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Rhetoric (Aristotle)

Rhetoric (Aristotle) - Comprehensive art

Comprehensive art, Means, End, Philosophical discourse, Art, Knack

Definition of music

Definition of music - Fact

Fact, Thing, Art, Ratio between the circumference, Expression of emotions, Something, Means of relaxation communication, Art of performance

Anne Truitt

Anne Truitt - Major figure in American art

Major figure in American art, Serious artist, Other, young one woman, Intelligent art, Stuff


Embroidery - Handicraft

Handicraft, Folk art using materials, Embroidery stitched to fabric, Sign of high, social status, Field for artistic expression, Important art in the Medieval, Islamic world, Available, wide variety of thread

Pixel art

Pixel art - Form of digital art

Form of digital art, Digital art, Matter of nostalgia

Cranbrook Educational Community

Cranbrook Educational Community - Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills

Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, Museum of contemporary art


Bressay - Populated island in the Shetland Islands

Populated island in the Shetland Islands, Outstanding example of Pictish art, Delightful, little church with 19th century


Conversation - Interactive communication between more two people

Interactive communication between more two people, Branch of sociology, Art of the great one pleasures


Theyyam - Famous one Theyyam in Kerala Styles

Famous one Theyyam in Kerala Styles, November, Form of art

Chinese painting

Chinese painting - Traditional, pictorial art

Traditional, pictorial art, Oldest, continuous, artistic one traditions in the world

Equestrian statue

Equestrian statue - Frequent Middle ages

Frequent Middle ages, Beautiful, impressive work of art


Zarzuela - Form of art

Form of art, National music theatre of Spain, Worthy, highest talents Spain

Gemma Augustea

Gemma Augustea - Beautiful work of Art

Beautiful work of Art

Denis Dutton

Denis Dutton - American philosopher of art

American philosopher of art, 60 professor of philosophy, One founding members

Italian opera

Italian opera - Art of opera

Art of opera

Jacob Burckhardt

Jacob Burckhardt - Swiss historian of art

Swiss historian of art, Aware isolation of a period, Illusion as the character

Coat of arms of Andorra

Coat of arms of Andorra - Millenary country

Millenary country, Romanesque art

Electronic art

Electronic art - Form of art

Form of art, Interactive


Galkayo - Hub of calligraphic art

Hub of calligraphic art, Home, Abdullahi Issa Stadium

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross - Small plaques with reliefs

Small plaques with relief s, Valuable works of art, Usual

Constructivism (art)

Constructivism (art) - Art

Art, Istic, architectural philosophy

Organic horticulture

Organic horticulture - Science

Science, Art, Distinct, simple way to prepare soil


Clonmacnoise - Ancient, monastic site near Shannonbridge

Ancient, monastic site near Shannonbridge, Great school of Celtic art


Rangoli - Art form

Art form, Native Nepal, Art

International Gothic

International Gothic - Gothic period of Gothic art

Gothic period of Gothic art


Hercules - Roman hero

Roman hero, God, Son of Jupiter, Multifaceted figure with contradictory characteristics, Favorite subject for Etruscan art

Kinetic art

Kinetic art - Art from any medium

Art from any medium

Joel-Peter Witkin

Joel-Peter Witkin - Professor of art

Professor of art

Salts Mill

Salts Mill - Former textile Mill

Former textile Mill, Art gallery, Place for art

Protest art

Protest art - Art


Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus papyrus - Species of aquatic flowering plant

Species of aquatic flowering plant, C4 sedge, Tender, Big, beautiful plant with a rich history, Favorite ornament in Ancient art

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool - Art gallery

Art gallery, Museum, Largest gallery of modern, contemporary art Until 2003

Cheech Marin

Cheech Marin - Avid collector of Chicano art

Avid collector of Chicano art, Short chicharron

Joyce Wieland

Joyce Wieland - Central figure in Canadian art

Central figure in Canadian art, Member of the Royal Canadian Academy

Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo - Traditional form of martial art

