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Sean B. Carroll

Sean B. Carroll - Biologist

Biologist, Author, Member of the National Academy, Forefront of a field

Per Teodor Cleve

Per Teodor Cleve - Swedish chemist

Swedish chemist, Biologist, First person to describe the plankton species Nitzschia seriata in 1883, First observer of isomer ism, Friends with Thomas Edward Thorpe, 13th child of a Swedish merchant

Regine Hildebrandt

Regine Hildebrandt - German biologist

German biologist, Politician

Sandra Steingraber

Sandra Steingraber - American biologist

American biologist, Author

Johann Baptist von Spix

Johann Baptist von Spix - German biologist

German biologist

Drew Endy

Drew Endy - Synthetic biologist

Synthetic biologist, Tenured professor, Engineer by training, Junior fellow for 3 years, Several one founders of the Registry

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle - American, marine biologist

American, marine biologist, Explorer, First, female, chief scientist of the U, Curator of Phycology

Ferdinand Cohn

Ferdinand Cohn - German biologist

German biologist, Director of the institute

Martin Evans

Martin Evans - British biologist

British biologist, Fellow of the Royal Society, Quiet, shy, inquisitive, First scientist to identify embryonic stem cells

Paul R. Ehrlich

Paul R. Ehrlich - American biologist

American biologist, One initiators of the group Zero Population growth

John Shine

John Shine - Australia n biochemist

Australia n biochemist, Molecular biologist, Supernova of the future one winners

Jan Swammerdam

Jan Swammerdam - Dutch biologist

Dutch biologist, Microscopist, Evidence that the brain

William Elford Leach

William Elford Leach - English zoologist

English zoologist, Marine biologist

Edwin Conklin

Edwin Conklin - American biologist

American biologist, Zoologist

Hans Hass

Hans Hass - Austrian biologist

Austrian biologist, Underwater diving pioneer

Walther Flemming

Walther Flemming - German biologist

German biologist, Founder, Prominent one founding fathers of cell

Daniel H. Janzen

Daniel H. Janzen - Evolutionary ecologist

Evolutionary ecologist, Biologist, Rare one academics

Richard J. Roberts

Richard J. Roberts - English biochemist

English biochemist, Molecular biologist, Atheist, Member of the Advisory Board, Atheist, Top scientist

Ivan T. Sanderson

Ivan T. Sanderson - Biologist

Biologist, Writer, Naturalist, Science writer, Early follower of Charles Fort

Karl Ernst von Baer

Karl Ernst von Baer - Naturalist

Naturalist, Biologist, Believer in a teleological force, Interested, Northern part of Russia

Othenio Abel

Othenio Abel - Austria n paleontologist

Austria n paleontologist, Evolutionary biologist, Advocate of orthogenesis

Francis Crick

Francis Crick - Important, theoretical, molecular biologist played a crucial role

Important, theoretical, molecular biologist played a crucial role, Advocate for the establishment, Scientist with a thirst, Firm critic of Young Earth creationism, Close, personal friend, Mentor, Critical Christianity, Skeptical value of computational models, Unknown time

Charles Davenport

Charles Davenport - Prominent, American eugenicist

Prominent, American eugenicist, Biologist

Henry Drummond (evangelist)

Henry Drummond (evangelist) - Scottish evangelist

Scottish evangelist, Biologist

Waldo L. Schmitt

Waldo L. Schmitt - American biologist

American biologist, Aide in Economic Botany, Avid collector took part, Boy Scout

Kenneth R. Miller

Kenneth R. Miller - American cell biologist

American cell biologist, Molecular biologist, Biology professor at Brown University

Lazzaro Spallanzani

Lazzaro Spallanzani - Italian, Catholic priest

Italian, Catholic priest, Biologist, Famous, extensive experiments on the navigation

Patrick Geddes

Patrick Geddes - Scottish biologist

Scottish biologist, Sociologist, Conservationist, Passionate moderniser, Enthusiast for the Garden City Movement, First, foremost botanist, Holistic thinker, Interested science of ecology, Fading, public consciousness, Public communication of the central generalist point

