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Krasnodar - Administrative center of the krai

Administrative center of the krai, Economic center of southern Russia


Blagoveshchensk - City

City, Administrative center, Part of a free trade zone, Administrative center of the oblast


Kathmandu - Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic

Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic, Largest metropolis in the Himalaya n hill region, Important, industrial, commercial center in Nepal, Headquarters, Home, Number, Centre of music, Oldest football clubs, Television hub of Nepal, Center for art, Home, Several, international, regional organizations, Famous, lokta paper, Northwestern part of the Kathmandu Valley, Warm, temperate zone

Kuwait City

Kuwait City - Political, cultural, economic center of Kuwait

Political, cultural, economic center of Kuwait, Second, richest GCC country per capita, Major source of foreign, economic assistance, Production center of the Gulf television drama, Only country in the Gulf, Main centre of scenographic, theatrical training, Home than more 20 art galleries, Birthplace of various, popular, Musical genres, Various music festivals, Member of the global, cultural Districts network, Site, Many Kuwaitis, Center of boat building, Pioneer in the Middle East the literary renaissance, Capital of higher education, First Arab states of the Persian Gulf


Voronezh - Economic, industrial, cultural, scientific center of the Central Black Earth Region

Economic, industrial, cultural, scientific center of the Central Black Earth Region, Administrative center of the oblast


Pljevlja - Town

Town, Center, Treasure trove of rich, historical, cultural Heritage, Administrative center of Pljevlja municipality, Part of the Zeta Banovina from 1929 1941

New York City

New York City - Center of jazz

Center of jazz, Home, Brooklyn Dodgers, Petitioner in the landmark Massachusetts, Setting for novel s, Home, Fort Hamilton, Populous city in the United States, Home, Largest, transgender population, Center for the advertising, Such, notable, private universities, Headquarters, Principal, commercial banking center of the United States, Home of the largest one subway systems, Important source of political fundraising, Largest, municipal fire Department in the United States, Home, Hundreds, Largest, rapid transit system in the world, Busiest, metropolitan rail transit system in the western Hemisphere, Unicameral body


Pskov - City

City, Administrative center, Administrative center of the oblast, Rich, tiny, squat, picturesque churches, Biggest one city of Russia


Haifa - Center of heavy industry

Center of heavy industry, Center of liberal, Arabic speaking culture, Home, Acclaimed two universities, Only city in Israel, Located town of Shikmona, First towns, North of the city, Few one cities in Israel, Ice hockey team

Seleucid Empire

Seleucid Empire - Major center of Hellenistic culture

Major center of Hellenistic culture, Center of several, important trade routes, Empire of Alexander


Yambol - Center of the Yambol okolia

Center of the Yambol okolia, Center of Yambol oblast since 1990s


Dindigul - Located Southwest of the state capital

Located Southwest of the state capital, First region, Center for wholesale trading, Part of the Dindigul Lok Sabha constituency, District head quarter of Dindigul District, Common, popular dish, Dindigul, Important center of trade, Rule of Pallavas, Safe hands of VijayaNagara, Famous, seventh century, Located foothills of Sirumalai hills, Located rail head from Chennai, Historical one cities in Tamilnadu

Djibouti City

Djibouti City - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Home, Armoured Regiment, Populous settlement in Djibouti, Largest, important, educational center for broadcast media in the nation, Major transportation hub, Home, Stade du Ville, Cultural, industrial center of Djibouti, Poor, urban country, Capital, Largest settlement, Home, Different, architectural styles, Smallest province in the country, Located, eastern Djibouti of the Somalia border, One six regions of Djibouti


Cherkasy - Center of Cossacks

Center of Cossacks, Big transport hub, Important, economic center of Ukraine, Home, Volleyball clubs Krug Cherkasy, Authority, Big media market, Cities in Ukraine, Famous, green city, Located, central part of the city


Kokand - City in Fergana Region

City in Fergana Region, Center for the manufacture, Education center with one institute, Major, religious center of the Fergana Valley, Crossroads of the main, ancient two trade routes

