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Clay Shaw

Clay Shaw - Businessman in New Orleans

Businessman in New Orleans, Person, Observant businessman, Other two sitters

Michael Tabor

Michael Tabor - Bookmaker

Bookmaker, Businessman, Successful businessman, Prominent, thoroughbred racehorse, , Business

Richard Ravitch

Richard Ravitch - American politician

American politician, Businessman, Member of the third generation, Active, Jewish affairs

Daniel K. Ludwig

Daniel K. Ludwig - United States shipping magnate

United States shipping magnate, Businessman, One seven brothers in a family

Scott McCallum

Scott McCallum - American businessman

American businessman, Former politician, Chairman of the State Senate Campaign Committee from 1976 1980

William E. Simon

William E. Simon - American businessman

American businessman, Secretary, Pioneer of the leveraged buyout, Resident of Harding Township, President of the U from 1980 1984, Active member of the United States Olympic Committee, Successful banker, Public servant, Large

Fred Swanton

Fred Swanton - Businessman


Nicky Oppenheimer

Nicky Oppenheimer - South, African businessman

South, African businessman, Philanthropist

James Mason Hutchings

James Mason Hutchings - American businessman of the principal one promoters

American businessman of the principal one promoters, Genial host, Familiar stage routes as the surrounding country, First one settlers in Yosemite Valley

Vincent Astor

Vincent Astor - Businessman

Businessman, Philanthropist, Interested trains

Ezra Cornell

Ezra Cornell - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Governor of New York, Distant, relative William Cornell

Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner - American businessman

American businessman, Author of Work, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Performer by profession, Executive producer of the show

Alexei Mordashov

Alexei Mordashov - Russian businessman

Russian businessman, Billionaire, Son of parents

Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman - Russian business magnate

Russian business magnate, Investor, Member, Successful Businessman, One founders of the Russian, Jewish Congress

Paul Otellini

Paul Otellini - American businessman

American businessman, Former president, Roman, Catholic priest in the Archdiocese

Robert Atkinson Davis

Robert Atkinson Davis - Businessman

Businessman, Manitoba politician, Member of the standing committee

Walter Cunningham

Walter Cunningham - Successful businessman

Successful businessman, Investor, Member of numerous ORGANIZATIONS

Aaron Lufkin Dennison

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - American watchmaker

American watchmaker, Businessman, Factory superintendent

John A. McCone

John A. McCone - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Executive vice President of Consolidated

John Garamendi

John Garamendi - American rancher

American rancher, Businessman, Eagle Scout, Member of Sigma Chi, Graduate of the University, Good man with extraordinary skills, California Insurance Commissioner from the 1991 1995 2003 2007 U

John A. Allison IV

John A. Allison IV - American businessman

American businessman, Former CEO, Staunch opponent of the Federal Reserve, Interesting merger

Lee Shubert

Lee Shubert - Hard, nosed businessman

Hard, nosed businessman, Al Jolson

Richard M. Scrushy

Richard M. Scrushy - American businessman

American businessman

The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five - English Five pop rock group

English Five pop rock group, Clark on drums, Good musician, Better businessman, Regulars on the American charts, Top one three ten hits for the DC5

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy - American businessman

American businessman, Few one CEOs of a major corporation

Nobuyuki Idei

Nobuyuki Idei - Japanese businessman

Japanese businessman, Work on grander ideas

Peter B. Lewis

Peter B. Lewis - American businessman

American businessman, Trustee of Princeton University, Advocate, Board

Praful Patel

Praful Patel - Indian politician

Indian politician, Businessman, Member of a number

Donald Bren

Donald Bren - President of MVC

President of MVC, Largest shareholder, Supporter of Republicans, American businessman, Complex, Mysterious character, Hurry,

Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes

Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes - Businessman

Businessman, Bonapartist emigre living

Passmore Williamson

Passmore Williamson - Abolitionist

Abolitionist, Businessman

John Wilson McConnell

John Wilson McConnell - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman, Newspaper publisher, Principled, brilliant business with a visionary, strong work ethic

