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Robert Walter Weir

Robert Walter Weir - American artist

American artist, Educator, Artists, Educators

Bert Geer Phillips

Bert Geer Phillips - American artist founding a member

American artist founding a member, American artist, First, early Taos artists, Instrumental 1906 establishment of the Taos National Forest

Lady Anne Barnard

Lady Anne Barnard - Scottish travel writer

Scottish travel writer, Artist, Accomplished artist, Life, Soul, Only member of the English Colony, Delighted appointment, , Home

Magne Furuholmen

Magne Furuholmen - Norwegian musician

Norwegian musician, Visual artist, Visual artist with solo exhibitions

Julian Stanczak

Julian Stanczak - Optimistic artist despite injuries

Optimistic artist despite injuries, Artist

William Armstrong (Canadian artist)

William Armstrong (Canadian artist) - Canadian artist of the early, professional one artists

Canadian artist of the early, professional one artists

Madonna (entertainer)

Madonna (entertainer) - American singer

American singer, Songwriter, Certified artist of all time, Married mother, Lead actress for the film, First artist

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst - English artist

English artist, Entrepreneur, Master of the potty soundbite, Prominent artist, Supporter of the indigenous rights organisation

Sam Savitt

Sam Savitt - Equine artist

Equine artist, Author, Official artist of the United States Equestrian Team

Otto Hupp

Otto Hupp - German, graphical artist

German, graphical artist, Artist

Elena Paparizou

Elena Paparizou - Youngest Artist on the List

Youngest Artist on the List, Opening act for various artists from 2003

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge - American artist

American artist, Established artist

Anthony van Dyck

Anthony van Dyck - Flemish

Flemish, Baroque artist, Next, big artist after Rubens, Successful portraitist, Painter

Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn - British, contemporary, visual artist

British, contemporary, visual artist, First artist in 1990s, Pitiful, safe craven

Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake - English writer

English writer, Artist, Accomplished, British artist, Poet, Painter, Poet

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth - Illustrator

Illustrator, Visual artist, Visual artist, Realist painter, Youngest child, Youngest five children of illustrator, Low key

Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple - Contemporary, British artist

Contemporary, British artist, Curator, Artist

Kyle Field (musician)

Kyle Field (musician) - Artist behind the band

Artist behind the band, Acclaimed, visual artist

Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel - American artist considered a pioneer

American artist considered a pioneer, Artist on the NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission launch, Visionary of the 3D

Anna Molka Ahmed

Anna Molka Ahmed - Pakistan

Pakistan, Artist, Famous, Pakistani artist, Pioneer, Pioneer of art education

Richard Patterson (artist)

Richard Patterson (artist) - English artist of the Young, British one Artists

English artist of the Young, British one Artists

Manick Sorcar

Manick Sorcar - Indian, American artist

Indian, American artist, Animator, Eldest son of legendary, Indian magician, Artist of many parts

Mushroom Records

Mushroom Records - Australian flagship record label

Australian flagship record label, Australian record label, Traditional record label, First artist driven label, Model for other artist, Part of the US media

Spain Rodriguez

Spain Rodriguez - Underground, comix artist

Underground, comix artist, Only cartoonist, Gentle, sweet man, Atheist, Fiery, sharp artist, Great, solid one anchors of the underground comics scene, First, original generation of underground cartoonists

Brendan Neiland

Brendan Neiland - English artist

English artist, First artist

Frans Snyders

Frans Snyders - First artist

First artist, Breda, Antwerp draftsman, Painter


Radville - Small valley town in southern Saskatchewan

Small valley town in southern Saskatchewan, Home, Artist, Part of the prairie boom town, Canadian National Railway, Divisional point

Moshe Safdie

Moshe Safdie - Uncle of Dov Charney

Uncle of Dov Charney, Fashionable architect, Artist, Yasmin Safdie, International, architectural, urban planning practice