Traditional form of martial art


Moulage - Art



Dresden - Recent city of Germanic origin

Recent city of Germanic origin, Home, Dynamo Dresden, Regional Commission, Military subdistrict Command, Traditional location for army officer schooling, Former world heritage site, Only, independent operetta in Germany, Orchestra of the city, Capital of a German land, Centre of the German Revolutions European, modern art, Capital of the first Free State between 1918 1934, Legitimate, military target, Seat of the royal household, Few, German one cities, Protestant, Successful, German Universities Excellence Initiative of the Federal Ministry, American football team in the German football League, Way

Visionary art

Visionary art - Art

Art, Song of This inner life

Henry Chorley

Henry Chorley - English, literary art

English, literary art, Music critic

Memento mori

Memento mori - Medieval Latin Christian theory

Medieval Latin Christian theory, Practice, Important, literary theme, Salutation, Products of Christian art


Seamanship - Art



Taekkyeon - Traditional, Korean, martial art

Traditional, Korean, martial art, Frequent, late Joseon Dynasty, Korea Taekkyon Federation


Stucco - Integral part of the art

Integral part of the art, Hard material


Kaleidoscope - Optical instrument

Optical instrument, Science, Art

Combat pistol shooting

Combat pistol shooting - Modern, martial art

Modern, martial art

John Willie

John Willie - British pioneer in fetish, bondage art

British pioneer in fetish, bondage art, Master of the bondage genre, Name

Michael J. McGivney

Michael J. McGivney - American Catholic priest

American Catholic priest, State of the art

Yagua people

Yagua people - Indigenous people in Colombia

Indigenous people in Colombia, Unique language, Linguists, Work of art

Albright–Knox Art Gallery

Albright–Knox Art Gallery - Major showplace for modern art

Major showplace for modern art

Modern art

Modern art - Thinkable context of the modernized society

Thinkable context of the modernized society, Art

B. Carroll Reece

B. Carroll Reece - American politician from Tennessee

American politician from Tennessee, Republican nominee for an open Senate seat, Art, History museum


Rhetoric - Public art of discourse

Public art of discourse, Combination of the science, Part of the curriculum

Capoeira music

Capoeira music - Three hundred year

Three hundred year, Old, social art


Pastiche - Work of visual art

Work of visual art, Example of eclecticism, Homage is a brittle art form, Musical Mass

USA Hockey Arena

USA Hockey Arena - Home ice of Detroit Catholic Central High School

Home ice of Detroit Catholic Central High School, New state of the art, Located, North 14900 Beck Road

Ballet dancer

Ballet dancer - Person

Person, Strict form of art

Edwin Blashfield

Edwin Blashfield - American painter

American painter, Muralist, Major figure in American art, Traditionalist, Thanks, Active art community


Kajukenbo - Hybrid

Hybrid, Martial art, Portmanteau of the various arts

Transurethral resection of the prostate

Transurethral resection of the prostate - First, successful, invasive, surgical procedure of the modern era

First, successful, invasive, surgical procedure of the modern era, Challenging procedure with a protracted learning curve, Complete removal by transurethral resection, Single, important, anatomical landmark in TURP, High cost of the new instrumentation, Speed, Art, Thinnest, narrow, Chips, Less 60 minutes, One side of the other, actual midline

Maya dance

Maya dance - Transient art

Transient art, Central component of social, religious, political endeavors, Public affair

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation - Succession of images

Succession of images, Hallucination, Dreamer, Work of art, Sign of pregnancy, Dream of impatience, Fragment, Pathological phenomenon


Kathmandu - Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic

Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic, Largest metropolis in the Himalaya n hill region, Important, industrial, commercial center in Nepal, Headquarters, Home, Number, Centre of music, Oldest football clubs, Television hub of Nepal, Center for art, Home, Several, international, regional organizations, Famous, lokta paper, Northwestern part of the Kathmandu Valley, Warm, temperate zone


Thangka - Such, sacred one art in this world the

Such, sacred one art in this world the, Tibetan, Religious scroll art, Weak surface, Rich, religious, cultural values


