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DALnet - Internet Relay Chat network

Internet Relay Chat network, Case, Utopia of any kind, Biggest one four IRC networks

Exponential distribution

Exponential distribution - Only, continuous probability distribution

Only, continuous probability distribution, Special case of type, Same class of exponential families


Berane - Administrative centre of municipality

Administrative centre of municipality, Case with small communities, Administrative centre of Berane Municipality, Largest one towns of northeastern Montenegro, Poorest one settlements in Montenegro

Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi - Record

Record, Lead prosecutor in the case

Federal Project Number One

Federal Project Number One - Collective One name for a group

Collective One name for a group, Unique One U, Case in point

Hymenolepis diminuta

Hymenolepis diminuta - Prevalent, few, human hundred cases

Prevalent, few, human hundred cases, Sparse scientists, Asymptomatic

Police ranks of the United Kingdom

Police ranks of the United Kingdom - Bottom

Bottom, Case, Detective sergeant

Audio crossover

Audio crossover - Type of electronic filter circuitry

Type of electronic filter circuitry, Case, Results


Nim - Mathematical game of strategy for 2 people

Mathematical game of strategy for 2 people, Special case of a poset game, Variation, Variant of Nim


Photochromism - Reversible transformation of a chemical species

Reversible transformation of a chemical species, Special case of a photochemical reaction

John Hyrcanus

John Hyrcanus - Hasmonean leader

Hasmonean leader, Jewish, High Priest, Excellent case of a ruler

Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution - Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil, Thacker, Constitutionality of the law, Subsidized, muzzled, public opinion silenced business, Cases of Huntington, Tax on State bank, Duty, Outgrowth, Profit, Record

Asymptotic gain model

Asymptotic gain model - Representation of the gain

Representation of the gain, Special case of the extra element theorem


Square - Symmetric object

Symmetric object, Special case of many, lower symmetry quadrilaterals

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal - Computer software system

Computer software system, Extreme case of a common UI phenomenon


Amber - Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization

Macromolecule by free, radical polymerization, Translucent, yellow, orange, brown fossil resin from evergreen trees, Fluorescent, rarest, Dominican amber is blue amber, Fossilized resin of ancient trees, Poor conductor of heat, Enigmatic object of beauty, Different case, Fascinating detective story, Wonderful, evocative journey, First, commercial one products, First one stones, Few one varieties, Softest one gem types, Same, typical tree, Interdisciplinary, Property of the finder

Vector bundle

Vector bundle - Special fiber bundles

Special fiber bundle s, Abstraction of the tubular neighbourhood, Special case of the notion

Tuberculosis management

Tuberculosis management - Global, pandemic disease caused new nine million cases

Global, pandemic disease caused new nine million cases, Important health problem

.223 Remington

.223 Remington - Rifle cartridge

Rifle cartridge, Compact case with limited case capacity, Mainstay of benchrest competition


Hypercube - Special case of a hyperrectangle

Special case of a hyperrectangle, Hypercube

Western Shoshone

Western Shoshone - Lead Plaintiff in this case

Lead Plaintiff in this case, Active participant

Cassini oval

Cassini oval - Quartic plane curve

Quartic plane curve, Special case of polynomial lemniscate s


Cube - Only, regular hexahedron

Only, regular hexahedron, Square, parallelepiped, equilateral cuboid, Right rhombohedron, Special case in various classes, Part of a sequence, Square prism

Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi, Texas - Home of Midget Ocean

Home of Midget Ocean, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Rugby Football Club, Three story buff brick structure, Padre Island, Mustang Island, Windy wind speeds, First case to extend the U


Slerp - Case


Hypoglossal nerve

Hypoglossal nerve - Twelfth, cranial nerve

Twelfth, cranial nerve, Motor, Palate elevators, Sensory motor innervation of the larynx, Option for cases, First, visible series of roots, General, somatic efferent type

.45 Schofield

.45 Schofield - Popular handgun in the old west

Popular handgun in the old west, Popular choice since the case


Pneumothorax - Abnormal collection of air

Abnormal collection of air, Special case of SSP, Common people with Pneumocystis pneumonia, Greek meaning air

Effective interest rate

Effective interest rate - Special case of the internal rate

Special case of the internal rate

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Exempt, accidental vicissitudes

