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History of Helsinki

History of Helsinki - Capital of Finland

Capital of Finland, European capital of Culture


Colombo - Commercial capital

Commercial capital, Largest, populous city in Sri Lanka, Busy, vibrant place with a mixture, Important, industrial, commercial, administrative centre in Sri Lanka, Busy eve of the festivals, Largest, busiest one port s in Sri Lanka, Capital of the coastal areas


Beirut - Capital

Capital, Largest city of complexities, Focal point of the economy, Destination for tourists, Home for a dynamic street art scene, Lebanese American University, Main center for the television, Capital of Lebanon, Host city for the 6th, annual Games, Cosmopolitan, diverse one cities of Lebanon, One six mohafazat, Home over 200 stores


Dhaka - Capital

Capital, Largest, first city to host the games, Economic, cultural, political center of Bangladesh the Bangladesh textile industry, Home of the most, local business conglomerate over 300,000 Bihari refugees, Economic business center of the country, Press, Media, Largest, Bangladeshi newspapers, Oldest institution for higher education, Only, domestic List, Cricket tournament, Commercial capital of the Empire, Largest, prosperous one cities in South Asia, Located, central Bangladesh


Vilnius - Capital of Lithuania

Capital of Lithuania, Seat of the main government institutions, Major, economic centre of Lithuania, Host, Numerous lakes, Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, European Capital of culture in 2009, Flourishing capital of the Grand Duchy, Located southeast part of Lithuania


Prague - Capital

Capital, Largest, windy city with common, sustained, western winds, Home, Many breweries, Site of many sports events, City in the territory, Location of U, True, European capital


Cagliari - Italian Municipality

Italian Municipality, Capital, 26th, largest city in Italy, Main trade, Industrial centre, Home, Amazon warehouse, Main, operational headquarters of the Banco di Sardegna, Football team Cagliari Calcio, Ideal location for water sports, Criminal, civil, administrative accounting courts, University, Seat of the Pontifical Faculty, Hub of the administration offices, Capital of the kingdom, Birthplace, Residence, Rich monuments


Belgrade - Capital of Serbia Serbian culture

Capital of Serbia Serbian culture, Largest city, Home, Many ethnicities, Important media hub in Serbia, Something, Easy fathom, Separate, territorial unit in Serbia, Main business district in the country, Capital of Yugoslavia the Serbian state, Oldest one cities in Europe, List of significant 40 fashion weeks


Stuttgart - Capital

Capital, Largest city with a high number, Chief of the three centers Stuttgart Metropolitan Region, Central institution of the University, Archive in charge, Hub in the InterCityExpress, European 2007 capital of Sport, Unusual scheme of German cities

Djibouti City

Djibouti City - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Home, Armoured Regiment, Populous settlement in Djibouti, Largest, important, educational center for broadcast media in the nation, Major transportation hub, Home, Stade du Ville, Cultural, industrial center of Djibouti, Poor, urban country, Capital, Largest settlement, Home, Different, architectural styles, Smallest province in the country, Located, eastern Djibouti of the Somalia border, One six regions of Djibouti


Bayonne - Capital of Labourd in 1023

Capital of Labourd in 1023, Important, military base, Cultural capital, City, Focus, Basketball club with a male section, Important place for Basque pelota, Diocese of Bayonne


Buea - Capital of the Southwest Region

Capital of the Southwest Region, Colonial capital of German Kamerun


Banjarmasin - Capital of South Kalimantan

Capital of South Kalimantan, Capital of Dutch Borneo


Salalah - Capital

Capital, Seat, Second, largest city in the Sultanate, Birthplace of the current Sultan, Home, Private university, Traditional capital of Dhofar the Sultanate between 1932 1970, Cloudy monsoon months of July


Fustat - First capital of Egypt

First capital of Egypt, Centre of power, Major city in the 9th century, Major production centre for Islamic art from 975 1075, Capital of Egypt, Today, Part


Guilin - Cultural centre

Cultural centre, Center, Capital of Guangxi, Capital of the area, Located, northern Guangxi

Appenzell District

Appenzell District - District of the canton

District of the canton, Home, Innerhodische Kantonsbibliothek und Volksbibliothek library, Capital of the half canton, Net importer of workers

History of Moscow

History of Moscow - Capital of the Russian, Soviet, Federative Socialist Republic

Capital of the Russian, Soviet, Federative Socialist Republic, Scene of a coup attempt in 1991, Stable, prosperous, many years, Important one heritage of architecture

Ganondagan State Historic Site

Ganondagan State Historic Site - Principal town

Principal town, Capital, Center of the story

Chukha District

Chukha District - One 20 dzongkhag

One 20 dzongkhag, Commercial, financial capital of Bhutan

Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus - Capital of the Romulan Star Empire

