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Eastern cottontail

Eastern cottontail - New World cottontail rabbit

New World cottontail rabbit, Member, Territorial animal, Quick runner, Vegetarian majority, Hosts, Fleas, Solitary animals, Prolific breeders, Present stages

Skunks as pets

Skunks as pets - Sensitive, intelligent animals like all intelligent animals

Sensitive, intelligent animals like all intelligent animals

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book - Collection of stories

Collection of stories, Fables using animals, Anthropomorphic animals, Smaller vessel than the Lexington, Gregarious, outgoing couple, Entertaining houseguests, Circular plan


Roadkill - Animal

Animal, Animals, Available US states of California

Letters from the Earth

Letters from the Earth - Function

Function, Manhattan in the 1982, Experiment, Other animals, Marvelous curiosity, Trouble, Machine, Insane, other animals are all the insane earth, Hymns, Common, serious children of school age, Interested blood, Favorite resort, Effect, Bad, Innocent beasts


Jackalope - Mythical animal of North, American folklore

Mythical animal of North, American folklore, Portmanteau word

Bearded vulture

Bearded vulture - Known animal

Known animal

The Black Cat (short story)

The Black Cat (short story) - Large, beautiful animal

Large, beautiful animal, Fond narrator, Impression of Pluto, Complete

Prehensile tail

Prehensile tail - Tail of an animal

Tail of an animal, New World adaptation among mammals


Herbivore - Animal



Jumbo - Famous circus elephant with P

Famous circus elephant with P, Immediate hit at Tufts, Largest animal in captivity

Arctic shrew

Arctic shrew - Solitary animals

Solitary animals, Active day, Insectivorous, Pleistocene deposits from the central, southern Appalachian Mountains

Squirrel glider

Squirrel glider - Large animal

Large animal, Omnivorous species, Similar appearance


Saturniidae - Harmless animals

Harmless animals, Members of the Superfamily Bombycoidea

Bay duiker

Bay duiker - Nocturnal animal

Nocturnal animal, Common duiker species, Larger, heavier, western bay duiker with larger ears

Box turtle

Box turtle - North, American turtles of the genus Terrapene

North, American turtle s of the genus Terrapene, Official state reptile s of four U, Popular pets, Omnivores, Bit of a challenge, Prey of wild animals, Docile humans

Extracellular fluid

Extracellular fluid - Internal environment of all multicellular animals

Internal environment of all multicellular animals, Fluid, Apparent bloodstream

Kangaroo rat

Kangaroo rat - Such, perfect examples of desert adaptation

Such, perfect examples of desert adaptation, Solitary animals with little, social organization, Aggressive females

Hazel dormouse

Hazel dormouse - Attractive animal

Attractive animal

Sedgwick County Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo - Wheelchair

Wheelchair, Accessible wheelchairs, Home, Individual 3,000 animals

The Faerie Queene

The Faerie Queene - Incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser

Incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser, Epic poem, Continuation of events, ABABBCBCC, Bit of exaggerated gossip, Grateful Amoret, Wound, Grateful Calidore, Product of certain, definite conditions, Important one knights in the story, Vague, discontinuous, Public domain, One fruits of that intellectual awakening, Archaic, unfamiliar, Longest one poems in the English language, Pleased Arthegall, Full priests of Isis, Fancy, Desire, Various voices, Animal

Parotid gland

Parotid gland - Major, salivary gland in many animals

Major, salivary gland in many animals

Food processing

Food processing - Transformation of raw ingredients

Transformation of raw ingredients, Mechanical process, Related, different animal, Ruinous, reliant transportation system


Swordfish - Schooling fish

Schooling fish, Vigorous, powerful fighters, Large animals, Meat, Popular fish for cooking

Rockhopper penguin

Rockhopper penguin - Related three taxa of crested penguin S

Related three taxa of crested penguin S, Carnivorous Birds, Smallest one species of penguin, Group of penguins, Carnivorous animal