George P. Mitchell

George P. Mitchell - American businessman

American businessman, Real estate developer, Developer of the Woodlands

Tom Apodaca

Tom Apodaca - Businessman

Businessman, State legislator

Rinat Akhmetov

Rinat Akhmetov - Ukrainian businessman

Ukrainian businessman, Oligarch, Owner, President

Joseph Jenkins Roberts

Joseph Jenkins Roberts - First, seventh president of Liberia

First, seventh president of Liberia, Successful businessman

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo - Italian businessman

Italian businessman, Former chairman

Bruce Wasserstein

Bruce Wasserstein - American investment banker

American investment banker, Businessman, Editor on high school newspaper

Pete Geren

Pete Geren - 28th Undersecretary of the Army

28th Undersecretary of the Army, Attorney, Businessman, Member of the U, Secretary of the Army

Edward Cave

Edward Cave - English printer

English printer, Editor, Astute businessman

James Reilly (Canadian politician)

James Reilly (Canadian politician) - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman, Politician

James C. Bennett

James C. Bennett - American businessman with a background

American businessman with a background, President, Chairman

Dwight Chapin

Dwight Chapin - American, political organizer

American, political organizer, Businessman

Charles Crane

Charles Crane - Businessman

Businessman, Politician

David Koch

David Koch - American businessman

American businessman, Philanthropist, Influential libertarian, Fourth, richest person in America, Chairman of the board, Eponym of the David H, Contributor, Smithsonian Institution, Six foot with long five arms, Daughter of Margaret W, Executive vice president in New York, Buoyant mood, Third four sons with elder brothers Frederick R, Executive vice president of Koch Industries

Samuel Henry Kress

Samuel Henry Kress - Businessman

Businessman, Philanthropist, Founder, President

John Brogden (politician)

John Brogden (politician) - Australian businessman

Australian businessman, Former Politician, Chairman of Lifeline, Consultant at public affairs company Cosway Australia from 1994 1995

Walter Bagehot

Walter Bagehot - British journalist

British journalist, Businessman, Devout advocate of a principled pragmatism, Second of two children, Social, private

John Mica

John Mica - American businessman

American businessman, Consultant, Chairman of the House Transportation

O. C. Barber

O. C. Barber - American businessman

American businessman, Industrialist, Leader, Founder, Sole owner

Jeb Stuart Magruder

Jeb Stuart Magruder - American businessman

American businessman, Political operative, Second official in the administration, Excellent junior tennis player, Swimmer, Only, direct participant of the scandal

Ronald Perelman

Ronald Perelman - American businessman

American businessman, Investor

Jabez Bunting Snowball

Jabez Bunting Snowball - Businessman

Businessman, 11th lieutenant governor, Tough master, Hard working

Simon Bradstreet

Simon Bradstreet - Colonial magistrate

Colonial magistrate, Businessman, Outspoken opposition

John Lynch (New Hampshire)

John Lynch (New Hampshire) - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Only Democrat elected to statewide office

Peter Chernin

Peter Chernin - American businessman

American businessman, Investor, Chairman of the Chernin Group, President of entertainment from 1989 1992

Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson - American businessman

American businessman, Philanthropist, Chairman, Chief executive, Effective lobbyist, Van Etten, 61 cluster of McCain campaign officials, 61 center, 28 time

Michael Dell

Michael Dell - American businessman

American businessman, Investor, Young two decades at the helm, Top one vendors of personal computers

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Antoinette Brown Blackwell - Unprepared, critical attitudes of women

Unprepared, critical attitudes of women, Adamant compromise, Few one women, Businessman, Brother

Murray Haszard

Murray Haszard - New Zealand entrepreneur

New Zealand entrepreneur, Businessman, Founder, Chairman

William Tuke

William Tuke - English businessman

English businessman, Philanthropist, Few one voices in Britain

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt - American software engineer

