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Precession - Change in the orientation

Change in the orientation, Mechanism behind gyrocompass es, Result of the angular velocity, Movement of the rotational axis

The Stranglers

The Stranglers - English rock band

English rock band, More, American punk than English punk, Change in musical direction, Venue, Same 1977 concert with the addition, Awash people outside the pub, Something According to those special, few people

Yale–New Haven Hospital

Yale–New Haven Hospital - Magnet hospital

Magnet hospital, 2016 year of change


Mutation - Identical mutation of one allele the paternal, maternal alleles

Identical mutation of one allele the paternal, maternal alleles, Change in the DNA sequence, Presence of the identical mutation, Alteration of the genomic sequence, Present germ cell, Modifications of single base pairs

Jowett Cars

Jowett Cars - Manufacturer of light cars

Manufacturer of light cars, Complete change

DNA repair

DNA repair - Collection of processes

Collection of processes, Change in the basic structure, Signal transduction pathway, Located mitochondria organelles, Unstable, Present cells

Phase (waves)

Phase (waves) - Position of a point

Position of a point, Change, Difference, 180 degrees, Two oscillators, Comparison of the phase

Charles Christopher Parry

Charles Christopher Parry - Witness

Witness, Major changes, Highest peak of the James Group

Relativistic Doppler effect

Relativistic Doppler effect - Change in frequency

Change in frequency, Consequence of the relativistic Doppler effect, Main, novel one predictions of the special theory

Sensory substitution

Sensory substitution - Change of the characteristics

Change of the characteristics

Drama therapy

Drama therapy - Use of theatre techniques

Use of theatre techniques, Active, experiential approach to facilitating Change

Arthur J. Altmeyer

Arthur J. Altmeyer - United States Commissioner for Social Security

United States Commissioner for Social Security, Principal advocate for changes, Important one figures in the history

Washington Square (San Francisco)

Washington Square (San Francisco) - Natural community gathering place with a long, long, fascinating history

Natural community gathering place with a long, long, fascinating history, Landmarked, significant changes, Major features, Many things, San Francisco landmark, Place of refuge, Original, public one three squares in San Francisco

Pareto efficiency

Pareto efficiency - Set of all efficient allocations

Set of all efficient allocations, Change, Different allocation, Useful engineering


Astrogliosis - Abnormal increase in the number

Abnormal increase in the number, Spectrum of changes

Stephen Whittle

Stephen Whittle - Briiths, legal scholar

Briiths, legal scholar, Activist, Amazing change in British law, Transsexual

Health effect

Health effect - Changes in health

Changes in health, Important consideration in many areas

Technological singularity

Technological singularity - Hypothesis that the invention

Hypothesis that the invention, Technological change, Familiar word meaning a unique event, Grave danger


Topfreedom - Cultural, political movement seeking changes

Cultural, political movement seeking changes

Grant Sawyer

Grant Sawyer - American politician

American politician, First, western governor to endorse the fledgling, Advocate of progressive change

National identification number

National identification number - Unique

Unique, Unique citizen, Unique, Eleven character, Alphanumeric code, Combination of nine digits, Unique changes if the person, Unique, personal identification number of 10 characters, 10 digit number

Mass media

Mass media - Diversified collection of media technologies

Diversified collection of media technologies, Powerful, powerful tool, Media, Large contributor, Change

Constitution of the Irish Free State

Constitution of the Irish Free State - Considerable change of 1

Considerable change of 1, Head of the Army, Astute advocate for a bad cause, Right to form associations, Man, Punishable conviction on indictment, People, Constitution, True liberty, Women, Necessary, Serious standpoint that standpoint, Clear draft, Opinion that these words, Men, Powers of the Parliament

Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance - Period of great, social, economic change

Period of great, social, economic change, Fading Northern Renaissance


Rash - Change of the human skin

Change of the human skin


Prolapse - Painful change in position

Painful change in position, Condition

Ecological succession

Ecological succession - Process of change

Process of change, Force of nature, First theories, Major one themes

Religious conversion

Religious conversion - Adoption of a set

Adoption of a set, Change in values, Simple matter, More, mere change in religious identity


WorkChoices - Name given to changes

Name given to changes, Major issue in the federal 2007 election, Liberal 2004 party election policy

Molecular evolution

Molecular evolution - Process of change

Process of change

Bifurcation theory

Bifurcation theory - Mathematical study of changes

Mathematical study of changes


Brachytherapy - Form of radiotherapy

Form of radiotherapy, Newer approach to treating prostate cancer, Or procedure with the greatest change, Available hospitals in the UK


Scalp - Anatomical area

Anatomical area, Heavy, loose, common change with the ageing forehead


Refraction - Change in direction

Change in direction

Cardiac action potential

Cardiac action potential - Brief change in voltage

Brief change in voltage


Heredity - Central component

Central component, Evolutionary change

Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell - American actor

American actor, Master of the quick change

Number 10 Policy Unit

Number 10 Policy Unit - Important change

Important change

Civil disobedience

Civil disobedience - Attempt at change

Attempt at change, Many one ways people, One cornerstones of a characteristic, new feature

Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution - Name given to a period

Name given to a period, Period of unbridled, economic, social development intense, social change


Microevolution - Change in allele frequencies gene frequency

Change in allele frequencies gene frequency

Portland Seminary

Portland Seminary - City of change

City of change

Wind shear

Wind shear - Change in wind speed

Change in wind speed, Microscale, Meteorological phenomenon, Key factor in the creation, Hazard for aircraft, Sufficient magnitude, , Significant, sudden