Stanley Marsh 3

Stanley Marsh 3 - American 3 artist

American 3 artist, Business man

Edward Ruscha

Edward Ruscha - American artist

American artist, American painter, Illustrator

E. H. Shepard

E. H. Shepard - English artist

English artist, Book illustrator, Prolific painter

Jon Langford

Jon Langford - Prolific, respected, visual artist

Prolific, respected, visual artist, Drummer for the punk band

Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama - Character designer

Character designer, Artist

Carole Bayer Sager

Carole Bayer Sager - Artist


Coles Phillips

Coles Phillips - American artist

American artist, Illustrator, First one illustrators

Antoine Wiertz

Antoine Wiertz - Belgian, Romantic painter

Belgian, Romantic painter, Sculptor, Wrong posterity, One Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Little, known, fascinating example of a Romantic artist

Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung - First artist to incorporate witches

First artist to incorporate witches


Orlan - First artist to use cosmetic surgery

First artist to use cosmetic surgery, , Few one artists

David Byrne

David Byrne - Host of Sessions

Host of Sessions, Visual artist

Lang Lang

Lang Lang - Popular, Chinese concert pianist

Popular, Chinese concert pianist, Musician, One artist, Label

Jimmy Cauty

Jimmy Cauty - Original member of Zodiac Mindwarp

Original member of Zodiac Mindwarp, British artist, Musician

Sydney Goodsir Smith

Sydney Goodsir Smith - Scottish poet

Scottish poet, Artist, Active, literary critic, Recipient Rockefeller Atlantic Award in a 1946 Festival

William Warfield

William Warfield - Graduate of the Eastman School

Graduate of the Eastman School, Artist, Soldier, Part, One three people

Stanhope Forbes

Stanhope Forbes - Artist founding a member

Artist founding a member, Founding chairman, Trustee

Telly Savalas

Telly Savalas - Character actor on television series

Character actor on television series, Friend of the German singer Freddy Breck, American actor, Actor, Singer, Inventor, Artist

John H. White (photojournalist)

John H. White (photojournalist) - American photojournalist of a recipient Pulitzer Prize

American photojournalist of a recipient Pulitzer Prize, Artist, Teacher, Pulitzer Prize winner, Nine years, Old teacher, One one hundred photographers

James Montgomery Flagg

James Montgomery Flagg - American artist

American artist, Illustrator, Early master of pen, Founder member of the infamous, Dutch Treat Club

Ustad Mansur

Ustad Mansur - Capable portrait artist

Capable portrait artist, Only artist in the Mughal court

N. C. Wyeth

N. C. Wyeth - American artist

American artist, Illustrator, Realist painter as the camera, Sociable, frequent Visitors included F, Member of the National Academy, Grandfather of artists Jamie Wyeth

Dick York

Dick York - American actor

American actor, Talented artist, Nine years in the old, Episode of Michael Shayne of one, Movie

Mayne Island

Mayne Island - Island in the southern Gulf Islands chain

Island in the southern Gulf Islands chain, Home, Many artists, Commercial, social centre of the Gulf Islands

Marie Severin

Marie Severin - Exceptional artist

Exceptional artist, Wonderful person, Best one artists in the business

Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman - Belgian film director

Belgian film director, Artist

Zucchero Fornaciari

Zucchero Fornaciari - Only, Italian artist in 1994

Only, Italian artist in 1994

L. S. Lowry

L. S. Lowry - English artist

English artist

Dirk Bogarde

Dirk Bogarde - English actor

English actor, Writer, Matinee idol during 1950s, Writer, Gifted artist, Vocal end

Frank Dobson (sculptor)

Frank Dobson (sculptor) - British artist

British artist, Sculptor, Professor of sculpture from 1946 1953, Esteemed one artists

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer - Artist

Artist, Market commentator, Adviser, First one reporters at American Lawyer

Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren - English impresario

English impresario, Visual artist, Popularizer, One producers for the 2006 film, Resilient