Solifugae - Order of animals

Order of animals, Univoltine

Machine press

Machine press - Straightside

Straightside, BG, Different animal

Vampire squid

Vampire squid - Carnivorous animal

Carnivorous animal, Larger males

Tetranychus urticae

Tetranychus urticae - Only animal

Only animal

Common tsessebe

Common tsessebe - Social animals

Social animals, Present, much, greater numbers

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier - Members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment

Members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment, Sacred animal, Native Americans

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore - Home over 2,000 animals

Home over 2,000 animals, Third, oldest Zoo in the country, Fun way for kids, Detailed scale replica of the original CP Huntington Train, Wheelchair, Available, downloadable patch for the game

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage - Home to rescued other animals

Home to rescued other animals


Mink - Territorial, solitary animals with males

Territorial, solitary animals with males, Skilled swimmers, Climbers, Larger, adaptable, European mink, Dark, brown, white patches on the chin

Tea Horse Road

Tea Horse Road - Important route for the trade

Important route for the trade, Famous, local animal in Yunnan, Class, Smooth palate

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Obtainable, various sources

Obtainable, various sources, Mainstream voice for animals

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter - Canny businesswoman

Canny businesswoman, Estate manager for the Trust, Generous patron of the Girl Guides, Avid lover of animals, Delicate child in the ill, Important author on the Warne list, Owner of a considerable amount, Meticulous photographer, Strong Unitarian, Successful businessman, Typical women, Aware art, Safe care, Irritated, Three days, Aware others, Angry America, Irritated, whole business, Pleased, flattered child, Interested branch of natural Science


Takin - National animal of Bhutan

National animal of Bhutan, Generalist herbivore, Browser

Red squirrel

Red squirrel - Solitary animal

Solitary animal, Arboreal, omnivorous, rodent

Long-beaked echidna

Long-beaked echidna - Nocturnal animal

Nocturnal animal


Indianapolis - Capital

Capital, Largest, 16th, largest, planned, populous city by land area Indiana, Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese the Episcopal Diocese, Hub for CSX Transportation, Current home to bestselling young, Adult fiction writer John Green, Dozens, Bands, Several centers, Home, 1,400 animals, Major center for Motorsport S, Busiest airport in the state, Flagship, Medical center, Located East North Central region of the Midwestern United States, Humid, continental climate zone, Center of the Golden Age

Guinea baboon

Guinea baboon - Baboon from the Old World monkey family

Baboon from the Old World monkey family, Smallest baboon species, Communicative animal

Elephant shrew

Elephant shrew - Social animals

Social animals, Small, quadrupedal, insectivorous mammals resembling rodents

Common raven

Common raven - Bit

Bit, Trickster some west coast, Family, Resourceful survivor as the territory, Senator of the bird life, Contrary spirit, Best, possible symbol of wilderness, Intelligent, creative, social, curious, wondrous, beautiful, such, smartest, annoying, only, national, admirable, intelligent, hardy, intelligent, tough, attractive bird of legend capable, aerobatic excellence the mischievous Canada with great size all Canadians on this entire list, Clever tool user with more 30 vocalizations, Border Collie of the Canadian bird world, Anything in the common, Symbolic image of creation, Yukon Territory bird, Only Corvid in this contest, Trixter, Clear choice, Intelligent animal, Wise prankster in native folklore, Northern bird withstaning northern winter, Definitive ability, Beautiful, mysterious, Present part of every province, Canadian July, Present country, Clean artist, Course of the intelligent birds

Earless monitor lizard

Earless monitor lizard - Nocturnal animals although daytime observations

Nocturnal animals although daytime observations

James Mason

James Mason - English actor

English actor, Devoted lover of animals, Host of Video Theatre in 1950s, Top

Aldabra giant tortoise

Aldabra giant tortoise - Giant one three tortoises in the area

Giant one three tortoises in the area, Largest animal on the atoll, Epitome of isolation


Dugong - Only, marine, herbivorous mammal

Only, marine, herbivorous mammal, National animal of Papua New Guinea, Only, extant species of the family Dugongidae, Important preservative