Exempt, accidental vicissitudes, Same cases, Many respects, Same circumstances with this no one, Same members of a community, Greatest bodies, Country, First cause of industry, Favourable, perpetual warfare, London, One period of great service, Greatest example, Warlike barbarians, First, great branch of revenue, Case with France, Thing, Five times, Least part of the business, Specimen of the attention, Industrious

Basmachi movement

Basmachi movement - Case in TURKEY

Case in TURKEY, Reaction, Conscription, Bandits

Semantic network

Semantic network - Network of relations

Network of relations, Special case of a propositional, semantic network, Systematic innovation at the age, Description of relations, Different, semantic network in goal

SS 433

SS 433 - 433 microquasar

433 microquasar, 433 one case, First 433 example, Exotic 433 one star system

Albert Speer

Albert Speer - German architect

German architect, Voracious reader, Case during the last phase, Error, Document, Active sports, Significant, psychological pressure during this period, Aware activities


Wallet - Small, flat case

Small, flat case, Digital wallet

Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand - Only sportsperson

Only sportsperson, Case, Bollywood heartthrob, Pop singer, Youngest 3 children, One six players in history

Province of Guadalajara

Province of Guadalajara - Case with areas

Case with areas

Twin cities

Twin cities - Special case of two cities

Special case of two cities

Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution - Case regarding something

Case regarding something, Panel of citizens, Juries, Regular jury, Doubt


Idea - Experience

Experience, Mode of thought, Mental operation in this case

Anosov diffeomorphism

Anosov diffeomorphism - Special case of Axiom a systems

Special case of Axiom a systems, Transitive

Culture of Turkey

Culture of Turkey - Unique case in this regard

Unique case in this regard

Harold Hitz Burton

Harold Hitz Burton - American politician

American politician, Lawyer, Lone dissenter in the case, Centrist majority on the court

Corn snake

Corn snake - North, American species of rat snake

North, American species of rat snake, Prime example of this latter case, Place, Popular pets for reptile enthusiasts, Rich Zuchowski engineered corn snake, Hybrids between a corn snake, Individualists in the main lead, Diurnal, warmer periods in warmer climates scientists, Popular one types of snakes


Easter - First Sunday after the astronomical, full moon

First Sunday after the astronomical, full moon, Many countries, Saturday after Easter Sunday, Fundamental, important festival of the Eastern, Public holiday is the case, Public holiday, Conditional, public holiday in Tasmania


Alliteration - Figure of speech

Figure of speech, Special case of consonance

Corbiere v Canada (Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs)

Corbiere v Canada (Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs) - Supreme Court of Canada case

Supreme Court of Canada case, First case, Status belonging to the Indian Batchewana First Nation

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - More, philosophical, metaphysical teaching Order

More, philosophical, metaphysical teaching Order, Reality, Absence, Case for the Builders, Comprehensive set of ideas, Final straw

Edmund Husserl

Edmund Husserl - German philosopher

German philosopher, Ugly 1933 year, Case, Mathematics

Polygon triangulation

Polygon triangulation - Special case of triangulation

Special case of triangulation, Way to create a triangulation

Patrick Hastings

Patrick Hastings - British barrister

British barrister, Politician, Lucky, first case, Embittered disaster

Abaco Islands

Abaco Islands - Unhappy prospect

Unhappy prospect, Good case, Deep water channel from the American mainland

Roman Britain

Roman Britain - Area of the island

Area of the island, Frontier province, Largest, European region of the former, western, Roman empire, Case in point


Incandescence - Emission of electromagnetic radiation

Emission of electromagnetic radiation, Special case of thermal radiation

Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County, California - County in the U

County in the U, Home of Sonoma State University, Several, Native, American tribe S, Case with coastal counties, Original one counties


Bankruptcy - Legal, only, legal status of a person that an insolvent person

Legal, only, legal status of a person that an insolvent person, Federal crime in the United States, Chapter, 7 cases

Feni (liquor)

Feni (liquor) - Spirit

Spirit, Beverage, Emblematic, alcoholic distillation, Case in point, Mixed Limca


Chomp - Special case of a poset game

Special case of a poset game

The Extended Phenotype

The Extended Phenotype - 1982 book by Richard Dawkins

1982 book by Richard Dawkins, Special case, Phenotype

Ex parte Merryman

Ex parte Merryman - Case



Alang - Census town in Bhavnagar district

Census town in Bhavnagar district, Wonder of the world, Typical case, Innocent place, Reporters, Kind of place, Larger hamlet as a result

