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Ice axe

Ice axe - Alpenstock

Alpenstock, Long, wooden pole, Perfect choices for applications

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition - Branch of machine learning

Branch of machine learning, General problem, Classic example of the application

Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus - Version in the 0

Version in the 0, Capable WYSIWYG design, Native KDE3 app, Commercial application

Atmospheric physics

Atmospheric physics - Application of physics

Application of physics, Study of the physical processes

Tissue paper

Tissue paper - Second, largest application for tissue paper

Second, largest application for tissue paper

Military technology

Military technology - Application of technology

Application of technology


Wisdom - Application of knowledge

Application of knowledge, Primary tool for deliverance, Process, Important Christianity

Real estate economics

Real estate economics - Application of economic techniques

Application of economic techniques, Durable, immobile


Satyagraha - Law of universal application

Law of universal application, Process

Agricultural extension

Agricultural extension - Application of scientific research

Application of scientific research, Service, System, Professional communication intervention, Process


PuTTY - Security product

Security product, Free software, Free, open source, Terminal application, Free SSH client


Technology - Collection of techniques

Collection of techniques, Application of math, Consequence of science

Dred Scott v. Sandford

Dred Scott v. Sandford - First application of substantive, due process

First application of substantive, due process, Missouri slave, Sanford, Free provisions of the Northwest Ordinance

Text editor

Text editor - Type of program

Type of program, Large, complex application, Line mode, Character mode

Foundation (engineering)

Foundation (engineering) - Element of an architectural structure

Element of an architectural structure, Padstone, Single stone, Application of soil mechanics

Animated mapping

Animated mapping - Application of animation

Application of animation

Cyril Stanley Smith

Cyril Stanley Smith - British metallurgist

British metallurgist, Historian, Pioneer in the application

Erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation - Sexual practice involving the application

Sexual practice involving the application, Items

Food security

Food security - Application of this concept

Application of this concept, Flexible concept, Agency of the United Nations, Process, Product of food security, Main survey tool

Doping (semiconductor)

Doping (semiconductor) - Unusual doping method for special applications

Unusual doping method for special applications, Synthesis technique

Chepstow Railway Bridge

Chepstow Railway Bridge - Triumph of the application

Triumph of the application

McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren Applied Technologies - British technology company

British technology company, Leader in the application, Brand of electronic systems


Irrigation - Application of controlled amounts

Application of controlled amounts, Oldest form of irrigation, Technology

Survivorship bias

Survivorship bias - Statistical artifact in applications

Statistical artifact in applications

Shell (computing)

Shell (computing) - Application



Bionics - Application of biological methods

Application of biological methods


Politeness - Practical application of good manners

Practical application of good manners

Molecular electronics

Molecular electronics - Study

Study, Application


Econometrics - Application of statistical methods

Application of statistical methods

Alasdair MacIntyre

Alasdair MacIntyre - Scottish philosopher

Scottish philosopher, Intent on a division, Historical fact that one tradition, Puzzling figure, Key figure in the recent surge, Application of principles


Universalism - Theological, philosophical concept with universal application

Theological, philosophical concept with universal application, Unusual, religious organization


Holography - Science

Science, Practice, Application of holography techniques, Distinct, lenticular, other, earlier, autostereoscopic 3D display technologies


OpenSSL - Software library for applications

Software library for applications, Apache License, Vulnerable versions of OpenSSL

Engineering geology

Engineering geology - Application of the geology

Application of the geology

Biblical studies

Biblical studies - Academic application of a set

Academic application of a set

Evolutionary game theory

Evolutionary game theory - Application of game theory

Application of game theory, Unique range of social phenomena

Web browser

Web browser - Software application

Software application, Computer program, Heterogeneous environment, Such one application, Chrome, Edge


HTML - Markup language

Markup language, Specific application of the SGML, Way, Building blocks of HTML pages

Barbecue grill

Barbecue grill - Device

Device, Grill, Central source of heat, Textile product, Event, Efficient application, Good reason, Most one user, Similar appearance, More meal


BeBox - Dual CPU

Dual CPU, Personal computer, Excellent system for classic applications, Expandable, customizable, Natural evolution for the previous models


Neutron - Subatomic particle

Subatomic particle, Symbol, Viable, medical application

Active vibration control

Active vibration control - Active application of force

Active application of force, Periodic control system

Dog training

Dog training - Application of behavior analysis

Application of behavior analysis, Social species, Art, Science, Nickname given to a positive reinforcement training system, Work

Project management

Project management - Discipline

Discipline, Temporary endeavor, Complex, Application of operations management, Important task, Person, Client representative, Software, Textbook for advanced studies, Set of processes, 1 10 knowledge areas of ISO

Forensic chemistry

Forensic chemistry - Application of chemistry

Application of chemistry


Wear - Common fault factor in industrial applications

Common fault factor in industrial applications


Geology - Earth science

Earth science, Important branch of geology, Application of the geologic principles


