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Martin Nowak

Martin Nowak - Professor of biology

Professor of biology, Corresponding member of the Austrian Academy


Glucose - Simple sugar with the molecular formula C

Simple sugar with the molecular formula C, Hexose, Aldose, Primary energy substrate of the brain, Ubiquitous fuel in biology, Major energy source for the brain

Regeneration (biology)

Regeneration (biology) - Rare phenomenon in mammals

Rare phenomenon in mammals, Way that animals, Process, Part of developmental biology, Different reproduction, Common invertebrates, Widespread echinoderms

Sea urchin

Sea urchin - Favourite one food of many lobsters

Favourite one food of many lobster s, Favorite foods of sea otter s, Members of the phylum echinoderm ata, Common source of injury, Traditional model organisms in developmental biology

Baruch Samuel Blumberg

Baruch Samuel Blumberg - Eloquent writer giving a fascinating account

Eloquent writer giving a fascinating account, Senior Advisor for Biology

Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling - American chemist

American chemist, Biochemist, Honorary President, Member, Founding father of molecular biology

Homology (biology)

Homology (biology) - Initial hypothesis

Initial hypothesis, Central concept of comparative, evolutionary biology


Endocrinology - Branch of biology

Branch of biology, Study of the endocrine system

Human genetics

Human genetics - Study of inheritance

Study of inheritance, Application of genetics, Branch of evolutionary biology

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University - Private, nonprofit, Roman, Catholic, liberal arts university

Private, nonprofit, Roman, Catholic, liberal arts university, Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity employer, Member of the Sunshine State Conference, Associate professor of biology


Paleontology - Important component of historical biology

Important component of historical biology, Part of the geology departments, Interdependent stratigraphy, Few one fields of science, Historical one sciences


Histology - Essential tool of biology

Essential tool of biology, Area of science

Shirley M. Tilghman

Shirley M. Tilghman - North, American scholar in molecular biology

North, American scholar in molecular biology, Howard a, 19th President of Princeton University, First biologist to hold the Princeton Presidency, Latter

Cell biology

Cell biology - Branch of biology

Branch of biology

Evolutionary biology

Evolutionary biology - Subfield of biology

Subfield of biology

John Maynard Smith

John Maynard Smith - British, theoretical, evolutionary biologist

British, theoretical, evolutionary biologist, Geneticist, Emeritus Professor of biology, Instrumental application of game theory, Remarkable breadth, Enthusiastic, new data sources

Allee effect

Allee effect - Phenomenon in biology

Phenomenon in biology, Positive relationship between the overall, individual fitness, Demographic Allee effect without a critical population size


Mycology - Branch of biology

Branch of biology

Multilocus sequence typing

Multilocus sequence typing - Technique in molecular Biology

Technique in molecular Biology

Tom Maniatis

Tom Maniatis - American professor of Molecular, cellular Biology

American professor of Molecular, cellular Biology, Graduate of the University, Pioneer in the biotechnology industry

Molecular genetics

Molecular genetics - Field of biology

Field of biology

C. H. Waddington

C. H. Waddington - British, developmental biologist

British, developmental biologist, Paleontologist, Profound thinker about biology


Biopolitics - Intersectional field between biology

Intersectional field between biology

Charles Yanofsky

Charles Yanofsky - Leading, American geneticist

Leading, American geneticist, Morris Herzstein Professor of Biology

Haldan Keffer Hartline

Haldan Keffer Hartline - Professor of biology

Professor of biology

Steven Rose

Steven Rose - Emeritus professor of biology

Emeritus professor of biology

Wesley Critz George

Wesley Critz George - Professor of histology

Professor of histology, Professor of Biology, American, academic

Geoff Parker

Geoff Parker - Derby professor of biology

Derby professor of biology

Social evolution

Social evolution - Subdiscipline of evolutionary biology

Subdiscipline of evolutionary biology

Molecular ecology

Molecular ecology - Field of evolutionary biology

Field of evolutionary biology

Warren Ewens

Warren Ewens - Fellow of the Royal Society

Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor of Biology, Author of many, scientific publications

Joel Brind

Joel Brind - Professor of human biology

Professor of human biology

Ruth Millikan

Ruth Millikan - Leading, American philosopher of biology

Leading, American philosopher of biology

Functional genomics

Functional genomics - Field of molecular biology

Field of molecular biology

George C. Williams (biologist)

George C. Williams (biologist) - American, evolutionary biologist

American, evolutionary biologist, Professor of biology, Senior figure in the book


Xenobiology - Subfield of synthetic biology

Subfield of synthetic biology, Approach to develop industrial production system