Relay - Electric ally operated switch

Electric ally operated switch, Resistance, Vibration, Type for standardized, industrial control, Predecessor of Ladder logic, Art

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller - American fashion designer

American fashion designer, Businesswoman, Member of the Council, Avid collector of contemporary art

Five Ancestors

Five Ancestors - Southern, Chinese, martial art

Southern, Chinese, martial art


Bodysurfing - Art

Art, Sport

Meerschaum pipe

Meerschaum pipe - Smoking pipe

Smoking pipe, Hydrous magnesium silicate with the formula H, Rare mineral, Kind, Flavorful, beautiful pipe, Hand crafted art, Opaque, white, grey cream color

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn - Cruise ship

Cruise ship, First NCL vessel to carry hull art

Seattle Asian Art Museum

Seattle Asian Art Museum - Museum of Asian art

Museum of Asian art


Triptych - Work of art

Work of art, Only highflier


Gwalior - Winter capital of the state

Winter capital of the state, Terminus for the longest, narrow gauge route operating, Acknowledged place of art, Confluence of rich two cultures Bundeli, Important, historical Tourism sector of the country, Part of NCR, Third, largest city of Madhya Pradesh, Part of the North Central Railways, Five railway track intersection point, Oldest, Khyal gharana, Annual trade showcasing the fair economy, Major one sites of rebellion, Few one Places, Major, commercial one railway stations of the North Central Railway, Main train line between Delhi, Lively, beautiful, zoological one parks of Madhya Pradesh


Equitation - Art

Art, Practice, Form of saddle seat equitation, New class, Balance with the horse


Krautrock - Broad genre of experimental rock

Broad genre of experimental rock, Form of free art

Paolo Uccello

Paolo Uccello - Italian painter

Italian painter, Less fool in art, Urbino

Augustus Wollaston Franks

Augustus Wollaston Franks - English antiquary

English antiquary, Museum administrator, Authority on classical art, Interested art objects


CowParade - International, public art

International, public art

A. K. Fazlul Huq

A. K. Fazlul Huq - Major, political figure in British India

Major, political figure in British India, President of the Midnapore session the All India, Favoured man within the League, Inch, Lawyer, Master in the art, Fluent Bengali, Communal, Happy programme of the Muslim League,

Eric Erlandson

Eric Erlandson - American musician

American musician, Guitarist, Stranger, Art

Type design

Type design - Art

Art, Process

Vatican City

Vatican City - Religious, cultural sites as such St

Religious, cultural sites as such St, Home of the famous Art, Classical one, Located, right bank of the Tiber River


Kitsch - Fake art expressing fake emotions

Fake art expressing fake emotions, Thing

The Party (demoparty)

The Party (demoparty) - Annual demoscene event

Annual demoscene event, State of the Art, Dead

Elgin Marbles

Elgin Marbles - Dirty

Dirty, Lover of art

Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum - Art

Art, Antiquities museum, Lead museum for the University

United States Capitol

United States Capitol - Museum of American art

Museum of American art, Newest addition, Historic Capitol Building, Centerpiece of the Capitol Campus, Point, Impressive, important buildings in the world


Loudspeaker - Oldest form of loudspeaker system

Oldest form of loudspeaker system, Art, Science


Lion - Biblical emblem of the tribe

Biblical emblem of the tribe, Common motif in Chinese art, Form like Panthera gombaszoegensis, Big one cat s in the Felidae family, Symbolic, ancient Greece, Distinctive Cape lion had characteristics

Mathematical model

Mathematical model - Description of a system

Description of a system, Set of functions, Art, Mechanical procedure

Minstrel show

Minstrel show - Popular, many imitators

Popular, many imitators, National artform translating formal art by 1848, Popular form of entertainment from 1840 1890, Popular folk songs, Family Guy in blackface

Islamic architecture

Islamic architecture - Pinnacle of Islamic art

Pinnacle of Islamic art