Capital of the Romulan Star Empire


Pavia - Capital of the fertile province

Capital of the fertile province, Episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop, Several cities


Tskhinvali - Capital of South Ossetia

Capital of South Ossetia


Orhei - City

City, Municipality, Capital of Orhei County, First place, Home, Many Jews


Warri - Provincial capital

Provincial capital, British rule, Christian mixture of African, traditional religions, Major one hubs of petroleum activities, Markets, Jetties


Banganapalle - Capital of the princely state between 1790 1948

Capital of the princely state between 1790 1948


Alofi - Capital of the Pacific Ocean island nation

Capital of the Pacific Ocean island nation


Alessandria - City

City, Comune, Major railway hub, Savoyard territory from 1814, Part, First capital of an Italian province, Located, humid, subtropical climate


Guiyang - Capital of Guizhou province

Capital of Guizhou province, Economic, commercial hub of Guizhou Province, Railway hub in southwest China, Important one air transport hubs in Southwest China


Yinchuan - Capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Chief, agricultural market, Distribution center, Center for the Muslim minority peoples, Administrative, commercial center


Chuncheon - Capital of Gangwon Province

Capital of Gangwon Province, Northern city of South Korea


Harar - Rare example of a preserved, historic town

Rare example of a preserved, historic town, Administrative capital of the Harari People National Regional State

Roger Crozier

Roger Crozier - Canadian, professional ice Hockey goaltender

Canadian, professional ice Hockey goaltender, Head coach of the Capitals


Apia - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Location of the first goal, Largest, busiest harbour in Samoa

Guatemala City

Guatemala City - Capital of the local Municipality

Capital of the local Municipality, Headquarters, Numerous, regional, private banks, Warm, springlike course of the year


Mayapan - Largest, Ancient, Maya, political capital of the Postclassic period

Largest, Ancient, Maya, political capital of the Postclassic period, 4


Kurunegala - Major city in Sri Lanka

Major city in Sri Lanka, Primary, geographical feature of Kurunegala, Central city in Sri Lanka, Transit city on road, Ancient, royal capital for 50 years

Tbilisi Metro

Tbilisi Metro - Capital of the former, Soviet republic

Capital of the former, Soviet republic, Least sovietised of the former SSR cities, Only one cities of the former USSR

Qazvin Province

Qazvin Province - One 31 provinces of Iran

One 31 provinces of Iran, Location of a former capital, Location of the Saint Hripsime church, Center of textile trade


Yakutsk - Capital city of the Sakha Republic

Capital city of the Sakha Republic, Major port on the Lena River, Biggest city, Capital of the Sakha Republic, Destination of the Lena Highway


Riom - Capital of the dukes

Capital of the dukes

Munich Business School

Munich Business School - Private, international business school in located Munich

Private, international business school in located Munich, Capital, Largest, third, largest city in Germany


Kaesong - Capital of Goryeo

Capital of Goryeo, Major destination for foreign visitors


Dili - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Melting pot of the different, ethnic groups, Two hours by air

Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria - Seat

Seat, Port city with a sizeable fishing industry, Byzantine centre of culture, Capital of Calabria Ulteriore Prima, Important one cities in Greater Greece, Expression of malcontent

Boa Vista, Roraima

Boa Vista, Roraima - Capital of the Brazilian state

Capital of the Brazilian state


Dessau - Capital of Free State from 1918 1945

Capital of Free State from 1918 1945, Part of the InterCity, Located, flat landscape of the Saxon Lowland


Halebidu - Regal capital of the Hoysala Empire

Regal capital of the Hoysala Empire, Located distance of 149 km


Kingstown - Capital

Capital, Chief port


Einsiedeln - Birthplace of Paracelsus

Birthplace of Paracelsus, Capital, Municipality, National ski jumping venue, Located, southern end of the lake

Black River, Jamaica

Black River, Jamaica - Capital of St

Capital of St


Udine - Historical capital of Friuli

Historical capital of Friuli


Budaun - Famous, important city

Famous, important city, Seat, Big market, 229 km from New Delhi, Largest producer of wheat, Capital of Delhi Sultanate, Town in 1911, District, Famous Barelwi sectors of Muslims, Tropical region, Less, polluted one cities of UP, Rare one cities


Hefei - Temporary capital for Anhui

Temporary capital for Anhui, Location of east, Rapid transit rail network under construction


Jayapura - Provincial capital of Papua

Provincial capital of Papua, Largest city in the Indonesian part, 94,000 Ha in area

Thinadhoo (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll)

Thinadhoo (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll) - Capital of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll

Capital of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll

Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport - Only airport in Malta