George Tinworth

George Tinworth - English, ceramic artist

English, ceramic artist, Son of a Walworth wheelwright

Charlie Peacock

Charlie Peacock - Executive producer of music in 2009

Executive producer of music in 2009, Artist

Hovsep Pushman

Hovsep Pushman - American artist of Armenian background

American artist of Armenian background

Man Ray

Man Ray - American, visual artist

American, visual artist, Uncle of the photographer Naomi Savage

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson - American artist

American artist, Sculptor

Ben Shahn

Ben Shahn - Artist

Artist, Innovative, free, graphic spirit, Jewish, American

Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkala - Designer at the Iittala glassworks

Designer at the Iittala glassworks, Artistic director, Instructor, Artist, Multitalented design genius, Silver


Cartoonist - Visual artist

Visual artist

Robert Morris (artist)

Robert Morris (artist) - American sculptor

American sculptor, Conceptual artist

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart - Avid skateboarder in March

Avid skateboarder in March, Master, Prominent, idealistic 23 pack of young musicians, First artist


Miraj - Part of the southern division

Part of the southern division, Popular place for artists, Tertiary referral centre

Sir John Clerk, 2nd Baronet

Sir John Clerk, 2nd Baronet - Son of Sir John Clerk

Son of Sir John Clerk, Patron, Various, other artists

Ezra Jack Keats

Ezra Jack Keats - First artist

First artist

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt - American artist

American artist, Author, Top, international fashion model, First one designers

Louie Bellson

Louie Bellson - Acclaimed artist

Acclaimed artist, Poet, Lyricist, Dynamic, spectacular soloist, Religious

Frank Weston Benson

Frank Weston Benson - American artist from Salem

American artist from Salem

Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff - English, ceramic artist

English, ceramic artist, Art director for a major project between 1932 1934, Today

History of the Kurds

History of the Kurds - Sunni Moslems were some Alevi

Sunni Moslems were some Alevi, Conflict over the destiny, Disadvantaged comparison with other, immigrant groups, 1, Disadvantaged comparison with other, immigrant groups, Language of the Northwestern Iranian group, Neutral, recent surge of Salafi fundamentalism, 4 USD per day, Similarities, Kurdish people, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Generous, fraternal, Neutral, recent surge, New interpretation of nationalism, Secularisation principle, Official residence of the Ottoman Sultans, Greatest artist of the rupture, 4 USD per day

James Spooner

James Spooner - American tattoo artist from New York

American tattoo artist from New York, Tattoo artist, DIY punk, Artist

Lilla Cabot Perry

Lilla Cabot Perry - American artist

American artist, Early advocate of the French Impressionist style, Thirteen years

Jan Fyt

Jan Fyt - One originators of the hunting scene

One originators of the hunting scene, Prolific artist, Accomplished etcher, Skilled, delicate rendering of the various textures, Greatest one animal painters

Frederick Catherwood

Frederick Catherwood - English artist

English artist, Architect, Passenger aboard the steamship Arctic in 1854

Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen - American, comic book writer

American, comic book writer, Artist

Heath Herring

Heath Herring - American, professional, mixed, martial artist

American, professional, mixed, martial artist, Longtime veteran in PRIDE, Popular, Japanese crowd

Cornelis de Bruijn

Cornelis de Bruijn - Dutch artist

Dutch artist, Traveler, Hague

Norman Lindsay

Norman Lindsay - Australian artist

Australian artist, Etcher, Available, special arrangement for weddings

Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham - Artist

Artist, Musician

Gordon Liu

Gordon Liu - Chinese, martial arts film actor

Chinese, martial arts film actor, Martial artist

Brenda Bufalino

Brenda Bufalino - Artist of the tap dance world

Artist of the tap dance world


Yoshitoshi - Japanese artist

Japanese artist

Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma - Celebrated, Indian painter

Celebrated, Indian painter, Artist, Son of Ezhumavil Neelakanthan Bhattatiripad, Largest, innovative press in India, Busy affairs of the state

Audrey Niffenegger

Audrey Niffenegger - American writer

American writer, Artist, Alumna, Board member, Part of this group

Max Bill

Max Bill - Swiss architect

Swiss architect, Artist, Member of the Zurich Concrete group