DokuWiki - Wiki application

Wiki application

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop - Raster graphics editor

Raster graphics editor, Special plugin, Online game, Application, Available iOS


Foyles - Equal opportunities employer encourages applications

Equal opportunities employer encourages applications

Stimson Doctrine

Stimson Doctrine - Application of the principle

Application of the principle

Engineering management

Engineering management - Application of the practice

Application of the practice, Process of planning, Interdisciplinary field of engineering, Branch of engineering, Boutique firms have a specialized focus


Photography - Art

Art, Photography, Result, Application of analog, New one media, Popular advertising


Logistics - Detailed organization

Detailed organization, Implementation, Process, Process, Related storage, Discipline, Application of computer software, Necessary time

Timing belt (camshaft)

Timing belt (camshaft) - Roller chain

Roller chain, Specific application of a synchronous belt, Common production automobiles, Essential, important reason on most engines

Google Earth

Google Earth - Computer program

Computer program, Standard version of the Google Earth desktop application, Feature, Application within Google Earth, Available Windows

Lesbian feminism

Lesbian feminism - Cultural movement

Cultural movement, Critical perspective, Form of separatist feminism, Common, contemporary application of cultural feminism

Operational definition

Operational definition - Application of operationalization

Application of operationalization, Process for identification, Abstract, practical measurement so a device


Griddle - Cooking device

Cooking device, Cooking appliance with the large, flat surface, Best kitchen appliance, Common plate modification for commercial applications


Syahi - Tuning

Tuning, Temporary application of flour, Black colour in circular shape

List of islands in the South China Sea

List of islands in the South China Sea - 1939 fourteen coral islets

1939 fourteen coral islets, Artificial installations, Structures, Okinotorishima of Japan, Application of the principle, Typical example, Unique, Such, artificial construction on the reef

Human genetics

Human genetics - Study of inheritance

Study of inheritance, Application of genetics, Branch of evolutionary biology

MOD (file format)

MOD (file format) - Computer file format

Computer file format, File extension for Several, other applications

Civil engineering

Civil engineering - Professional engineering discipline

Professional engineering discipline, Application of physical, scientific principles, Branch of civil engineering discipline, Contemporary term for sanitary engineering

Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic engineering - Application of the principles

Application of the principles


Pedometrics - Application of mathematical, statistical methods

Application of mathematical, statistical methods, Portmanteau of the Greek roots pedos, Branch of soil science

Software engineering

Software engineering - Application of engineering

Application of engineering

Aerial topdressing

Aerial topdressing - Aerial application of fertilisers

Aerial application of fertiliser s

Lawrence V. Redman

Lawrence V. Redman - Canadian chemist

Canadian chemist, Businessman, Pioneer in the industrial applications, President, Member of the American Chemical Society


Metabolomics - Scientific study of chemical processes

Scientific study of chemical processes, Application of metabolomics

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Word processor

Word processor, OLE Compound file, Hierarchical file system, First application with such features

Polybenzimidazole fiber

Polybenzimidazole fiber - Excellent candidate for applications

Excellent candidate for applications


Nanomedicine - Medical application of nanotechnology

Medical application of nanotechnology

Sustainable living

Sustainable living - Application of sustainability

Application of sustainability


Spectroscopy - Study of the interaction

Study of the interaction, Historical term, First application of spectroscopy, Techniques

Naval aviation

Naval aviation - Application of Military air power

Application of Military air power

Desktop search

Desktop search - Standalone applications

Standalone applications, Software alternatives, Windows Desktop

Forensic anthropology

Forensic anthropology - Application of the anatomical science

Application of the anatomical science

Miranda IM

Miranda IM - Open source multiprotocol instant messaging application

Open source multiprotocol instant messaging application, Free multi protocol, Instant messenger client, Free software, Multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows

Carbon credit

Carbon credit - Financial instrument

Financial instrument, Permit, Application of an emissions, Solution

Free Internet Chess Server

Free Internet Chess Server - Common platform for mobile operating systems Android

Common platform for mobile operating systems Android, Application

Small hydro

Small hydro - Development of hydroelectric power

Development of hydroelectric power, Application of hydroelectric power


Qadi - Judge for the responsible application

Judge for the responsible application


Mindfulness - Application of mindful attention

Application of mindful attention, Heart of Buddhist meditation, Receptive investigation is an active factor, Presence of mind, Critical component of the process

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Downloadable application for PlayStation

Downloadable application for PlayStation


Seismology - Study

Study, Application

Gornji Milanovac

Gornji Milanovac - Town

Town, Municipality, Great antagonist of GM food, Pioneer in the application, Fair 3 s per year

Computer music

Computer music - Application


Java applet

Java applet - Small application

Small application


Biotechnology - Set of techniques

Set of techniques, General category, Use of modern, scientific techniques, Tool, Term, Biotechnology applied to agricultural processes, Application of biotechnology, Selective breeding of plants, Dependent Embryology


DivX - Brand of video codec products

Brand of video codec products, Application, 3 copy of this driver, Marketing name for a file type, Standalone media player, Licensed version of Pegasys TMPGEnc DVD Author, Buggy hack has a tendency, Compatible DivX