Only airport in Malta, Located southwest of the capital, Part of the Malta International Airport

Montego Bay

Montego Bay - Capital of the parish

Capital of the parish

Saint Peter Port

Saint Peter Port - Capital of Guernsey

Capital of Guernsey, Small town


Perpignan - Capital of the former province

Capital of the former province, Located Center of the Roussillon plain


Zhenjiang - Provincial capital of Jiangsu

Provincial capital of Jiangsu, Seat of feudal domains, Home, Silkworm Raising Research Institute, Located, convenient Yangtze River Delta transport corridor at the crossroads


Silistra - Administrative, educational center of the Silistra Province

Administrative, educational center of the Silistra Province, Major, cultural, industrial transportation, Capital of Durostor County between 1913 1938, Northeastern part of Bulgaria


Mamoudzou - Capital of the French, overseas region

Capital of the French, overseas region, Populated commune of Mayotte


Stobi - Ancient town of Paeonia

Ancient town of Paeonia, Capital of the Roman province Macedonia Salutaris, Small one number of cities, Active period between the reign

Las Anod

Las Anod - Administrative capital of the northern Sool region

Administrative capital of the northern Sool region


Roseau - Capital

Capital, Largest city


Sardis - Capital of the ancient kingdom

Capital of the ancient kingdom


Amsterdam - Capital

Capital, Populous municipality, Nekkeveld estate conservation project, Financial business capital of the Netherlands, Kleinkunstacademie, Multicultural, largest city with a population, Lot, Home of the Eredivisie football club Ajax Amsterdam, Part of the conglomerate, Result of conscious city planning, Home of Ajax, International railway station, Western Netherlands in the province, Sea level, Best, European one cities, Popular one tourist destinations in Europe, 20 minutes by train


Khorramabad - City in capital

City in capital, 3 km south of the city

Tyumen Oblast

Tyumen Oblast - Federal subject of Russia

Federal subject of Russia, Largest producer of oil, Largest city, Capital, Service center for gas, Ekaterinburg timezone


Rize - Capital city of Rize Province

Capital city of Rize Province, Center for processing, Quiet town, Typical, Turkish, provincial capital, Mountainous city making industrial development

Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island - One number of islands

One number of islands, Accessible ferry from Mumbai, Capital of a powerful, local kingdom, Located, western India on Elephanta Island


Turnhout - Capital of the administrative district

Capital of the administrative district, Host, Biannual, comic festival Strip Turnhout


Thanesar - Historic town

Historic town, Important Hindu pilgrimage centre, Municipal Council, Legislative Assembly of Haryana constituency, Obscure village until the 1950s, Capital of the Vardhana


Brazzaville - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Atlantic Ocean of the equator

Pago Pago

Pago Pago - Territorial capital of American Samoa

Territorial capital of American Samoa, Business

Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib - City

City, Capital, Located Pakistan about 50 miles west, Smallest one gurdwaras in Nankana


Vaduz - Capital of Liechtenstein

Capital of Liechtenstein

Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Small fishing port


Wil - Capital of the Wahlkreis

Capital of the Wahlkreis, Third, largest city in the Canton


Oulu - Capital of the Province

Capital of the Province, Home, Northerly architecture school, One nine schools in Finland


Malabo - Capital of Equatorial Guinea

Capital of Equatorial Guinea, Oldest city in Equatorial Guinea, Commercial, financial center

Old Goa

Old Goa - 10 kilometres of the East state capital Panaji

10 kilometres of the East state capital Panaji, Second capital after Bijapur


Schwyz - Capital of a canton

Capital of a canton, Home, Kantonsbibliothek Schwyz library


Thatta - City in the Pakistan

City in the Pakistan, Medieval capital of Sindh


Maseru - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Located Lesotho by the South Africa n

Geography of the Soviet Union

Geography of the Soviet Union - Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people

Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people, Tashkent, Capital, Tadzhikistan, Fertile Triangle, Elite organization, Highest, administrative unit in the Communist party, Highest, legislative body, Ranking member of the Politburo, Endowed, major category of natural resource, Many ways, High, One investment, Varied, major factor was weather, Mount Elbrus, Great lovers of music, Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Miaskovsky, Black Azov seas, Caspian Sea


Tenochtitlan - Capital of the Mexican civilization

Capital of the Mexican civilization

Jessore District

Jessore District - Capital of the district

Capital of the district, First, digital district in Bangladesh, Midway along the route

Fort Bassein

Fort Bassein - Monument of national importance

Monument of national importance, Portuguese, Northern capital


Mersin - Large city

Large city, Port, Provincial capital of the eponymous Mersin Province, International hub for many Vessels


Amarapura - Former capital of Myanmar

Former capital of Myanmar, Part of Mandalay