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Racism in the United States

Racism in the United States - Theory

Theory, Number, Racial slavery, Moral context, Racial presumption, Appearance, Ghost, Major, economic activity in the U, Subject of the Pigford, Large, nationwide organization, Part of a religion, Vivid incidents of racial violence, Dead ghost, Wall

Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski - Polish film director

Polish film director, Screenwriter, Actor having appearances, One agendas

Fuscospora gunnii

Fuscospora gunnii - Small woody tree with a shrubby appearance

Small woody tree with a shrubby appearance, Small tree


Probability - Measure of the likelihood

Measure of the likelihood, Way, Appearance of the agreement, Ubiquitous, Relative latecomer in intellectual history


Wakefield - City in West Yorkshire

City in West Yorkshire, Southeast of Leeds, Location of the West Yorkshire Police Force headquarters, Place of election, Rugby League club, Place of respectable appearance, Seat of regional government, Major centre of the wool trade, Victim of the Harrying, Market, Parish town, Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds, Wakefield Line of the MetroTrain network

The Rehearsal (play)

The Rehearsal (play) - Satirical play

Satirical play, Doubt, Due appearance, Mockery, Subjects

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier - Small terrier breed of dog

Small terrier breed of dog, Toy, Terrier, Small dogs with a muscular, athletic appearance, Healthy breed require little maintenance

Basal-cell carcinoma

Basal-cell carcinoma - Aggressive variant with a distinct, clinical, histologic appearance

Aggressive variant with a distinct, clinical, histologic appearance, Aggressive type


Variegation - Appearance


Fetish fashion

Fetish fashion - Style

Style, Appearance, Key influence on the runways

Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff - Large, powerful dog in similar appearance

Large, powerful dog in similar appearance


Aluminium - Common material for the fabrication

Common material for the fabrication, Common, widespread element, Aluminium minerals, Soft, durable, lightweight, ductile, malleable metal with appearance, Only nitride, Capable superconductivity, Reactive, Native specimens, Corrosion, Resistant, due, galvanic reactions

The Thin White Line

The Thin White Line - First appearance

First appearance, Reference, Police symbol

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Jean-Bertrand Aristide - President

President, Interesting theorist, Man of unassuming appearance, Island for several months

Rangefinder camera

Rangefinder camera - Leaf shutter S

Leaf shutter S, Nikon in general appearance


Americium - Radioactive chemical element with symbol

Radioactive chemical element with symbol, Soft, radioactive metal with silvery appearance, Radioactive element, Main form of solid americium, Artificial element of recent origin, Paramagnetic, wide temperature range, Complex salts as such KAmO, Soluble, common solvents

Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina - Record holder for appearances

Record holder for appearances, Close friend, Part of the team, Main one contributors

Dental fluorosis

Dental fluorosis - Common disorder

Common disorder, Change in the appearance, Hypomineralization of enamel

Panathinaikos F.C.

Panathinaikos F.C. - Successful, Greek club in terms

Successful, Greek club in terms, Member of the European Club Association, Champion team, Greek 74,493 league match against AEK Athens, Members of the first appearance

Sloth bear

Sloth bear - Only bear with long hair

Only bear with long hair, Bit in messy appearance, Unique bears as insects, Widespread bears in the Indian subcontinent, Bit by misleading name, Expert hunters of termites, Omnivores, Nocturnal bears, Fond honey, Sympatric, Asiatic, black bear s in northern India, Unique bears

One for the Angels

One for the Angels - Stodgy titles

Stodgy titles, Short characters, Familiar name, Appearance of the sailor, Everything, Trafalgar in the 41098, Death during sleep, Hum of the highway, Superlative tone, Stock footage, Due Maple Street

Acute liver failure

Acute liver failure - Appearance of severe complications

Appearance of severe complications, Broad term

Coritiba Foot Ball Club

Coritiba Foot Ball Club - Only club with the appearances

Only club with the appearances, First football club in the south, Champions of the Festival Brasileiro in 1997, First place On the FPF ranking, Four times state champions, Two times

Operation Silver Fox

Operation Silver Fox - Successful appearance of a German Corps

Successful appearance of a German Corps, Initial advance by German forces

American Civil War reenactment

American Civil War reenactment - Effort to recreate the appearance

Effort to recreate the appearance


Nienna - Fictional character in J

Fictional character in J, Only Vala of female appearance

Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane - First artist to draw the first, full appearance

First artist to draw the first, full appearance, Subject of a National Film Board in 2000

Potter sequence

Potter sequence - Atypical, physical appearance of a baby

Atypical, physical appearance of a baby, Syndrome

Vinyl composition tile

Vinyl composition tile - Finished flooring material

Finished flooring material, Industry term, Standard, Durable colour, Original appearance, Available tile, Available shapes

The Hand of Fear

The Hand of Fear - Last, regular appearance of Elisabeth Sladen

Last, regular appearance of Elisabeth Sladen, Unhurt, massive explosion

Martin Salter

Martin Salter - British Labour Party politician

British Labour Party politician, Active constituency MP with frequent appearances


Adrenarche - Early, sexual maturation stage in some higher, primates

Early, sexual maturation stage in some higher, primate s, Result of the development, Common cause of the early appearance

Hutton (lunar crater)

Hutton (lunar crater) - Lunar, worn, circular crater on the far side with a symmetrical appearance

Lunar, worn, circular crater on the far side with a symmetrical appearance

Mike Peters (cartoonist)

Mike Peters (cartoonist) - Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees, Active, political cartoonist, Popular lecturer makes appearances

Goh Tat Chuan

Goh Tat Chuan - Former Singapore football player

Former Singapore football player, Record holder for the appearances

Doctor Who and the Silurians

Doctor Who and the Silurians - Suspicious Quinn

Suspicious Quinn, Mature, earlier stories, Little, soft side with the lines, First appearance of the Silurians, Three adventure set, Hidden arsenal of missiles, Silurian Battle Cruiser, Different matter offering a few, great cliffhangers, Time as a circus strongman, Beginning of Doctor, Hit, Disaster, Good, great, Classic stories

OFI Crete F.C.

OFI Crete F.C. - Cretan club with the appearances

Cretan club with the appearances, Official member of the 1st National Division, One teams

Joseph Dwight

Joseph Dwight - Military, civil leader

Military, civil leader, Judge, Man of fine, personal appearance, Member of the Massachusetts Colonial Council, Chief justice of Worcester County, Roman Catholic of that first faith, Many years