American software engineer, Businessman, Few one people

Theodore M. Pomeroy

Theodore M. Pomeroy - American businessman

American businessman, Politician

Jerry Colangelo

Jerry Colangelo - American businessman

American businessman, Sports executive, Part of an investment group planning development, Essential part of the group in 1989, Christian

Albert Jean Amateau

Albert Jean Amateau - Turkish rabbi

Turkish rabbi, Businessman, Advocate of peace

David Dewhurst

David Dewhurst - American politician

American politician, Businessman, Business man, Rancher, Candidate

Charles Reed Bishop

Charles Reed Bishop - American businessman

American businessman, Politician

A. Alfred Taubman

A. Alfred Taubman - American businessman

American businessman, Investor, Majority owner of the Michigan Panthers from 1983 1984

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Jeffrey Katzenberg - American businessman

American businessman, Film studio executive, Longtime supporter of Barack Obama, Uncertain

Charles Deering

Charles Deering - American businessman

American businessman, Art collector, Member of the famous Jekyll Island Club, Cultural, educational facility

Charles Erwin Wilson

Charles Erwin Wilson - American engineer

American engineer, Businessman

Owen D. Young

Owen D. Young - American industrialist

American industrialist, Businessman, Only child, Instrumental plans for a state University system

Thierry Breton

Thierry Breton - French businessman

French businessman, Former professor

Darius N. Couch

Darius N. Couch - American soldier

American soldier, Businessman, Unsuccessful, Democratic Candidate for Governor, Command of division

Cadwallader C. Washburn

Cadwallader C. Washburn - American businessman

American businessman, Politician

John S. Pillsbury

John S. Pillsbury - American politician

American politician, Businessman

Erskine Bowles

Erskine Bowles - American businessman

American businessman, Political figure, Member of the board

George Weston

George Weston - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman, Founder, First baker, Deliveryman, Active affairs of other companies

William Stamps Farish III

William Stamps Farish III - American businessman

American businessman, Former U, Former US Ambassador, Court, Founder of an investment firm, Founding director of Eurus

Webb Hayes

Webb Hayes - American businessman

American businessman, Soldier, Member of the Ohio Commandery, Veteran member of the First Cleveland Troop

Platon Lebedev

Platon Lebedev - Russian businessman

Russian businessman, Former CEO

Peter Pears

Peter Pears - Civil engineer

Civil engineer, Successful businessman, Famous tenor, Organist, Organ scholar of Hertford College, Collaborator, Companion

Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne

Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne - American politician

American politician, Prosperous businessman in active, Irish, American politics

Ezra Butler Eddy

Ezra Butler Eddy - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman, Political figure, Major manufacturer of matches, Scottish ancestry

JR Shaw

JR Shaw - Canadian businessman

Canadian businessman

Jan Zwartendijk

Jan Zwartendijk - Dutch businessman

Dutch businessman, Diplomat

Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft - American businessman

American businessman, President of International Forest Products, Investor in New England Television Corp

Bill Haslam

Bill Haslam - American businessman

American businessman, Politician, Presbyterian is a longtime member, Member of the Mayors, One owners of the Tennessee Smokies, Abortion

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter - Canny businesswoman

Canny businesswoman, Estate manager for the Trust, Generous patron of the Girl Guides, Avid lover of animals, Delicate child in the ill, Important author on the Warne list, Owner of a considerable amount, Meticulous photographer, Strong Unitarian, Successful businessman, Typical women, Aware art, Safe care, Irritated, Three days, Aware others, Angry America, Irritated, whole business, Pleased, flattered child, Interested branch of natural Science

Alexander Keiller (archaeologist)

Alexander Keiller (archaeologist) - Scottish archaeologist

Scottish archaeologist, Businessman, Interested archaeology

William B. Washburn

William B. Washburn - American businessman

American businessman, Politician

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes - British businessman

British businessman, Mining magnate, Biological, maximal racist, Peripheral, influential character in the the Historical, novel Covenant, Ultimate imperialist, Supreme imperialist, Difficult subject, BSAC