Roman Vishniac

Roman Vishniac - Versatile photographer

Versatile photographer, Accomplished biologist

Raymond Pearl

Raymond Pearl - American biologist

American biologist, Prolific writer of academic books, Chief of the Statistical Division from 1917 1919, Influential member of the Advisory Committee, Supporter of birth control, Biostatistician, Accomplished musician, Assistant in zoology, Large, impressive person, Productive biologists of the 20th century, Unique position

Daniel Simberloff

Daniel Simberloff - Biologist

Biologist, Ecologist

Willi Hennig

Willi Hennig - German biologist

German biologist

Robert Swinhoe

Robert Swinhoe - English biologist

English biologist, Ornithologist, Lepidopterist

Aaron Ciechanover

Aaron Ciechanover - Israeli biologist

Israeli biologist, Member of the Israel Academy the Advisory Board, Atheist

Friedrich Miescher

Friedrich Miescher - Swiss physician

Swiss physician, Biologist

Michael Sars

Michael Sars - Norwegian theologian

Norwegian theologian, Biologist, Last, great, descriptive one zoologists

Julian Huxley

Julian Huxley - Friend

Friend, Mentor, Outspoken critic of the extreme eugenicism, British, evolutionary biologist, Eugenicist, Many one intellectuals at the time

Arthur Winfree

Arthur Winfree - Theoretical biologist at the University

Theoretical biologist at the University, MacArthur Fellow

Mount Babel (Quebec)

Mount Babel (Quebec) - Central peak of the Manicouagan crater

Central peak of the Manicouagan crater, Valuable research ground for biologists

David Lack

David Lack - British, evolutionary biologist

British, evolutionary biologist

Thomas Henry Huxley

Thomas Henry Huxley - English biologist

English biologist, Active member of the Metaphysical society, Single, influential person in this transformation, Pallbearer at the funeral, First Director of UNESCO, Famous author, Comfortable, comparative anatomy

Erkki Pulliainen

Erkki Pulliainen - Finnish biologist

Finnish biologist, Politician

Ludwig von Bertalanffy

Ludwig von Bertalanffy - Austrian biologist

Austrian biologist, Us, Much line with Weiss

Theodor Boveri

Theodor Boveri - German biologist

German biologist

Richard Evans Schultes

Richard Evans Schultes - American biologist

American biologist, Deep, Colombian rain forest

Uwe Kils

Uwe Kils - German, marine biologist

German, marine biologist

Lynn Margulis

Lynn Margulis - American evolution

American evolution, Ary theorist, Associate professor at Boston University by 1970, Renowned, theoretical, theoretical biologist, Professor

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur - French biologist

French biologist, Microbiologist, Interested questions of immunity

David Baltimore

David Baltimore - American biologist

American biologist, University administrator, President of the California Institute

Irwin Rose

Irwin Rose - American biologist

American biologist

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Thomas Hunt Morgan - American, evolutionary biologist

American, evolutionary biologist, Geneticist, Atheist, Only scientist attacking natural selection, Discoverer, Bookkeeper, Unit of measurement, Skeptical, natural selection for many years

Japetus Steenstrup

Japetus Steenstrup - Danish zoologist

Danish zoologist, Biologist, Professor, Zoologist Johan Erik Vesti Boas

Trofim Lysenko

Trofim Lysenko - Soviet agrobiologist

Soviet agrobiologist, Strong proponent of soft inheritance, Funny case, Soviet biologist, Agronomist

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey - American biologist

American biologist, Professor, Atheist, Domestic autocrat, Ardent prohibitionist, Delicate, unhealthy child with interest, Bisexual, young man, Helm of the Institute, Avid, obsessive collector

Oskar Heinroth

Oskar Heinroth - German biologist

German biologist

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming - Scottish physician

Scottish physician, Biologist, Member of the Pontifical Academy

Ronald Fisher

Ronald Fisher - British statistician

British statistician, Biologist, Father of modern statistics, North, American, annual lecture prize

Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer - English philosopher

English philosopher, Biologist, Autodidact, Sort, Proponent of private charity, Different

Mark Benecke

Mark Benecke - German, forensic biologist

German, forensic biologist

Jacques Monod

Jacques Monod - Biologist

Biologist, Fine musician

Seymour Benzer

Seymour Benzer - American physicist

American physicist, Molecular biologist, Subject of the 1999 book time, Forefront of the study, First one scientists