Freehold Borough, New Jersey

Freehold Borough, New Jersey - Borough in Monmouth County

Borough in Monmouth County, Known center of patriot activity, Important center of African, American, civil rights activity, West of Asbury Park, Located, western boundary of Freehold Borough


Tyumen - First, Russian settlement in Siberia

First, Russian settlement in Siberia, Location for a few episodes, Major, economic center within five within six, Source for the the Soviet, Russian sport reserve, Important service center for the gas, Destination for a fair number, Important business center, Administrative center of the oblast, Tyumen Regional Scientific Library after D, Russian one towns, Common one venues for tours, Contemporary Siberia


Dammam - Largest city in the Eastern Province

Largest city in the Eastern Province, Major, administrative center for the Saudi oil industry, Located, important centers in the world, Mix of several, different ethnicities, Famous, wide variety of recreational facilities, Small, coastal community until the late 1930s


Tehran - Capital of Iran

Capital of Iran, Wealthiest part of the city, Economic center of Iran, Home, Football club, Largest, important, educational center of Iran, Site of the Tehran Conference in 1943


Shiraz - Important, regional center under the Sassanians

Important, regional center under the Sassanians, Economic, Iranian center of southern Iran, Host, Number, Home, Stadium, Oldest one cities of ancient Persia, Tehran, Located south of Iran


Konya - Administrative capital of Karaman Eyalet between 1483 1864

Administrative capital of Karaman Eyalet between 1483 1864, Final home of Rumi, Important city of central Anatolia until 1923, Center for agriculture, Center of the largest province, Public airport, Military airbase, Few one cities, Oldest, urban one centres in the world, Southern part of the Middle Anatolian Region

Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef - Proficient saxophonist by the time

Proficient saxophonist by the time, Senior Research Fellow at the Center in 1980s, Senior research fellow at the Center, Beloved Christians


Zhytomyr - City in the north

City in the north, Major transportation hub, Important, economic center in the region, Main center of the Polish minority, Location of Ozerne airbase, Located 131 kilometers from Kiev

University of Connecticut Health Center

University of Connecticut Health Center - Branch of the University

Branch of the University, Vibrant, integrated, academic, medical center, Home, UConn School, Part of a plan, Home, Modern center


Samara - Major river port

Major river port, Major, educational, scientific, major center of the Volga area mechanical engineering, Large city in Russia, Rectangular cloth of equal, horizontal three stripes, Administrative center of the oblast, Major transport hub, One eleven cities, Pirate nest Before 1586

Jill Tarter

Jill Tarter - American astronomer of the former center

American astronomer of the former center, Director of the center, Frequent speaker for science teacher meetings, Member of the CuriosityStream Advisory Board, Pioneer, Innovator


Daejeon - Provincial center for the television

Provincial center for the television, Selective, high school, Local newspaper, Center of transportation

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod - Fifth, largest city in Russia

Fifth, largest city in Russia, Important center of Volga cargo the television, Home to following the educational facilities, Administrative center of the oblast, Network of railway transport, Located 400 km of east Moscow


Krasnoyarsk - Home

Home, Krasnoyarsk Northeast air base, Center of Siberian sports, Administrative center of the krai, Major attraction for residents

Pocomoke City, Maryland

Pocomoke City, Maryland - Center for commerce

Center for commerce, Located Wallops Island Flight Facility in Wallops Island


Norilsk - Center of a region

Center of a region, Located West Siberian Plain

Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University - Home

Home, Center, 5 fraternities


Jauja - Only city in the center

Only city in the center

Nizhny Tagil

Nizhny Tagil - Industrial center of the Middle Urals

Industrial center of the Middle Urals, Host of several competitions

Hanscom Air Force Base

Hanscom Air Force Base - United States Air Force base within located Bedford

United States Air Force base within located Bedford, Part of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Single center for responsible, total life cycle management, Active, early aviation


