Higher flash point

Tegenaria domestica

Tegenaria domestica - Dark orange with a brown, beige, common characteristic

Dark orange with a brown, beige, common characteristic, Aggressive species

Ring chromosome

Ring chromosome - Chromosome

Chromosome, Supernumerary, Heterogeneous group with different characteristics


Beauty - Characteristic of an animal

Characteristic of an animal, Product of the brain

Yanbian University

Yanbian University - Comprehensive university with endowed, distinct, ethnic characteristics

Comprehensive university with endowed, distinct, ethnic characteristics

Network effect

Network effect - Effect

Effect, Benefit, Society, Central theme in the arguments, Typical characteristic of modern technologies, Real, important phenomena, Pecuniary nature, Same versions


Moderation - Process

Process, Characteristic of the Swedish, national psyche


Patrol - Group of personnel

Group of personnel, Essential characteristic of Scouting


Ramie - Flowering plant in the nettle family Urticaceae

Flowering plant in the nettle family Urticaceae, Member of the Urticaceae, Premium plant fibre with several, useful characteristics, Oldest one textile fiber s, Oldest one textile fibers, Strongest, natural, commonest one fibres, Strongest, natural one fibers, Hardy shoots, Oldest one fiber crop s, Strongest, natural one fibers, One premium vegetable fibers, White, lustrous, silky appearance

Breakdown voltage

Breakdown voltage - Characteristic of an insulator

Characteristic of an insulator, Line frequency of the mains

Genetic diversity

Genetic diversity - Total number of genetic characteristics

Total number of genetic characteristics, Proportion of polymorphic loci, Essential species


Interoperability - Characteristic of a product

Characteristic of a product, Element of coalition willingness

Kingoodie artefact

Kingoodie artefact - Object with the characteristics

Object with the characteristics

Media richness theory

Media richness theory - Function of characteristics

Function of characteristics

Color temperature

Color temperature - Characteristic of visible light

Characteristic of visible light

Permanent press

Permanent press - Characteristic of fabric

Characteristic of fabric

Pedal tone

Pedal tone - Unique characteristic of brass instruments

Unique characteristic of brass instruments

Bacillus coagulans

Bacillus coagulans - Type of bacteria

Type of bacteria, Only official name as L, Proper Bacillus has some characteristics, Probiotic, Genus, Lactobacillus species

William Sterndale Bennett

William Sterndale Bennett - English composer

English composer, Pianist, Pupil at the RAM, Member of the Society, Typical specimen of this English characteristic

Allan variance

Allan variance - Characteristic of a clock

Characteristic of a clock

Negative Zone

Negative Zone - Fiction al setting

Fiction al setting, Antimatter universe, Alien universe with several characteristics, Devoid life

Han (cultural)

Han (cultural) - Inherent characteristic of the Korean character

Inherent characteristic of the Korean character, Sorrow


Thixotropy - Characteristic of a fluid

Characteristic of a fluid

Work function

Work function - Characteristic of a bulk material

Characteristic of a bulk material

Gustavo Rol

Gustavo Rol - Italian thinker

Italian thinker, Painter, Introverted, sensitive child, Intuitive characteristics

Feature (linguistics)

Feature (linguistics) - Quality

Quality, Characteristic, Set of values, Feature


Punctuality - Characteristic


Saturation (magnetic)

Saturation (magnetic) - Characteristic of ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic materials

Characteristic of ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic materials

Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Pregnancy Discrimination Act - Amendment

Amendment, Title VII, Identifiable, physical condition with unique characteristics

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion and exclusion criteria - Characteristics that the prospective subjects

Characteristics that the prospective subjects

Genetic predisposition

Genetic predisposition - Genetic characteristic

Genetic characteristic, Capacity

Isochronous timing

Isochronous timing - Characteristic


Trust-preferred security

Trust-preferred security - Hybrid security with characteristics

Hybrid security with characteristics


Graphology - Analysis of the physical characteristics

Analysis of the physical characteristics