Linear programming

Linear programming - Method to achieve the best outcome

Method to achieve the best outcome, Special case of mathematical programming, Technique for the optimization

Trofim Lysenko

Trofim Lysenko - Soviet agrobiologist

Soviet agrobiologist, Strong proponent of soft inheritance, Funny case, Soviet biologist, Agronomist

Don Baylor

Don Baylor - American, professional baseball player

American, professional baseball player, Manager, Power hitter, Man drawn to family, Strong, peaceful man, Towering figure in the world, Case without precedent, Quiet one strength

The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead - American, supernatural 1981 horror film

American, supernatural 1981 horror film, Genuine case, Bit, Difficult, several arguments

WrestleMania XIX

WrestleMania XIX - First WrestleMania

First WrestleMania, Outstanding Show, Case

Libertarian perspectives on abortion

Libertarian perspectives on abortion - Victimless crime

Victimless crime, Aggression, Hard cases, Difficult one

Bessemer City, North Carolina

Bessemer City, North Carolina - Small, suburban city in Gaston County

Small, suburban city in Gaston County, Case involving a woman, Mining business

Texas v. White

Texas v. White - State of the Union

State of the Union, Significant case, State in this Union

Old French

Old French - Language

Language, Case

Dilation (morphology)

Dilation (morphology) - Particular case of order statistics filters

Particular case of order statistics filters, Basic one operations in Mathematical morphology

SOAS, University of London

SOAS, University of London - Novelty for Prof Bundy

Novelty for Prof Bundy, Case, Arrival

Philosophy of law

Philosophy of law - Bad law

Bad law, Indeterminate judges decide cases

Fairy godmother

Fairy godmother - Special case of the donor

Special case of the donor

Isotopic labeling

Isotopic labeling - Technique

Technique, Special case of isotopic labeling

Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano - American Jazz saxophonist

American Jazz saxophonist, Alto clarinetist, Extreme case at 60, Longtime member of a trio, Prominent Jazz scene in Cleveland

Society of Saint Pius V

Society of Saint Pius V - Different case

Different case, Most Reverend Clarence Kelly, Society of Common Life, Valid, illicit

John Fisher

John Fisher - Figure

Figure, Diligent preacher, Such case, Eldest son of Robert Fisher, Aware, debilitating effects, Located Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport

Mapping cone (topology)

Mapping cone (topology) - Degenerate case of the double mapping cylinder

Degenerate case of the double mapping cylinder

Australian Museum

Australian Museum - Oldest museum in Australia

Oldest museum in Australia, Case in point, Located corner of William Street

Alexei Kosygin

Alexei Kosygin - Case

Case, Kosygin

Romford Market

Romford Market - Large, open market with 270 stalls

Large, open market with 270 stalls, Subject of a legal 1726 case, Hub on the London Bus network, Open Wednesdays


Parallax - Special case of parallax

Special case of parallax, Issue in image stitching


Solubility - Property of a solid, liquid, gaseous chemical substance

Property of a solid, liquid, gaseous chemical substance, Special case of an equilibrium, Fundamental interest, Simple solubility, Fundamental importance in a large number

FOIL method

FOIL method - Acronym for the four terms

Acronym for the four terms, Special case of a general method

Otto Preminger

Otto Preminger - Strange case

Strange case

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina - County on the located border

County on the located border, Member of the regional Centralina Council, Site of an important case in 1971

Ion implantation

Ion implantation - Special case of particle radiation

Special case of particle radiation, Single atom, Molecule, Useful cases, Range of 10 500 keV

Homotopy group

Homotopy group - Fundamental group

Fundamental group, Special case

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy - Synergistic chemotherapy

Synergistic chemotherapy, Elevated, gross tumor volume while radiation, Medical specialty, Special case of external beam radiation therapy, Specialized type of external beam radiation therapy, Course

Congenital syphilis

Congenital syphilis - Syphilis in present utero

Syphilis in present utero, Subset of cases, Systemic disease

Shebaa farms

Shebaa farms - Area

Area, Such one case