Erigavo - Several centuries in the old

Several centuries in the old, Home, Animal

Rudolf Wanderone

Rudolf Wanderone - Lover of animals

Lover of animals

Pleistocene megafauna

Pleistocene megafauna - Set of large animals

Set of large animals, Term

African palm civet

African palm civet - Adaptable species

Adaptable species, Crepuscular, solitary animal, Omnivorous pineapples, Other fruits, Widespread number of habitats, Common, small carnivores in forested regions


Bengal - Geopolitical, cultural, Historical region in Asia

Geopolitical, cultural, Historical region in Asia, National animal of Bangladesh, Home, Largest mosque, Leader of scientific endeavors, Shipbuilding hub for the Mughal Ottoman navies, Eastern bottleneck of India

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman - American, professional poker player

American, professional poker player, Frequent charity poker tournament host, Active fundraiser for the Nevada Society, Advocate for Animals


Chippiparai - Sighthound, intelligent breed of dog

Sighthound, intelligent breed of dog, Wonderful watch dog, Fussy eater, Medium sized animal, Sighthound like Saluki, Treat


Argentinosaurus - Genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur

Genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur, Biggest animal, Sauropods


Aardwolf - Small, insectivorous mammal

Small, insectivorous mammal, Native East, Nocturnal animal with an exquisite diet, Same family as the hyena

Whisky a Go Go

Whisky a Go Go - One centers

One centers, Different animal, Live band rock club

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Tabin Wildlife Reserve - Custodian of the animals

Custodian of the animals

Indian muntjac

Indian muntjac - Polygamous animals

Polygamous animals


Deer - Ruminant mammal

Ruminant mammal, Excellent jumpers, Swimmers, Browsers, Feed, Inhabitants of secondary forest lands, Moose, Stag, Popular activity in the U, Primary industry group, Principal, sacrificial animal for the Huichal Indians, Europe, Capable, cross breeding with wapiti, Abundant, exotic, ungulate Texas, Broad meaning

Moray eel

Moray eel - Only animals

Only animals, Cosmopolitan


Reindeer - European name for the species

European name for the species, Strong animals, Only members of the deer family, Habit, Dependent diesel fuel, Present Seward Peninsula, Special, several ways, Popular, Scandinavian countries, Tender, lean, Central importance for the local economies

Horseshoe crab

Horseshoe crab - Marine arthropods of the family Limulidae

Marine arthropod s of the family Limulidae, Fascinating creatures, Benthic animals inhabiting shallow estuarine areas, Important species, Important component of coastal food webs, Primary source of fat

The Twelve Apostles (Victoria)

The Twelve Apostles (Victoria) - Collection of limestone stacks

Collection of limestone stacks, First viewing of these indiginous animals, Beautiful sights were the wonderful people

Blue whale

Blue whale - Marine mammal belonging to the baleen whales

Marine mammal belonging to the baleen whale s, Largest animal, Unknown, blue whales, 12 inches in diameter

Caenorhabditis elegans

Caenorhabditis elegans - Unsegmented pseudocoelomate lacks a a respiratory, circulatory system

Unsegmented pseudocoelomate lacks a a respiratory, circulatory system, Only, multicellular organism, Eukaryote, Hermaphrodite, Animal, Multicellular organism, First, multicellular organism, Unsegmented, symmetrical, 100 million base pair s, Possible strains

James Ward (artist)

James Ward (artist) - Painter of animals

Painter of animals, Son of James, Outstanding one artists of the day, Ambitious membership in the Royal Academy

Fin whale

Fin whale - Large, baleen whale

Large, baleen whale, 50 cm in height, Appendix of 1 CITES, Second, largest mammals after blue whales, Second, largest animal after blue whales, Sociable species of whales


Toronto - Populous city in Canada

Populous city in Canada, International centre of the Greater Toronto Area for business, Home, Many, wealthy, residential enclaves, Casa Loma, Central transportation hub for road, Annual event celebrating the international film industry, Home over 5,000 animals, Unicameral, legislative body comprising 44 councillors, Candidate city for the 1996 2008 summer Olympics, First settlement, Municipality, Natural peninsula until a storm

Saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodile - Formidable, opportunistic, hypercarnivorous apex predator