William Bateson

William Bateson - English biologist

English biologist

Aristid Lindenmayer

Aristid Lindenmayer - Hungarian biologist

Hungarian biologist

Shirley M. Tilghman

Shirley M. Tilghman - North, American scholar in molecular biology

North, American scholar in molecular biology, Howard a, 19th President of Princeton University, First biologist to hold the Princeton Presidency, Latter

Alfred Ploetz

Alfred Ploetz - German physician

German physician, Biologist, Supporter of the Nazi Party

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake - Fellow at the Institute

Fellow at the Institute, Biologist, Author, Eldest son of Alfred James

Deborah Charlesworth

Deborah Charlesworth - British, evolutionary biologist

British, evolutionary biologist

E. L. Grant Watson

E. L. Grant Watson - Writer

Writer, Biologist

Stuart Kauffman

Stuart Kauffman - American, medical doctor

American, medical doctor, Theoretical biologist, Regular contributor, Edge, Atheist, Director for biocomplexity, Emeritus professor at the University of biochemistry, Founding, general partner, Chief

John Gurdon

John Gurdon - English, Developmental biologist

English, Developmental biologist, Gurdon Institute in Cambridge

Gerald Edelman

Gerald Edelman - American biologist

American biologist, Director of the Neurosciences Institute, Member of the National Academy, Colleagues

Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff

Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff - German physician

German physician, Biologist

Peter Agre

Peter Agre - American physician

American physician, Molecular biologist, Second of six children, Lutheran, Eagle Scout

Marianne North

Marianne North - Prolific English

Prolific English, Victorian biologist

Richard Axel

Richard Axel - Molecular biologist

Molecular biologist, University Professor, Neuroscientist, University Professor, Professor

Barry Commoner

Barry Commoner - American biologist

American biologist, College professor, Founding Editorial Board of the Journal

E. O. Wilson

E. O. Wilson - American biologist

American biologist, Researcher, Pellegrino University Research Professor, Emeritus, Important one thinkers of the twentieth century

John Maynard Smith

John Maynard Smith - British, theoretical, evolutionary biologist

British, theoretical, evolutionary biologist, Geneticist, Emeritus Professor of biology, Instrumental application of game theory, Remarkable breadth, Enthusiastic, new data sources

Sydney Brenner

Sydney Brenner - South, African biologist

South, African biologist, 2002 Nobel prize

John Murray (oceanographer)

John Murray (oceanographer) - Pioneering, British oceanographer

Pioneering, British oceanographer, Marine biologist

Edward Palmer (botanist)

Edward Palmer (botanist) - Professional botanist

Professional botanist, Biologist

Anthony John Clark

Anthony John Clark - English, molecular biologist

English, molecular biologist, British physicist

Brian Goodwin

Brian Goodwin - Canadian mathematician

Canadian mathematician, Biologist

Alexis Carrel

Alexis Carrel - French surgeon

French surgeon, Biologist, Member, Giant in the field, Interested phenomenon of senescence, Prestigious, experimental surgeons

Camillo Golgi

Camillo Golgi - Italian physician

Italian physician, Biologist, Acute, prolific investigator

DNA ligase

DNA ligase - Versatile tool for molecular biologists

Versatile tool for molecular biologists, Process

Karen R. Hitchcock

Karen R. Hitchcock - American biologist

American biologist, University administrator, Candidate for the post

Michael Ashburner

Michael Ashburner - Biologist

Biologist, Emeritus Professor, Member of the consortium, Early pioneer in the application, One signatories of the first, Open letter

Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel - German biologist

German biologist, Naturalist, Atheist, Zoologist, Accomplished artist

W. D. Hamilton

W. D. Hamilton - Professor of Evolutionary Biology from 1978

Professor of Evolutionary Biology from 1978, Royal Society Research Professor in the Department, Important, theoretical biologist of the 20th century

Douglas J. Futuyma

Douglas J. Futuyma - American, evolutionary biologist

American, evolutionary biologist, Author of undergraduate textbooks, Gay

C. D. Darlington

C. D. Darlington - English biologist

English biologist, Geneticist, Great expositor, Perceptive, original historian, Last, major hereditarian to escape serious, public controversy