Keetmanshoop - Naute Dam

Naute Dam, Important center of the Karakul sheep

Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Bayou La Batre, Alabama - Town in Mobile County

Town in Mobile County, Center for shipbuilding, Popular destination for such immigrants

Celilo Falls

Celilo Falls - Tribal fishing area on the Columbia River

Tribal fishing area on the Columbia River, Economic, spiritual center of the Indian world

Richard Rhodes

Richard Rhodes - Affiliate of the center

Affiliate of the center, Father of two children

San Juan Province, Argentina

San Juan Province, Argentina - Economic center of the province

Economic center of the province


Alsager - Home

Home, AFC Alsager, Business, Enterprise College, Lake in the located center, Home, Contemporary Arts, Campus


Visoko - Municipality at that time

Municipality at that time, Center of preparations on 15


Leuk - Home of the known one installations

Home of the known one installations, Central, administrative center of the region


Xalapa - Capital city of the Mexican state

Capital city of the Mexican state, Thriving center for commerce, Head of the regional one five sections, Home, Numerous, classical music orchestras, Important one places for coffee production

Cotton Plant, Arkansas

Cotton Plant, Arkansas - City in Woodruff County

City in Woodruff County, Cultural center in 1900s, One three schools in the district

Hanover College

Hanover College - Center of a bustling campus in 1830s

Center of a bustling campus in 1830s

Culture of Lebanon

Culture of Lebanon - Pervasive, Lebanese society

Pervasive, Lebanese society, Regional center of media production


Sterlitamak - Second, largest, developed, industrial city in the republic with complete infrastructure

Second, largest, developed, industrial city in the republic with complete infrastructure, Large center of chemical industry

Jon Wolfsthal

Jon Wolfsthal - Independent consultant

Independent consultant, Expert, Former, special assistant, President, Deputy Director of the Center


Girona - Center of the Ter department

Center of the Ter department, Important stop on the AVE services, Major, Catalan one cities


Davos - Tourist community

Tourist community, Regional center, Home, Seven sites, Part of the rail network, Bottom stations of the cable car

Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen - Part of the city

Part of the city, Main campus of the University, Separate burgh, Important, political, ecclesiastical, cultural center since the late Middle Ages

Wuyi Mountains

Wuyi Mountains - Mountain range in the located prefecture

Mountain range in the located prefecture, Located Wuyishan City, Important Center of Taoism, Birthplace of tea

Little Theatre (Rochester, New York)

Little Theatre (Rochester, New York) - Home of the Little Theatre Film Society

Home of the Little Theatre Film Society, Older form of the word, Premier, Cultural center

Music of Puerto Rico

Music of Puerto Rico - Single, biggest Center for production

Single, biggest Center for production, Thick bosque

Jesenice, Jesenice

Jesenice, Jesenice - Slovenia n town

Slovenia n town, Seat, Important railway junction linking the town, 48 kilometers from Ljubljana Airport, Center of various kinds

San Luis Potosí City

San Luis Potosí City - Major, commercial, industrial center

Major, commercial, industrial center, Main, industrial one centres in central Mexico

Antonin Scalia Law School

Antonin Scalia Law School - Prominent symbol of conservative thought

Prominent symbol of conservative thought, Home, Center

Bronx Community College

Bronx Community College - Home

Home, Center, Local administrator of the SUNY Bronx Educational Opportunity Center since 1987


Olomouc - City in Moravia

City in Moravia, Center of Hanakia

General Santos

General Santos - Regional center for commerce

Regional center for commerce, Shopping capital of the Soccksargen region, Largest, busiest airport in Mindanao, Popular newspaper company in the city


Syros - Center of Cyclades

Center of Cyclades, Separate, regional unit of the South Aegean region

Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park - Northwestern Alaska north of the Arctic Circle

Northwestern Alaska north of the Arctic Circle, Arctic Circle, Center of a vast ecosystem