Formidable, opportunistic, hypercarnivorous apex predator, Aquatic animal, Predator has many, different types, Aggressive, dangerous one crocodiles, Pale, yellow colour with black stripes, Pale, yellow color with black stripes, Easiest one crocodile species, Yellow colour with black stripes, Territorial, Largest, extant, riparian predators in the world, Strong swimmers, Largest, reptilian species, Alive today, Common Mekong Delta

Long-tailed vole

Long-tailed vole - Aggressive animal

Aggressive animal

Pet cemetery

Pet cemetery - Cemetery for animals

Cemetery for animals

Likouala Department

Likouala Department - Department of the Republic

Department of the Republic, Home among other animals

Pygmy goat

Pygmy goat - Breed of miniature, domestic goat

Breed of miniature, domestic goat, Hardy asset in a wide variety, Breed of small, domestic goat, Hardy animals


Sawfish - Dwarf sawfish

Dwarf sawfish, Large, conspicuous animals, Powerful symbol in many cultures, Extinct 28 countries, Common, littoral zone of the US Atlantic Ocean, Present 37 countries

Water buffalo

Water buffalo - Main dairy animal in Pakistan

Main dairy animal in Pakistan, Second animal zodiac in the Vietnamese zodiac, Result of complex domestication processes, Ideal, dangerous animals for work, Present, southern region of Iraq, Diurnal, nocturnal, Dependent sight, Important hunting businesses, River type, Important, hot climates


Mummy - Deceased, human animal

Deceased, human animal

Gray wolf

Gray wolf - Second, specialised member of the genus Canis

Second, specialised member of the genus Canis, Apex predator, Habitat generalist, Common animal in Spanish heraldry, Present, eastern, northern parts of Finland, Important predator of raccoon dog s, Common, Scottish heraldry in the coats

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock - Home

Home, Many, intertidal animals, Nesting Site for many sea bird s, Part of the Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site, Towering, 235 foot basalt sea, Volunteer association, Identifiable, geological one formations of Oregon, One feature Desktop pictures, June

Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Sirimavo Bandaranaike - Firm believer in individual freedoms

Firm believer in individual freedoms, Prime Minister, Important two events, Bright child, Political animal, Mudaliyar for 2 Patthus, Politician from Sri Lanka, Visit, 24 SWRD, Sri Lankan politician

Mana Island (New Zealand)

Mana Island (New Zealand) - Table with cliffs

Table with cliffs, Scientific reserve holding many, native animals, Smaller two islands


Zoology - Science of animals

Science of animals

Steppe polecat

Steppe polecat - Nomadic animal

Nomadic animal, Mustela stromeri

Vitamin C

Vitamin C - Essential nutrient

Essential nutrient, Cofactor, Essential nutrient for certain animals, Available, generic medication over the counter, Present liver in the least, present muscle, Short, MRT T, Short MTT T in the peripheral compartments, 3

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park - Home

Home, 2,000 3,000 elk, Many, predatory animals, Open day of the year, Home, Many species, Tundra hike, Easiest hike, Highest, national one parks in the nation, La Poudre, Wagon road

Great white shark

Great white shark - Object of commercial fishing

Object of commercial fishing, Only species, Few one sharks, Common sites, Curious animals display intelligence, Generalist feeders

United Airlines

United Airlines - Last, North, American passenger airline to transport these animals

Last, North, American passenger airline to transport these animals, Available aircraft, Available, select routes in addition, Airline lounge

Common toad

Common toad - Inconspicuous animal

Inconspicuous animal, Conceited, anthropomorphic toad in the book, Rare, elusive creature in the UK, Larger frog, Tolerant, dry habitat than the common frog

Raccoon dog

Raccoon dog - Abundant Estonia

Abundant Estonia, Monogamous animals with pair formations, Omnivore s, Only canids, Principal furbearers, Plump, late autumn

List of Olympic mascots

List of Olympic mascots - Fictional characters

Fictional characters, Animal, Waldi, Dachshund

Bangladesh National Zoo

Bangladesh National Zoo - Home

Home, 2,150 animals