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Louise Michel

Louise Michel - French anarchist

French anarchist, School teacher

Zak Smith

Zak Smith - Anarchist


Gennaro Rubino

Gennaro Rubino - Italian Anarchist

Italian Anarchist

Wattie Buchan

Wattie Buchan - Anarchist


John Zerzan

John Zerzan - American anarchist

American anarchist, Primitivist philosopher

Maria Nikiforova

Maria Nikiforova - Anarchist

Anarchist, Partisan leader, Famous anarchist atamansha throughout Ukraine

Ezra Heywood

Ezra Heywood - American individualist anarchist

American individualist anarchist, Slavery abolitionist, Abolitionist, Anarchist, Veteran, Social reformer, Free law, Earnest, direct, scholarly, religious

Max Nettlau

Max Nettlau - German anarchist

German anarchist, Historian

Ben Reitman

Ben Reitman - American anarchist

American anarchist, Physician, Flamboyant, eccentric character

Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin - American anarchist

American anarchist, Libertarian, socialist author, Active, antinuclear movement

Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo - Aware importance of biology

Aware importance of biology, Surrealist, Anarchist

Augustin Souchy

Augustin Souchy - German anarchist

German anarchist, Antimilitarist

George Engel

George Engel - Anarchist

Anarchist, Labor union activist

Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess - Comic writer

Comic writer, Conservative, Catholic, Protean character, Genuine anarchist, Education, Unsituated, confused ways, 1960s sideboard of a writer

John W. Campbell

John W. Campbell - Heavy smoker

Heavy smoker, Anarchist

John Henry Mackay

John Henry Mackay - Individualist Anarchist

Individualist Anarchist, Thinker

Luigi Lucheni

Luigi Lucheni - Italian anarchist

Italian anarchist

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman - Anarchist

Anarchist, Political activist, Passionate, outspoken critic of the prison system prejudice, Committed war resister, Advocate of free love, Prolific writer penning countless pamphlets, Years

Luigi Galleani

Luigi Galleani - Italian anarchist in the active United States

Italian anarchist in the active United States

Gaetano Bresci

Gaetano Bresci - Italian anarchist

Italian anarchist, First, European regicide offender

Leon Czolgosz

Leon Czolgosz - American anarchist

American anarchist, Former steel worker, State of absolute collapse

Marco Camenisch

Marco Camenisch - Swiss anarchist

Swiss anarchist, Environmental activist

Josiah Warren

Josiah Warren - Individualist anarchist

Individualist anarchist, Inventor

Sherman Austin

Sherman Austin - American anarchist

American anarchist, Musician, Activist, Webmaster, 18 time

Nicolas Walter

Nicolas Walter - British anarchist

British anarchist, Atheist writer, Member of Spies

Jamie Reid

Jamie Reid - English artist

English artist, Anarchist

Joe Peacott

Joe Peacott - Individualist anarchist writer

Individualist anarchist writer, Individualist anarchist, Professional nurse

M. John Harrison

M. John Harrison - English author

English author, Literary critic, Nobel laureate proves the bankruptcy, Anarchist, Writer of resonant, individual imagination, Imagist, Jury of the Michael Powell Award

Curious George Brigade

Curious George Brigade - Anarchist


Anarchy (magazine)

Anarchy (magazine) - Anarchist

Anarchist, Monthly magazine