Reflection (physics)

Reflection (physics) - Change in direction

Change in direction

Biogeochemical cycle

Biogeochemical cycle - Series of change

Series of change

Artillery battery

Artillery battery - Product of the change

Product of the change, Responsible orchestration of all forms


Condensation - Change of the physical state

Change of the physical state, Critical step in many, industrial processes

Barkhausen effect

Barkhausen effect - Name given to the noise

Name given to the noise, Series of sudden changes


Permian - Geologic period

Geologic period, System, Time of great changes

Colorado River Compact

Colorado River Compact - 1922 agreement among seven U

1922 agreement among seven U, Theme writ in the large, Monument, Change, Fruit of several years

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide - Inorganic compound with the formula Zn O

Inorganic compound with the formula Zn O, Amphoteric oxide, Constituent of cigarette filter s, Lesser evils, Useful preparation of nylon polymers, Soluble water, Devices detecting changes

Climate change

Climate change - Change in the statistical distribution

Change in the statistical distribution

Indus Valley Civilisation

Indus Valley Civilisation - Active zone

Active zone, Minor changes

Gene-centered view of evolution

Gene-centered view of evolution - Change in gene frequencies

Change in gene frequencies


Inflation - Same fall

Same fall, Measure of inflation, Percentage rate of change, Undue increase in the prices

Demographic transition

Demographic transition - Change

Change, Part

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis - Inflammation of the alveoli

Inflammation of the alveoli, Interstitial disease, Secondary changes

Wall Street bombing

Wall Street bombing - Chump change

Chump change, Serbs, Nothing in the new

Volatility risk

Volatility risk - Risk of a change

Risk of a change

8th century BC

8th century BC - Period of great change

Period of great change

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo - Ancient breed of water retriever

Ancient breed of water retriever, Progressive, neurological disorder, Progressive condition leading to behavioral changes, Crucial research


Paleoclimatology - Study of changes

Study of changes

Diamondback terrapin

Diamondback terrapin - Survivor of the many changes

Survivor of the many changes, Only U, Dimorphic females than larger males, Popular delicacy in the U


Urticaceae - Family

Family, Nettle family, Pioneer species, Morphological changes, Larger one Angiosperm families

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta - Search of a format

Search of a format, Esoteric discipline is to subject, continuous change

Rotational transition

Rotational transition - Abrupt change in angular momentum

Abrupt change in angular momentum

Moenchia erecta

Moenchia erecta - Casualty of socioeconomic changes

Casualty of socioeconomic changes


Menopause - Natural change

Natural change


Alkalinity - Name given to the quantitative capacity

Name given to the quantitative capacity, Concentration value increasing the volume, Stable, significant changes

Metropolis (comics)

Metropolis (comics) - Fictional city

Fictional city, New York City with minor changes, Only stage in the game, Manhattan between 14th, 110th Street

Old Norse orthography

Old Norse orthography - Same changes from Old, Norse phonology

Same changes from Old, Norse phonology


Mutarotation - Change in the optical rotation

Change in the optical rotation


Flapper - Response

Response, Gibson girl s, Extreme manifestation of changes, Example, Necessity for anyone

Dental fluorosis

Dental fluorosis - Common disorder

Common disorder, Change in the appearance, Hypomineralization of enamel

Storm surge

Storm surge - Change in sea level

Change in sea level


Calculus - Mathematical study of continuous change

Mathematical study of continuous change, Part of modern mathematics education

Justin I

Justin I - Consul

Consul, Stout defender of the creed, Author of this change, Peasant, Swineherd, Aware grassroots dissatisfaction, Feeble age

Social status

Social status - Position

Position, Rank, Important idea in social stratification, Change of position, Frequent societies, Communities


Polysomnography - Comprehensive recording of the biophysiological changes

Comprehensive recording of the biophysiological changes

Doppler effect

Doppler effect - Change in frequency

Change in frequency, Recognizable fact that the absorption lines, Intense interest

Oregon City Bridge

Oregon City Bridge - Steel through arch bridge

Steel through arch bridge, 745 ft in length, Only Oregon bridge, George Abernethy Bridge, Historic changes, Tall Willamette Falls


Glitch - Spike

Spike, Such, minute change in voltage

Faurot Field

Faurot Field - Home

Home, Missouri State High School Activities Association football Championships, Only, cosmetic change made to Faurot Field

Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax - Immediate beneficiary of the change

Immediate beneficiary of the change, First pitcher to win multiple Cy Young Awards, Final player

Menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle - Regular, natural change

Regular, natural change

Sulak Sivaraksa

Sulak Sivaraksa - Chair of the Asian, cultural Forum

Chair of the Asian, cultural Forum, Strong critic, Advocate for social, political change

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway - American Actress

American Actress, Singer, Board member of the Lollipop Theatre Network, Middle of three children, LGBT rights supporter, Committed voice for change

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand - Leader

Leader, Agent of change

Younger Dryas

Younger Dryas - Climatic, unique, paleoclimatic event from C in terms

Climatic, unique, paleoclimatic event from C in terms, Period of climatic change, Youngest, longest, stadial three S


Bacteriorhodopsin - Protein

Protein, Compact, molecular machine, Change from a straight form

Ricardo Martinelli

Ricardo Martinelli - Panama

Panama, Nian politician, President of the Democratic Change party, Leader of Democratic Change