Mount Batur

Mount Batur - Active volcano at the located center

Active volcano at the located center, Located center of concentric two NW

Church of Greece

Church of Greece - Early center of Christianity

Early center of Christianity

Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan - City in the Tel Aviv District

City in the Tel Aviv District, Important center for industry

Qazvin Province

Qazvin Province - One 31 provinces of Iran

One 31 provinces of Iran, Location of a former capital, Location of the Saint Hripsime church, Center of textile trade

Edith Bunker

Edith Bunker - Fictional 1970s sitcom character

Fictional 1970s sitcom character, Ditzy, cheery, loving woman, Voice of reason, Sharpest member of the Family, Center of the Family


Sarov - First, nuclear center of Russia

First, nuclear center of Russia, Government aircraft


Drohobych - Major sports center

Major sports center, Ukrainian, national, cultural center with a Ukrainian gymnasium Until 1939, Largest, industrial one centers of Lviv oblast

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge, Iowa - City in the county seat

City in the county seat, Major, commercial center for North Central, Home of Fort Dodge Animal Health, Top tubing destination in the state, Central campus, Located town


Manizales - Capital city

Capital city, Permanent home, Important, regional, cultural, educational center


Sogndal - Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county

Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Shopping, Retail center

Pauline Kael

Pauline Kael - American film critic

American film critic, Influential film critic, Center of attention, Provocative


Zile - Center of cereal production

Center of cereal production


Prijedor - Third, largest municipality in the Republika Srpska entity

Third, largest municipality in the Republika Srpska entity, Large service, Industrial center, Home of the museum, Big enterprise producing cellulose, Part of the Vrbas Banovina from 1929 1941, Sixth, largest municipality in Bosnia


Xunantunich - Classic Period

Classic Period, Ceremonial center, Ceremonial centre, Located river from the village


Ivanovo - Administrative center of the oblast

Administrative center of the oblast, Youth, Student center

Ivan Shishman of Bulgaria

Ivan Shishman of Bulgaria - Prominent, medieval ruler in Bulgarian folklore

Prominent, medieval ruler in Bulgarian folklore, Few one rulers, Major center of hesychast ideas

Niels Bohr Institute

Niels Bohr Institute - Research Institute of the University

Research Institute of the University, Center during 1920s 1930s

Lowell Bergman

Lowell Bergman - Reva

Reva, David Logan Distinguished Chair, Winner of numerous awards, Founder of the Center, Investigative correspondent for the New York Times from 1999 2008, New York Times correspondent until a senior 2008 producer

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park - California state park in located Napa County

California state park in located Napa County, Center of social activity, Open Monday holidays of July

Rockefeller University

Rockefeller University - Center for scientific research

Center for scientific research, Prestigious one institutes for biomedical research

San Benito, Texas

San Benito, Texas - City in Cameron County

City in Cameron County, Located west of the center, Village with a moderate number


Silao - Center of agricultural, industrial activity

Center of agricultural, industrial activity, Located, Mexican state of Guanajuato

Frank Drake

Frank Drake - American astronomer

American astronomer, Astrophysicist, Member of the National Academy, Director of the Center, Interested possibility that the very, numerous, red dwarf stars

Doukissis Plakentias station

Doukissis Plakentias station - Athens Metro Blue Line

Athens Metro Blue Line, Proastiakos station, Terminal point for most trains, Nearest center of Chalandri, Located Attiki Odos, Located, administrative boundaries of the municipality, End of Doukissis Plakentias Avenue

MetroTech Center

MetroTech Center - Business

Business, Educational center, Center

List of companies of Ukraine

List of companies of Ukraine - Sovereign state in Eastern Europe

Sovereign state in Eastern Europe, Center of the first, eastern, Slavic state

Doris Duke

Doris Duke - American heiress

American heiress, Socialite, Only child of James Buchanan Duke, Wheel, Center of a controversy


Ukraine - Active member of the partnership

Active member of the partnership, Ukrainian, dominant language in cities, Home, Wide range, Center of the first, eastern, Slavic state, Territorial dispute with Russia