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Lakeshore West line

Lakeshore West line - One seven train lines of the GO Transit system

One seven train lines of the GO Transit system, CP mainline, CN, Elevated west ofDanforth Station, Backs, Backbone of the GO Transit network

Pine warbler

Pine warbler - Yellowish birds with olive backs

Yellowish birds with olive backs, Dullest, plainest warbler of the lot

Elephant and Castle

Elephant and Castle - Location of the London College

Location of the London College, Howdah on the back


Pharyngitis - Inflammation of the back

Inflammation of the back, Type of respiratory tract infection, Common cause of a sore throat, Type of inflammation, Common, ideal approach, Management


Backlight - Form of illumination

Form of illumination, First layer from the back


Bacon - Meat product

Meat product, Bacon, Cut form, Back, Popular alternative, Bacon, Eon, Ankle joint


Backstamp - Postmark on the back

Postmark on the back

Rabbit punch

Rabbit punch - Blow

Blow, Back

Ronnie Lott

Ronnie Lott - Former American college

Former American college, Professional football player, Father of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Ryan Nece, Avid fan of the San Jose Sharks, Principal at Bennu Venture Group LLC, Guest of honor, Epitome of a defensive back

The Business (magazine)

The Business (magazine) - Few pages at the back

Few pages at the back, Morley Richards, Daily Express veteran

Biff Tannen

Biff Tannen - Fictional character in the back

Fictional character in the back, Towering, Violent, selfish bully


Sahuagin - Natural enemies of aquatic elves

Natural enemies of aquatic elves, Green skinned on the darker back

Tim Stimpson

Tim Stimpson - Former, rugby union

Former, rugby union, International, full back

Marcus Rose

Marcus Rose - Former, rugby union

Former, rugby union, International, full back

Dorsal nerve cord

Dorsal nerve cord - Hollow cord dorsal

Hollow cord dorsal, Notochord, Back is the ventral front, Embryonic one features