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Servian Wall

Servian Wall - Ancient, Roman, defensive barrier

Ancient, Roman, defensive barrier

Jamuna River (Bangladesh)

Jamuna River (Bangladesh) - Wide river

Wide river, Barrier, Main one three rivers of Bangladesh, Existence


Paradox - Sound piece of reasoning

Sound piece of reasoning, Significant barrier, Construction, Authoritative Epistle

Surgical mask

Surgical mask - Effective barriers

Effective barriers, Useful, many patient care areas

Nut (goddess)

Nut (goddess) - Goddess of the sky

Goddess of the sky, Barrier separating the forces

Project Cyclops

Project Cyclops - 1971 NASA Project

1971 NASA Project, 100 MHz, Great, technological barriers

Containment building

Containment building - Fourth, final barrier

Fourth, final barrier, Radioactive release

The Medway Poets

The Medway Poets - Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker, Miriam Carney, Billy Childish, Only thing, Dynamic punk over the top, Certain, Higher level, Free bone prison of the skull, West, Shellac UV service, Halifax, REAL Turner Prize Show in the 2000, Bigger perspective on life, One manifestation of Stuckism, Canvas, 15 may 2004, Consciousness, Vision, Limitation, Barrier, Part of reality, Charly, Best option

Lipid bilayer

Lipid bilayer - Thin, polar membrane

Thin, polar membrane, Barrier between the interior, Large, enough structures, Fragile, invisible, traditional microscope

Electric shock

Electric shock - Physiological reaction

Physiological reaction, Sensation, Barriers


Skin - Soft, outer, soft tissue covering vertebrates exhibits key, mechanical behaviors

Soft, outer, soft tissue covering vertebrate s exhibits key, mechanical behaviors, Strong barrier regarding the passage, Superficial part of the body, Threat, Person, Largest, superficial organ of the body


Vicariance - Process

Process, Precursor, Allopatric speciation, Emergence of geographic barriers

Final protective fire

Final protective fire - Available, preplanned barrier of direct, indirect fire

Available, preplanned barrier of direct, indirect fire

Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam - Dam on the Mutha River

Dam on the Mutha River, , Main one reservoirs, Last barrier

Tilicho Peak

Tilicho Peak - Mountain in the Nepal

Mountain in the Nepal, Highest point of the Great Barrier

Kankakee River

Kankakee River - Effective barrier

Effective barrier, Early, southerly exploration, Part of an canoe route, Product of the Wisconsin Glacial Episode, Located river of Kankakee


Mesh - Barrier

Barrier, Skin patch

Electric fence

Electric fence - Barrier

Barrier, Stronger, typical steel cable

Montezuma Marsh

Montezuma Marsh - Marsh at the northern end

Marsh at the northern end, Part of the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Barrier


Weir - Barrier across the horizontal width

Barrier across the horizontal width, Weir, Weir

Battle of the Allia

Battle of the Allia - Doubt

Doubt, Celtic stock, Awestruck dignity, Distressed, Cause, Victorious whole of the city, Open walls, Political positions than the military tribunus laticlavius, Men of great repute, Veterans, Younger, inexperienced men, Accensi, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th cohorts, Infantry units called a vexillatio, Cavalry, Imperial guard to protect Rome, Barrier, Bulwark, Different thing than the later, imperial army, Small unit of 300 men, Superiority of the Roman legion, Sharp hearing of every afraid noise, Same stock

Middle Harbour

Middle Harbour - Significant, physical barrier between Sydney

Significant, physical barrier between Sydney, Popular area

Runnymede station

Runnymede station - Barrier from the free street

Barrier from the free street, First station in the system, Large complex of located, east Kennedy Road

Market fundamentalism

Market fundamentalism - Exaggerated faith

Exaggerated faith, Huge barrier, Progressive change, Cheerleaders for the Apprentice